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Anvil of Destruction

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Harry learn some new abilities as a new theatre of war opens!

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Chapter 6
Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Just the idea to bring them together and the occasional OCs I create to get the story moving.
AN: I’m glad everyone enjoyed it chapter 5. This chapter will bring Harry some new abilities along with some more goodies for his now growing Army (soon to be Armies). Guess what? I finally found/create a bigger plot and villain for Harry to face off. So yea, Va Je will die. Or not, I haven’t really decided on it yet.

---------Tipoca City---------

“Welcome back Commander!” greeted Lama Su as Harry got off the LAAT “Your actions have surely saved this city from ruins.”

“Thank you sir, but I have to give much of the credits to The Clones. They did most of the work not me.” Harry replied slightly embarrassed “and Va Je managed to escape as well.”

“Yes, but you led them! If not for you the army would have been slaughtered by Va’s forces.” commented the Prime Minister as the pair walked into the building “Let us not worry about Va Je for now. His army is crushed; it will take him a great deal of time before he can attack us again.”

“While you were returning from Derem City, your troops have reported that they’ve discovered a vault hidden filled with many precious artifacts under the ruined commander center.” the Prime Minister reported leading him to a large room “I have taken the liberty to move the artifacts here.”

Within the large room were many intricate and delicate artifacts. Each was as delicate and beautiful as the last. Some were shimmering vase-like objects while others were sculptures of many unnamed races.

“I think this will interest you the most.” Lama Su stated directing him to the center of the room.

At the center lay a small column, with a beautiful azure crystal imbedded into the center of the top.

“Wonderful….” Harry muttered and as if compelled by an unknown force, he brought his hand up and touched the crystal.

In an instant it lit up and a hologram rose from the crystal. It was a draconic creature with a long neck, narrow snout, a short tail and finlike hands and legs standing upright.

“Greetings, young one I am Jedi Master Qalsneek.” The small hologram introduced bowing his small head “I see that you have found my holocron. It has been quite since I‘ve talked with another being.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Master Qalsneek.” Harry said bowing his head towards the holocron “I am Commander Harry Potter and beside me is Prime Minister Lama Su of Kamino.”

“Master Qalsneek, it is a pleasure. Your fame and heroic deeds are still remembered today.” Lama Su stated bowing his head as well “I was wondering Master Qalsneek if you would allow the young commander to be trained under you.”

“I see,” mumbled the Dellaltian looking at Harry “I sense that you are strong in the force young one, but woefully untrained. Very well, I will train you in the force.”

“Thank you, Master Qalsneek” Harry spoke bowing to the Holocron surprised by Lama Su’s request of the Jedi Master.

“You do not have any influence of the Dark Side within your heart.” complimented Qalsneek looking at his new student “May my knowledge brings you closer to the Force.”

------------6 months later-----------

“You must concentrate more deeply my young apprentice.” drawled Qalsneek looking at Harry as he sat meditatively trying to master one of the greatest of Force technique, Battle Meditation “You must immerse yourself into the force and use it to instill hope and strength into your troops.”

For the last half a year, Harry was taught the ways of the force, from the basic force push to the powerful and deadly Force Wave. Unknown to Harry, the Holocron of Qalsneek was silently impressed by the young man’s mastery in force. No matter how difficult or frustrating each force technique was he mastered them in stride.

To Harry, the last 6 months were some of the most grueling part of his life. It was on par with Montross’ warm ups as his clone commanders were learning beside him, but albeit limited amounts of force techniques. Harry was forced to face all the commanders at once in a battle of force techniques. Who knew ACC-07 was such a master at the art of Force Repulse when she was surrounded by flying furniture being thrown at her by Harry’s Force Throw.

But even with 6 months of experience of using the Force did not help him with his greatest challenge to date. Mastering Battle Meditation, every time he tried he was only awarded with seeing and sensing his troops and everyone within the City but cannot affect their actions in anyway.

