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One Man Army

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At the end of the Fourth Year, with the rebirth of Lord Voldemort. No one believed our young hero, even who he considered family and friends. While taking a midnight walk, thinking of ways to gathe...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Only the occasional OCs I create to move the story along.
Summary: At the end of the Fourth Year, with the rebirth of Lord Voldemort. No one believed our young hero, even who he considered family and friends. While taking a midnight walk, thinking of ways to gather a resistance force to fight the Dark Lord, he stumbled upon the Room of Requirements. What lay behind the door was a turbulent and tempestuous world known as Kamino.
Chapter 1[//]
“Damn it!” Harry whispered viciously as he fought to remain standing against the vicious gale force wind pressing against him.

‘Where am I? What happened to the portal?’Harry thought as he looked around the strange circular platform he stood on. It reminded him of the futuristic military landing zones on those sci-fi movies he used to watch. Luminescent lights surround the platform and then he noticed a bridge leading towards great dome-like buildings held up by futuristic columns as the turbulent sea moved under it.

“Well better than standing in the middle of this storm, I suppose.” He grumbled as he trudged across the bridge to the group of buildings. When he finally reached the end of the bridge he was treated to a strange tall female creature curiously observing him.

It stood elegantly around 6 feet in height and had an extended neck and long limbs with a small head with two slits for nostrils running down to its upper lip. It wore a small bead string around its bald head and had two large glassy black eyes where its pupil displays a great myriad of colors. The creature wore a strange ornate dress with cloth thinly wrapped around its long neck.

“Umm, hello my name is Harry Potter, nice to meet you. Can you please tell me where I am?” Harry timidly asked, hoping that the strange creature spoke English.

“Hello young one, my name is Taun We. You are currently located at Tipoca City on the planet known as Kamino. We have been observing you since your mysterious appearance through that portal of yours. We never had a strange guest like before.” The creature known as Taun We politely answered.

“Now would you please follow me to meet my leader?” asked Taun as she gestured toward the door into one of the Dome buildings. “He will answer all your questions in the city.”

“Of Course.” replied Harry curious and eager to learn more about his surroundings and his host and why the Portal landed him here of all places.

“Please follow me then” Taun gently commented leading him through the automated door. “He is quite eager to meet you.”

Taun We guided Harry through the city occasionally informing him about the different things they encountered, from the KE-8 Enforcer ships patrolling the entire facility to purpose of the city and telling him about her race, the Kaminoans, and their main professions as cloners and geneticists.

“Here we are,” spoke Taun, leading Harry through a large door. “Harry Potter, May I present Lama Su, Prime Minister of Kamino.”
The room was like much of the inside of the city, colored in white and ornately circular. In the center sat a Tall Kaminoan whose oval chair connected to the top of the room.

“Ah welcome young one, please sit.” stated the tall Kaminoan gesturing to an oval seat coming down from the ceiling “Your unexpected and mysterious appearance has caused quite a commotion within the Council.”

‘You’re not the only one surprised’ Harry thought sitting down with Taun We standing beside his seat.

“Can you please explain why you came to Kamino and the mode of your transportation?” asked Lama observing Harry as he shifted uncomfortable in seat under Lama’s piercing gaze.

“W-Well sir, it’s hard to explain…..” Harry nervously said, and began explaining his world and the portal that led to Kamino.
“Contact Tipoca City immediately!” ordered a Kaminoan soldier to a fellow soldier, as he and several others fired into a breach in the wall of the building as several figures ran through firing their weapons in all directions “We need reinforcements, they are overrunning us!”

Seeel! Seeel!

“Urgh!” the soldier fell to the ground with a hole in his chest

“Tipoca, come in Tipoca! Derem City under attack! I repeat Derem is under attack! Requesting reinforcements immedia—Ah!” the desperate soldier tried to called for help fell dead next to his fallen comrade.

“Well that seems to be the last of these pests in this sector.” remarked a masked Kaminoan walking through the ruins of the building inspecting the corpses as the other figures move through the ruins to secure the building. Unlike other Kaminoan, the figure has a muscular build with veins contracting irregularly around his body.

“Commander Va Je, this building is secured sir. The other commanders have finished dealing with the remaining defenders.” reported a pig-like figure behind him.

“Good, have them ready an ambush for the reinforcements from Tipoca. Well what are you standing around for? Move Out! I didn’t pay you mercenaries laze around!” ordered Va Je, as the mercenaries scrambled out to do his bidding.

“Soon, those council fools in Tipoca will fall when I storm their pathetic capital and raze it to the ground.” mumbled Va Je chuckling as he picked up a piece of rubble and crushing it into dust in his hand imagining it as Tipoca City.

“Sir, our sensors indicate a large force coming toward the city. All commanders have reported that they are in position” a mercenary reported through a communication link through the helmet.

“Excellent, let us greet our guest shall we. Inform the commanders to give no quarters.” replied Va Je walking towards the entrance of the building.

“Yes sir.”

‘Let see how well the Tipoca City finest troops fare against mine’ thought Va sadistically as he left the building and into the battered streets of Derem City.

----------Tipoca City---------

“Interesting…. From what you have told me your world is still quite primitive compared to many of the human world and colonies in this galaxy.” Commented Lama Su as he stroked his chin thoughtfully “yet, the description of the ones you call wizards are very much similar to Knights of the Jedi Order.”

