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Dealing with Imperfections

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Harry finally gets helps from the Kaminoans as Va's forces continue to plot.

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Chapter 2
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Just the Idea to bring these two together and the occasional OCs I make up.
--------------Back with Harry-----------
After silently walking through several hallways Bel Veo led him to large laboratory filled with many Kaminoans working on many different projects with several tube cylinders filled with strangely colored liquids and several holograms of DNA structures. Like many other rooms in Tipoca, the Laboratory was milky white in color but much of the room was covered by many scientific types of equipment from holoprojectors and giant computer monitors to large cylinder tubes each containing distinct specimens to be researched upon by the Kaminoans.

“Commander, may I introduce Ko Sai. She will be the chief scientist managing the cloning of your army.” introduced Bel gesturing to a tall female Kaminoan looking inquisitively over her large monitor screen.

“So you must be the young commander, a pleasure to meet you.” Said Ko bowing her head.

“Please remove all your garments and give them to Bel Veo and step onto the platform so we can analyze your body for to ensure there are no defects that can affect the capabilities of your clones.” She instructed pointing to the small circular platform with a large machine beside it.

“W-what? Take off all my clothes?” Harry sputtered clearly embarrassed by the instructions.

“Yes, we need to ensure that we have a proper analysis of your body structure,” retorted the Kaminoan scientist not understanding the behavior of the young human.


“Commander, I advise you quickly remove your garments. We cannot afford to throw away any more time that can used to create the new army.” Bel Veo calmly suggested.
Seeing no other way through this Harry slowly took off his clothing making sure his wand and glasses was safely taken care of by Bel Veo, he embarrassedly stood in the pad covering his privates with his hands under the gaze of the Kaminoan Scientists as a cylinder tube is lowered down sealing him within the pad.

“Please do not panic commander.” Soothed Ko Sai pressing a series of buttons in the machine beside the tube while observing Harry’s slightly panicked look in his face as a blue liquid substance start filling the up the tube. “The process is painless, try to relax your muscles. I assure you the liquid will not drown your or harm you in any way.”
Harry quickly shut his eyes and before he knew it he was covered by the strange blue liquid. It was both soothing yet unnerving and he felt as though the liquid was alive and was in the process of crawling around on his skin. After several minutes of trying to hold breathe, he fell unconscious floating within the tank.

“Hm, he seems to be an average human but have a slight anomaly around his forehead. Human vision is at 70 percent, Body show signs of prolonged malnutrition, nothing we cannot deal with. Cranial scanning shows a highly developed brain and adequate reflexes and strength within the muscles. Nothing we cannot deal with, but I will have to investigate more about the anomaly in another time.” reported Ko Sai to Lama Su through a holoprojector.

“Can you confirm that he is a force-sensitive?” asked the Prime Minister

“Yes, the sensors are reading large amounts of Midi-Chlorian from the blood sample we have taken from him, I have also found a small percentage of reptilian DNA within his.” replied the Scientist “The clones will make very unique and capable troops.”

“Most intriguing, the commander has inform me about his ability to speak to serpentine species in his world.” recalled Lama Su before ordering “Begin the augmentation process; the commander must be prepared for the battles ahead.”

“Yes, Prime Minister” replied Ko Sai pressing several buttons on the screen.

--------Several Hours Later-------

“Uh, what happened?” moaned Harry as he slowly regained consciousness, and then bolted in attention looking around in the darkness. He started patting himself and relieved to find clothes covering his body.

‘So, I wasn’t dreaming after all’ he thought resignedly, ‘wait, where am I now?’
Then a door slid open casting light into the room making Harry wince slightly.

“Ah you’re awake, I hope you enjoyed your new quarters and had a good rest Commander?” asked Taun We stepping into the room pressing a pad beside the wall turning on the lights of the room. “The prime minister, bids me to escort you to the Armory to look at your new weapons and armor for you and you’re your army. Please follow me.”

“W-Wait, where is my wand and glasses?” asked harry rubbing the top of his nose thinking of his spectacles.

“We took the liberty of disposing your primitive augments; you will find that you no longer have any use for them anymore commander.” Taun We calmly spoke looking into Harry’s disbelieving face. “As for your ‘wand’, it is on that table along with your garments. Not please commander, the prime minister waits.”

It was true, he could see clearly now and never felt more energized and healthy than never before. He would ask them about his body later.
Harry quickly stood up and followed quickly followed Taun We out of the room but not before asking “whose room is that?” pointing to the room he slept in.