“Why can’t I do this Master?” exclaimed a frustrated Harry coming out of the meditation before Qalsneek “I only can observe the people around me but I can never seem to be able to affect their actions.”

“Patience my young apprentice, you may have mastered many aspects of the force these past months.” chastised the Jedi Master shaking his head “But it takes many years of discipline to master the force. We shall take this step by step, never give into your frustration apprentice it is the road to the Dark Side.”

At the mention of the Dark Side gave Harry cold shivers crawling up his back. He had felt its influence in the beginning months of the training. The sense of rage and power shook him to the core.

His thoughts were soon interrupted by the arrival of Taun We and Lama Su.
“Please excuse me, I’m afraid you must cut your lessons short today Master Qalsneek. The Commander is needed to inspect the new equipments we have recently procured.” Spoke Lama Su as he and Taun We bowed before the holocron.

“Very Well, you may leave my apprentice” the ancient Dellaltian conceded nodding towards Harry “Remember to meditate on your own time; it will aid you with your Battle Meditation and your way to The Force.”

“Yes master,” nodded Harry bowing to the Holocron before leaving with the Prime Minister and his aide.

For the past months the Kaminoans had been busy as well. They have created 4 new Legions to augment the 2 standing ones. More new, deadlier weapons and machines were procured for the growing force of clones.

“Our sensors have indicated that there is a large gathering of ships located near the tip of this system orbiting the planet of Yuka. We fear it is Va Je’s forces, preparing another assault.” reported Taun We as the trio wind through the intricate hallways of Tipoca.

“What? Sir, the army can easily take on any threat on the ground but we’ll be slaughtered if they bombard us from space!” exclaimed Harry grimly shaking his head.

“Calm down Commander, we have anticipated their plans thanks to the information we’ve managed to recover from the former Councilor Cu Tas and the databanks in Derem City.” Lama Su reassured waving his hand dismissively “The enemy fleets are consist ships from Pirate and Slaver Organizations from the Outer Rim. We brought you here to look at the solution to that particular problem.”

The group walked into a large balcony overlooking the City’s main hangars. Positioned in several rows were enormous triangular ships, heavily armed with multitudes of Laser and Turbo-Blaster Cannons. Each ship main weapons were positions in ‘trenches’ at the side of the ship with several other turrets scattered on its top. They also had a long Command Tower hovering close, at the top of the ship.

“Magnificent aren’t they?” Lama Su asked looking at the fleet of ships with a small hint of pride “These ships are some of the heavily armed warships in the Outer Rim. Those pirates will not stand a chance against them. Each of them carries a small complement of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters (V-wing starfighters or Nimbus Fighters).”

“But I do not know how to lead a naval battle sir.” protested Harry still looking at the fleet of ships “I’m afraid most of my troops do not know as well.”

“Not to worry commander, your troops were given basic naval combat training. You must however learn from the battle I’m afraid.” explained Lama Su looking at him “I’m sure your training in the force will help you in the battle as well.”
Before another word can be spoken a female Clone Engineer ran into the balcony.

“Commander, Prime Minister,” she said saluting to the trio “sensors indicate a small fleet from Yuka is coming this way.”

“Ah, how fortuitous for you Commander” commented Lama Su calmly clapping his hands together softly “this is the perfect chance for you experience space battles first hand. You will go immediately with the 1st Legion to intercept the fleet.”

“Yes sir, I will not disappoint you.” nodded Harry grimly bowing to him before leaving with the clone engineer.

After being quickly escorted to a ship, he was greeted by the sight of ACC-07 standing on the bridge of the ship.

It was a spacious bridge; a large screen filled the front half of the bridge allowing him to see everything outside of the ship. Clone Engineers worked diligently around as he stood on a platform with stairs at either side of wall leading down. At the center of the platform was a large seat for the commanding officer.

“Welcome Commander, the ships will be ready to launch in a few minutes. Please sit” she reported gesturing to the chair “How was your lessons with Master Qalsneek?”

