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Preparation and Encounter

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Harry meets.... himself and some new toys!

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Chapter 3
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Just the Idea to bring these two together and the occasional OCs I make up.
Please Note that I suck at romance. So if you think its crappy then you know the reason why. Also there is NO PAIRING at the moment. I only implied relationships don’t worry Harry’s female clone won’t get romantically involved with anybody (with the exception of Harry himself).

“Stupe- ah!”

“Too slow!”

Pifft! Pifft!

It’s been two months since Harry met the two Bounty Hunters. The two conctrated and honed his reflexes and strength through rigorous battle simulations involving live ammo and fighting shirtless armed with only his wand. For Harry, the training was grueling from the second it began. By the end of the first day, he received ten broken bones, six stab wounds, and multiple blaster burns.

‘Thank you advanced regeneration!’ Harry wincingly thought as the blast wound from his arm began to heal.

“Your ‘spells’ are too time-consuming; I’m surprised your people are still alive fighting like this!” spoke Montross clearly disgusted by the wizards of Earth archaic and suicidal battle tactics.

“It’s time for you to use other means to fight! You must use your head in battle and not stand there like a broken down droid! Now we will concentrate on the use of strategies in battle.” He asserted “Now the first major thing you need to make use of is your terrain…..”
The lecture lasted for four hours as Montross drilled different tactics and maneuvers into Harry’s brain. Any signs of daydreaming or exhaustion from the previous ‘warm up’, as Montross called it, were quickly crushed by his fist slamming into Harry’s skull.
By the end of the four hours, Harry learned patience, observations and sound military commands.

“I wouldn’t be so relieved if I were you” the Bounty Hunter remarked smirking at Harry tired and relieved face “That was just the basics boy, tomorrow we begin real training in leaderships and strategies.”

‘Why did I willingly get involved in this?’ Harry thought sullenly as he left the training room with his head down, limping toward the direction of his room.
But before he could move another step his head bumped into another passerby.

‘Mmm, so soft…..’ Harry thought comfortably as he unconsciously nuzzled against the person’s chest not bothering to look upon the individual’s shocked face.

“Please remove your person from my body sir.” ordered the female passerby recovering from the shock.

“Oh! Sorry! I-I d-didn’t mean to do that!!” Harry sputtered instantly bolted off the passerby with lightning speed, blushing red thinking about his lethargic behavior towards the passerby.
Finally standing upright he began to assess the person in front of him. She looked as if in her late teen years and wore a black body glove that hugged her entire athletic figure. But what shocked him the most was her face. She had beautiful porcelain skin and piercing emerald eyes with a large bang covering her right eye and long black hair that flowed down her back.
Beside her was group of female replicas of the girl with slightly different hairstyles all looking at him with varying degrees of hatred and annoyance in their eyes.

“Ah, Commander Potter. I’m glad to bump into you.” Spoke a clear calm voice behind the group as they parted to reveal Taun We walking towards him.
“I see you have met your clones. They look battle-ready do they not?” she commented serenely gesturing the group who by now have stood at attention.

“This is Commander Potter, his genetic template were used to create you. Your loyalty and existence belongs to him.” stated Taun We looking at the group of emotionless female clones.

“Yes Madam Taun We!” they firmly replied unquestioningly.

Then the clone Harry bumped into came forward and saluted to Harry.

“Sir, I am ACC-07 leader of the 1st Elite Mobile Legion” she introduced herself “We are at your disposal sir!”

“Erm, nice to meet you ACC-07, I’m sorry for my behavior, I wasn’t myself at that moment.” apologize Harry, head bowed and careful not to look at her sizable chest.

“It is of no importance sir, if you will excuse me commander Instructor Montross is awaiting me and my troops for training.” replied AC-07, saluting him and began to walk towards the training center as her comrades followed the suit.

“Well Commander? What do you think of your new soldiers?” asked Taun We walking with Harry across the Hall “They are the best clones we have ever produced and more are being created to assist you.”

“They seem capable…” Harry faintly responded still a little disturbed to see female versions of him.

“Why are they so matured? Shouldn’t the clones be at my age or younger?” asked Harry curious about the interworking of cloning.

“They are genetically modified to hasten the growing process to allow us to create as many capable troops in half the time needed for a unaltered human to grow.” replied Taun We.

“But wouldn’t that mean they will only have a short time to live?!?” Harry exclaimed, surprised by the fact that his clones have only a limited amount of time before they are unable to fight in the army.

“Yes, it was an option we have to employ to ensure the army is ready for war against Va as soon as possible. Once the Clone Troopers are no longer able to be used as soldiers we shall make more.” replied Taun We calmly.

“But wouldn’t it cost more to replace the dying clones? Why do we not simply allow the growth rate to increase to a certain point and then we reverse the process? That way it will give us the troops we need and not expend our resources.” suggested Harry using his Ravenclaw intelligence.

“That would be beneficial” nodded Taun We rather surprised by the Commander’s resourcefulness “I will inform the Prime Minister and Ko Sai about this suggestion immediately. Thank you Commander and have a good rest.”
Taun We walked off leaving Harry at the door of his room.

‘This was certainly an interesting day, training with a ruthless teacher and meeting female versions of myself, I wonder what’s next…’ Harry thought tiredly resigning to his bed.