“This will be your new quarter from now on. Most Kaminoans lived in cities surrounding Tipoca City. Only high ranking officials and military personals are allowed to live in the Capital, all other Kaminoans only come into the city to work.” Answer Taun We as the pair began to walk through the deserted hallways.

“What happened while I was unconscious?” asked Harry still curious about his eyes.

“When you fell unconscious within the tank, Ko Sai began to scan and improve your body to ensure your chances of survival in battle will increase. You will find that your vision, reflexes, and strength surpasses most humans as well as several other life-forms in the galaxy.” explained Taun We “You will also find that minor wounds or scar in your body will quickly disappear due to your new regeneration ability, we have also found a strange anomaly centered around a scar on your forehead. As of yet, we have not been able to heal your scar and remove the anomaly.”

‘Even advanced alien civilization can’t get rid of this bloody scar.’ Harry thought darkly while unconsciously rubbing his scar.

“Here we are Commander, this is the Central Armory.” Taun We calmly spoke, breaking Harry’s train of thought as they walked through a large door way into massive dome-shaped room. “This is where you will find most of your troop’s weapons and armors stored here.”
From the entrance, there are a small steps leading down into the room. Lining the walls of the Armory were large imposing that encircle the entire armory. In the middle of the room lay a large circular holoprojector that is used to broadcast orders to troops. Looking up Harry saw a small network of tube passage ways that allow passerby to observe the entire armory.

“There you are commander, I was afraid that you would not regain unconsciousness.” Lama Su calmly exclaimed joining them as Harry and Taun We walked to the center of the Armory. “Follow me commander, your arsenals have arrived.” He gestured to a imposing door with strange inscriptions on it.

Noticing something strange as he walk toward the door, Harry asked “Where is everyone? The Armory seems abandoned.”

“Most of the original clone soldiers are ordered to launch raids against Va’s forces. We need time to create a new clone army after all.” The Stoic Kaminoan leader replied pressing his thumb against a pad beside the door.
The door opened to reveal a large room filled with racks of weapons and armor. From futuristic rifles and rocket launchers to milky white armors neatly organized in a row, each with a white grim helmet.

“T-There must be enough to weapons here to arm two armies!” exclaimed Harry overwhelmed by the sheer number of the weapons that his troops will carry.

“In this room, there are actually enough weapons to arm only two elite regiments of Clone Troopers.” stated Lama Su, not understanding the gross exaggeration of the young man.

“That is 2,304 soldiers commander” explained Taun We after seeing the Harry’s confused face.

“Oh” Harry intelligently responded still slightly shocked by the number of weapons before asking “Is this the only equipment the Army is going to get?”

“Of course not commander, we spared no expenses to get more and better weapons for the new army.” Lama Su calmly explained “but by the end of this month we shall only have enough to arm a single Legion of Clone Troopers. That is around 9,000 soldiers, commander.”

“Now let me show where your army is being created.” Lama Su whispered to Harry with subtle anticipation in his voice, as he directed the group of three out the Armory and into an elevator leading them up several levels high all the while explaining to him all the basic things the clones will have.


“Damn these pests!” cursed Va Je as he slit the throat of a Kaminoan soldier with his vibroblade. He threw corpse to the ground, reveling in the dead soldier’s blood and proceeds to walk towards his men, some of which lied dead on the ground.

“Clean this place up immediately! I want the defenses back up and make sure this time the guards are awake!” Va roared clearly angered by his men’s lack of discipline.

“Calm yourself Va Je, these are mercenaries after all. No need to trying to teach these savages order.” commented a female Kaminoan walking towards Va not bothering to hide her disdain for the mercenaries around her. “We must prepare for the assault on Tipoca City. Have the HAGs arrive yet?”

“No, they are delayed due to the recent rise of piracy in the Outer Rim. It will take a few more months before the first shipment arrives.” grunted Va clearly holding the his counter-part with a mild annoyance at her arrival “What do you want Co Mi? Surely you did not come here just to ask me trivial questions.”

“You simply know me too well; one of your little spy has reported that Lama Su has ordered the creation of a new army against us.” stated Co Mi, clearly amused by the report “The leader of the force is a mere human child. I must say your intelligence network is quite delirious to report such a laughable joke.”
“Hmp, my spy network is second to none!” huffed Va confidently as he and Co Mi left the guard post behind them “It must be a foolish attempt by those council fools trying to deceive us. A pathetic attempt I must say so myself.”
“And if your little network is correct? What then?” asked Co Mi clearly disgusted by Va’s arrogance.