“Frustrating, I have yet to be able to use the Battle Meditation.” He said disappointedly sitting down on the chair “Have the ships launch immediately, the Prime Minister want us to intercept the enemy fleet before it can get in range of Kamino with their weapons.”

“Yes sir,” nodded the ACC-07 leaving his side to contact the other ships.

‘Bloody great, I’m sure I don’t need to learn this back on Earth.’ Harry thought nervously as the ship lift off and flew out of the hangar ‘if only I didn’t walk into that portal.’
The entire ship shuttered lightly as the fleet broke through the atmosphere and into deep space. Looking out into the calm darkness filled with shimmering stars gave him a small respite, before realizing that he would soon meet the enemy in combat within this darkness.

“Commander, all ships have reported in and we have set a course to intercept the pirates.” informed ACC-07 standing beside him once again.

“Have the fighters ready for launch.” He ordered firmly clicking several buttons in the seat that brought up a small sensor screen on the main bridge screen. It showed sixteen dagger-shaped ships tagging behind his ship “Have the other ships form a perimeter around us. I do not want to be cut off from the main battle group.”

“Yes Sir,” she nodded but before leaving asked “have you decide on a name for this ship Commander?”

“A name?” commented Harry rubbing his chin as ACC-07 walked away “I know, I shall name this ship ‘Ares’.”

“The ‘Ares’ sir?” ACC-07 remarked inquisitively “Why give the name ‘Ares’ sir?”

“Ares is the name of a God of War in my home world” answered Harry recollecting about his fourteen years living on Earth “It seems fitting to name the ship that was built for war.”

“Sir Sensors have detected several incoming ships; they will be in range in thirty seconds.” reported a Clone engineer from the lower part of the bridge.

“To battle stations then, power up our weapons. Contact the other ships to hold their fire until fired upon.” ordered Harry calmly, trying to get used to his first time leading from the back.

“Commander, they have arrived” informed the clone indicating to the screen “they are powering up their weapons.”

Many large freighters and frigates dropped out of hyperspace moving towards Harry’s fleet, The Kaminoan Intelligence was faulty. Though not as highly maintained or as heavily armed as his ships, the pirates had a large numerical advantage in this fight. Their ships numbered over fifty from what he can distinguish, but he knows there were more in Yuka from what the Kaminoan Long Range Sensors picked up.

“Open a Comm. Link with them” He ordered looking at the mass of ships slowly moving towards his fleet.

“Comm. Link established sir” nodded a clone engineer working on the left side of the bridge.

“This is Supreme Commander Potter of Kamino, lower your weapons and leave immediately or be fired upon.” He declared as coldly as he can, “This is your only warning.”

Scheeoooww! Scheeoooww!

Several shots slammed towards his ship were their response. Within seconds all hell broke loose, Harry ships instantly unleashed a hail of Laser Bolts and Turbo-Laser shots into the incoming pirates. Many of the pirate ships were torn apart by the first salvo, but a large amount managed to evade them continue to press forward firing their laser cannons into the capital ships with little effect.

“Shield down to 80% sir,” reported a clone calmly as the ‘Ares’ rocked slightly from the Laser beams impacting against the ship’s shield.

“Launch the fighters now! Have the fleet press forward and break their formation” He ordered looking at the battlefield trying to find any weak points in the enemy formation, He might be still new at this, but it seems that he is catching up quick “let those pirates move through our formation, we’ll broadside them with our full arsenal.”

“Yes sir” nodded the clone officers as they quickly complied.

The battle outside continue to rage as Nimbus Fighters joined the fray whizzing past enemy fire and targeting the engines of the Pirate ships. Soon the pirates launch their own fighters to counter the Nimbus.

A vicious and deadly broke out as nimble fighters dueled over the raging naval battle. The Nimbus Fighters easily outmatched their pirate counter-parts the dogfight progressed. Numerous pirates’ fighters were torn apart but more kept coming, viciously engaging the already harassed Nimbus for dominance.