“The Jedi Order sir?” asked Harry

“Yes, they are the protectors and peacemakers of the galaxy and at times some of the greatest warriors and leaders of the galaxy as well.” answered Lama Su “and from what you have told me, your abilities are reminiscent that of a Jedi.”

“Wel-” but before Harry could speak, a Kaminoan stepped through the door.

“Prime Minister, there has been an emergency that needs your attention.” Spoke the Kaminoan as he bowed his head toward Lama Su “It is about the sect Camos. They have attacked and seized Derem City.”

“I see” Lama Su looked slightly disturbed “Send our army to retake Derem immediately.”

“Prime Minister, the council have already sent our force to Derem, they were defeated, only 10% of our entire military force survived. The survivors reported that Derem is guarded by an army of mercenaries. It said that they were led by Va Je.” reported the Kaminoan.

“This is disastrous indeed,” stated Lama Su frowning slightly “young one, you are no longer safe here. Is it possible for you to re-open the portal that you brought you here?”

“I don’t believe so sir,” answered Harry slightly confused of the situation “Prime Minister, can you tell me what is going on?”

“You see young one, our society like many others have several groups who have different views from the majority of our people. The sect known as Camos is one such group, but they are by far the most extreme of the groups. They believed that Kamino is no longer fit for us to live on and that we should abandon this planet and establish a new perfect home planet even if it meant destroying all inhabitants that have lived in the planet before. Va Je was once a great leader within the Kaminoan Council. But due to his extremist ideas he was banished from the Council and we never heard of him again until now.” Explained Lama Su, frowning slightly more thinking of the implications of Va Je leading an army against the Council “Now with the majority of our forces gone. It will be only a matter of time before he will attack Tipoca City as well.”

“Prime Minister, couldn’t clone you just more troops to help defend the city?” asked Harry, not liking the idea of being in the middle of a civil war.

“It’s true we have the capability to clone more troops, but as you have heard young one, our troops were no match against Va’s forces.” answered the ever calm Prime Minister “it does not matter if we have more soldiers than they do, the mercenaries can easily decimate us. We will have to use clones from a more superior specimen to counteract our enemy.”

‘Just bloody great, accidentally left one world’s war to jump into another. Wait, maybe this is why the portal sent me here when I asked for help to defeat Voldemort!’ Harry finally knew the reason why he was sent to Kamino now.

“Sir, why don’t you clone me?” offered Harry,
While not showing outward emotions, Taun We, the unnamed Kaminoan and Lama Su was shocked; Lama Su then asked “Why would you offer yourself to be cloned young one?”
“Prime Minister, you told me that my abilities are similar to the Jedi Knights. Then why not clone me and create an army with the same skills as me to battle them?” explained Harry

“This offer is most intriguing,” Lama Su spoke thoughtfully but then looked at him raising an invisible eye-brow asked “I suppose you would demand something in return for this offer then?”

“Yes sir, in return I ask you to allow me to have full control of the cloned army, provide for training and equipment of the army and continue to reinforce the army with fresh troops. In return the army and I will aid Kamino in any way possible.” Harry offered after thinking deeply about the matter.

“Your requests are quite steep young one. How can we be sure you will keep your end of the bargain when we have kept ours?” asked Lama Su slightly suspicious about the offer.

“Prime Minister, I, Harry James Potter swear to uphold this bargain and all that it entails until the end of my days lest my magic be ripped from my being and my soul be eternally damned, so mote it!” swore Harry with absolute conviction. “Prime Minister, I just swore a magical oath to you. If I were ever to break it then my life will be forfeit for breaking it.”
Satisfied and stunned by the young human’s conviction Lama Su nodded sensing a feeling of connection to the young human after he have heard the oath spoken. “Very Well, Young one you shall have your army. Please follow Bel Veo.” He spoke gesturing to the unnamed Kaminoan standing within the room. “He shall bring you to our lead scientist to have your DNA taken so we can begin the cloning process at once. Do not fail us Commander.”

“Thank you sir, I will not disappoint you” replied a grateful Harry standing up and bowing his head toward Lama Su.

“Please follow me Commander,” spoke Bel Veo directing Harry out the room and into the milky white hall.
As the door closed behind him, Taun We turned to Lama Su and asked “Is it wise to strike such a bargain with him? We have yet to know if he is able to deal with Va Je and his army.”

“We have little choice but to trust him now. Our current army can no longer match against Va’s forces and should this new army succeed then Kamino would be secure once again from Va and the threats we face in the future.” stated Lama Su calmly without so much of a doubt flickering over his face.

“And should he fail?” asked Taun slightly doubtful of the new army’s success.

“Then we shall fall before Va. That is why we must ensure this army is the best Kamino have ever produced.” answered Lama Su firmly with a deadly glint in his eyes. “Have our remaining forces conduct raids on Va’s forces we procure more time for the creation of the new army. Contact Kuat and BlasTech, we are in need of new armaments for our Commander’s forces.”

“Yes Prime Minister” replied Taun We, bowing to Lama before leaving the room to carry out his orders.

AN: This takes place ten years before the Invasion of Naboo. I hope you enjoy the first chapter, this is my first story and any criticism or praise will be most welcomed. I know its short but I can only write so much to keep it from getting too boring and complicated. Also I'm using Ficwad as sort of my beta of the story. So some helpful reviews to help me with this story will be extremely welcomed.
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