“Then we’ll slaughter them, if our intelligence is correct what is there to fear from a pitiful human whelp?” snorted Va.

“Yo-”but before Co Mi can retort shouts and explosions can be heard around the city.

“Commander Va! They are attacking our positions! They’ve managed to overwhelm the Armory sir! What is your orders sir?” a panicked reptilian voice can be heard from Va’s Comm Link.

“Fools! Must I do everything around here?!” Va roared clearly annoyed by his men’s stupidity “kill them all! Do not allow them to move any further! I’ll deal with those wretches as soon I get there!”

Va quickly ran towards the sound of the explosion, but not before turning his head to Co Mi and say “Well? Are you going to stand there all day? There are fools to be killed.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world” replied Co as she quickly followed Va licking her lips sadistically.

--------Back with Harry------

After they got off the elevator, Lama Su led Harry into a large laboratory. But unlike the one he went into, this one was completely devoted to cloning. Glass windowpane covered the front the room allowing scientists to see observe the clones as they grew and large tanks with developing clone also filled the room. Standing in middle and leading the entire project was Ko Sai, directing multiple Kaminoans manning different positions in the room.

“How goes the cloning process Ko Sai.” asked Taun We as they group approached the scientist.

“Everything is going on schedule, we shall have the first legion ready in two months time.” reported Ko Sai as she pressed several buttons on her monitor that zoomed onto the first developed clone of Harry.

“That’s odd; it seems that the first batch of clones is flawed.” Ko Sai grumbled disappointedly “We will have to dispose of this batch.”

“What seems to be the problem?” asked Harry curious about the idea of cloning.

“Due to a small system glitch, the clones’ XY chromosome is altered into XX chromosome. We must terminate this batch immediately.” replied Ko Sai, clearly dissatisfied by the result of the failure.

“Wa-Wait! It’s only a small problem, the clones can still be used. Are there any more imperfections within this batch?” requested Harry, clearly disturbed about the idea to have his first clones eliminated.

“As far as the sensors can tell, there is nothing else is incorrect. Why do you wish to allow these clones to be used? They are flawed after all?” answered Ko Sai inwardly confused about the young human’s behavior.

‘Wow, they are worst than Hermione when it comes to their work!’ thought Harry shocked by the Kaminoans’ need for perfection in their clones.

“As long as they are not flawed in any other way, gender is not an issue within this Army.” stated Harry, determined to save his clones from a deadly fate.

“Very well Commander, we shall use this first batch of clones and observe them during their training.” answered Lama Su, listening to the exchange “If they are unfit then they shall be reprocessed.”

“Now then, let us go meet your instructors.” commented Lama Su as he ushered Harry out the door leaving Ko Sai to return to her work.

“Instructors?” asked Harry nervously.

“Why yes, we cannot allow you to lead your army untrained! I assure these are some of the best men we have ever employed to train you and your army.” stated the Prime Minister with a slight frown on his face leading Harry to another massive room “they are also some of the most expensive men we ever hired as well.”

“Ah here we are, Commander I would like for you to meet Bounty Hunter Montross and Bounty Hunter Bossk." introduced Lama Su.

Montross, a tanned skinned human with brown hair and eyes, he wore a dark armor suit and held a helmet similar to the one Harry saw in the armory.

“Well, well, well, so you’re the commander I was paid to train.” remarked Montross as he grinned savagely at Harry “by the time I’m done with you, it’ll take more than an army to kill you!”

Bossk, a humanoid reptilian with blood red eyes and a head that reminded Harry of a T-Rex stood next to Montross. Unlike Montross, he wore only a orange space suit and held a deadly blaster rifle in his tri-fingered palm.

“I am Bossk, I will aid Montross to whip your troops into shape. Once I am done with you, even a Trandoshan will come to fear your strength.” growled Bossk as he bear his razor sharp teeth for Harry to see.

Harry, now shivering in fear of the two Bounty Hunters that will soon become his teacher, nervously thought ‘I think I miss Snape already.’

AN: Thus end my second Chapter, I know there are little to know actions but it’s getting there! I promise you there will be some in Chapter 3, when Harry get Tort- I mean trained and personally meet his first clone troopers Snickerin a unique way (I think). Tell me what ya think of it please. So I can change it while I can. Also if you don't know much about Star Wars, Kaminoans are extreme perfectionists! They once 'reprocessed' an entire company of Clones because the clones didn't have 20/20 vision.
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