Harry’s Main Fleet was fairing little better, the pirates foolishly moved en masse through the openings provided by the Kuat-Style Capital Ships, hoping to attack them from behind. They were immediately caught in lethal crossfire pummeling their weak shields from both sides. Dozens of ships were obliterated within seconds while many were heavily damaged and left to float in space. The surviving ships quickly attempt to launch into hyperspace as their fighters retreated back into their hangars, only to be disabled by heavy fire from Harry’s fleet.

‘Things are looking up after all’ Harry thought observing the wreckage of the pirate ships beside the ‘Ares’.

“I want those ships to be boarded immediately, try to capture the pirates. I’m sure their bounty will worth more alive.” Harry ordered to ACC-07 thinking deeply about the current situation “If possible, I want their ships to stay intact as well. They can be modified and used as our scouts and skirmishers.”

But his thought was soon interrupted by a Clone Engineer “Incoming ships from hyperspace sir, it’s the Pirate reinforcements!”

Simultaneously a large number of ships dropped out of hyperspace behind Harry’s Main Fleet. Twelve Kuat-Style Capital Ships dropped out and steamed toward the now battle scarred fleet.

“This is the ‘Influence’ reporting for duty sir!” as a female Clone’s voice came through the comm. Link “Kamino thought you can use some help sir. I hope you saved us some action.”
“Actually you’re just in time.” Harry replied, relieved by the aid of the ships from Kamino “We’re just waiting for our ‘guests’.”

At that exact moment a massive armada consisting of not only Pirates frigates and freighters but also several large mercenary destroyers and battle cruisers dropped out of Hyperspace in front of the outnumbered Clone Fleet.

‘This is going to be troublesome’ thought Harry forlornly steeling his resolve ‘If I’m going to down, so will they!’

“This is Commander Va Je, surrender your immediately and we might let you live.” An arrogant voice broke our through an open Comm. Link “I might even allow some of those females to be my personal slaves.”

“We’ve been expecting you. It’s funny; I thought you would be hiding in Yuka behind your little mercenaries. Just like during the battle of Derem City, when you fled before Me.” taunted Harry gazing for at the force before him, trying to get Va Je to act rashly.

“Such insolence! I will rip your worthless your skull out of your weak body!” He roared over the Comm. Link as the massive armada lurched forward against the disciplined small fleet before it.

‘Let’s see how strong this hammer is.’ Harry thought grimly looking at the overwhelming force before him.

AN: Done! I hope you enjoy this chapter. As you can see I trained Harry with the force, but I won’t make him super human after just 6 months of training! I want him to grow as he go through this universe. So do not expect Harry taking on the entire Jedi Order and the Sith together and win after just such a short time. He’s gifted but not the force itself. Also, while writing this chapter, an insane idea popped up! A Female Force, talk about one tough girlfriend to please. People I expect some help from you guys giving me the ‘bad’ about this chapter. I want to improve so you guys can enjoy my stories, not write crappy ones so you guys can suffer.

Now I know some of you guys have been telling me that the Clone’s name is hard to remember. I will give those names soon enough, but until then use this.

Significant Clones in this Chapter:
ACC-07: Senior Clone Commander of the 1st Legion, one of the first clones of Harry created by Kaminoan Cloners. Born to be a Commander, she was taught by Montross along with other 1st Legion Officers about strategies and how to employ them to dispose of those Harry considered enemies. Though outwardly calm and calculating to many, she only relaxes when alone with Harry (which is already rare enough).

Also, before you guys ask me why the pirates are so dumb to move between Harry's ships when there are large guns stationed in the side Well it's because these are just regular pirates. Their method is just to come in aim for the engines and board the ship. They don't have any experience with major ship to ship battle where multiple battleships slugging it out with massive Laser cannons.

So next time: The Hammer of Hell!
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