------------Two Months Later----------

“Now that you have learned most of the basic requirements as a commander, let’s get you some toys? Lama Su personally bought these customized beauties just for you.” spoke Montross gesturing to the armors and weapons on a table.

For the last month, he was accompanied by members of the 1st Legion for what the two grizzled Bounty Hunter called ‘live training exercise’. Which involves Harry being hunted down by Bossk while directing the clones to ‘eliminate’ Montross and his contingent of battle-droids bought by Lama Su for the traning, after first few times Harry was quick to learn not to underestimate the agile Trandoshan’s natural strength, razor sharp teeths and claws. He couldn’t walk for two days after he Bossk bit him in the leg and threw him around like a rag doll.

“These Kaminoans sure spared no expenses to outfit you with the best of everything.” remarked Montross examining the equipment “Well what are you standing there for? Come and try it out!”
Harry hesitantly put on the armor suit, and start to inspect the features of the armor.

It was a Katarn-Class Armor suit; this armor was more expensive and provided better protection than standard clone armor, due to the special composition of its armor plates and the fact that due to the novel chemical properties of it, each armor plate produced its own shielding. It was also optimized for easy bacta insertion by handheld dispensers. The armor had black paint painted over its shoulder plates and its helmet to designate his rank, while the remaining part of the body was milky white.

As he tightens his hands a retractable vibro-blade shot out from his knuckle-plate gleaming eerily in the light.

“Well kid looks like I’ve taught everything you need to know. Heh heh, don’t just yet kid. I’m looking forward to hear of your exploits and the price on your grow!” Montross exclaimed sadistically clapping Harry’s shoulder.

“Indeed, I look forward to see that day as well. Do not disgrace our teachings allowing your enemies to live!” Bossk growled out as he walked into the room nodding at Harry.

“I-I won’t disappoint you sir!” Harry vowed blinking back some tears as the teachers and student parted ways.

“Good and stop crying you fool! A commander is more disciplined than this!” rebuked Montross somewhat proud of what his student has become “Now go to meet with Lama Su, He is expecting you in his office.”

With that, Montross and Bossk left the room to resume their career as Bounty Hunters.

----------Tipoca Command Center------

“Welcome Commander, we were waiting for you. Please sit.” greeted Lama Su as Harry walked into the dark room.

At the center of the room lay a large holoprojector screening a map of a ruined city. Surrounding the holoprojector were Ko Sai, Lama Su, Taun We and AC-07 wearing a Katarn-class armor observing him as he sat down.

“This is Derem City,” informed the Prime Minister gesturing to the hologram “Scout and raid reports showed that the enemy has fortified the City with fresh reinforcements and Heavy Artillery Guns (HAGs). Our Raiders failed to disable the weapons but we have reduced the number the troops within the city. At the moment we do not have any form of heavy artillery for your troops, but we did procure a moderate quantity of Low Altitude Assault Transports (LAATs) for your use.”

“Then we’ll just make do then, when shall I leave Prime Minister?” asked Harry already forming several strategies in his mind.

“You shall leave immediately Commander, we have followed to your suggestion and reverse the aging process of the clones. They shall serve you for quite some time.” replied Lama Su “The council and I shall observe your actions in battle from here.”
With a bow Harry left the room accompanied by ACC-17.

“Feeling nervous Sir?” asked the female clone commander walking beside him to their transport.

“Just a little tensed about my first battle.” replied Harry laughing lightly “I don’t think I can ever feel nervous after all the ‘exercise’ Montoss put me through with you.”

Both unconsciously shivered and flinched at they received an involuntary flashback of the one month of training together.

“So how are the girls?” asked Harry trying to forget the painful lessons “Are they ready for combat?”

“Yes Sir, we will not disappoint you Commander.” answered the female Commander confidently as the pair walked out of the city and into the raging Kaminoan Storm. Multiple LAATs were already in the air waiting for the rest to join up with them.

“Good, I want you to secure an area and establish a Command Center.” ordered Harry putting on his helmet “I want our troops to encircle the city before we begin our assault.

“As you command sir” ACC-07 nodded putting on her helmet as well.
The two got on a transport and joined the large strike force.

“Let’s see what those guys are made of.” Harry whispered in anticipation as the LAATs flew took a nose dive into the turbulent sea.

AN: finally ch. 3 is done! As you can see it’s much crappier than the other two chapters. I didn’t really had time to work on it much. Don’t kill me! Also Suggestions is wanted! I need more material to help me guys! I already came up with numerous situations where Harry fights more enemies in the future and gain a little empire for himself heh heh. Emperor Potter, does that work? It can probably give him an excuse to get a harem.

Next time: The Battle of Derem! Victory? Or Defeat? (You could decide, by sending me votes if you like.) Also I need a name for ACC-07, please give me some original names if you can.

Also here is some info about the 1st Elite Mobile Legion.
1st Elite Mobile Legion: All clones of the legion were each given a Katarn-Class Armor suit that was specifically customized for them. They were not given computer simulation combat training but rather trained alongside their Supreme Commander (Harry Potter). Genetically loyal to a fault, they will betray any other commanders without remorse if their leader were disloyal to the Supreme Commander. They were taught that a 2% casualty rate is forbidden in battle. They are considered a Proto-ARC army. Only genetically female clones of Harry Potter were allowed to replace troops from this legion lost in battle.
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