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The next chapter of One Man Army! Unexpected events pops up!

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Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Star Wars. Just the idea to bring them together and the occasional OCs I create to get the story moving.

AN: I’m glad everyone enjoyed the first part of the battle. I’m still deciding on the names for clones. I need them to be original, not clichéd names of mythical heroes and gods. Simply because I’ve seen a little too much of that and I want the clones to earn each name in their own special way. Now to the battle!

“Sir, they are closing in. What are your orders?” asked ACC-07 besides looking at the armada slowly closing in “shall we move forward?”

“No, have the new ships be positioned in our flanks and hold their position.” He ordered calmly, smirking at the armada “turn the ships one their side! We will form a defensive line to pummel them as much as possible.”

“Yes Sir!” nodded ACC-07 moving quickly away to fulfill his orders.

“I want boarding parties to be launched immediately! Capture the disabled pirates ships within our vicinity” he ordered looking a Clone on his right “I want all salvageable goods and surviving pirates be brought into our ships.”

“As you command,” acknowledged the clone emotionlessly before speaking into a communicator “All Marines report to the LAATs immediately. I repeat all marines report to LAATs, be ready to board the enemy ships.”

---------Within Va Je’s Capital Ship--------

“All units are moving forward as you have commanded sir,” reported a Gamorrean officer bowing to Va Je “The enemy is holding their position.”

“Humph, do they actually believe that they can stand a chance?” remarked Va Je sitting on a throne-like chair overlooking over the entire bridge “signal all ships to give no quarters. By the end of this day, Kamino will be ours!”

With a quick bow, the Gamorrean waddled away snorting out orders to the rest of the bridge.

“I would advise you to move cautiously commander; the enemy has been quite crafty from the reports of the first engagement.” advised a human figure hiding behind in the shadow behind Va Je “I would prefer our forces to remain intact from this engagement.”

“If you’re so cowardly fool, then I suggest you go to where you belong, in the rear!” growled
Va Je narrowing his eyes on the human standing in the shadows “I will defeat the whelp my way! You can keep your caution to worthless yourself.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” replied the figure leaving the bridge.

“Your cautions are hollow Cavik Toth.” muttered Va Je sneering at the back of the human.
Walking in the ship’s hallway, the scarred human captain has a large sneer on his face. He had a crisp uniform with black gloves and boots, remnants of scars slightly cover the left side of his face as his icy blue eyes penetrate any unlucky fool who walked his way.

“What a pathetic creature. That fool will get us killed.” He darkly murmured walking towards the hangar.

“Any troubles captain?” asked a green Twi’lek standing beside a large Personal Assault Transport awaiting his arrival.

“That fool Va Je will cost us the battle if he doesn’t start acting more calmly.” He spoke gritting his teeth as he walked into the transport “The only reason I’m still working with that pathetic Kaminoan is the credits he paid me.”

“Captain, if I may suggest” offered the Twi’lek sitting down on the cockpit “Why not contact simply ‘switch sides’?”

“I like how you think Bella,” complimented Toth sitting next to her smirking as the transport lifted off and sped towards his destroyers “after all, Va Je did say to move my squadron where it belonged. I want you to open a secure Comm. Link to the Commander of the Clones as soon as we reach the bridge.”

“As you command captain,” Bella nodded smiling sadistically as they approached a large fleet of Sabaoth ships.

---------Back in the Ares------

‘Things are not looking good.’ ACC-07 solemnly thought as the Clone ships were slowly being overwhelmed by the Pirate Armada ‘if we don’t receive more reinforcement soon, this fleet will be obliterated!’

While carrying out Commander Potter’s orders, she secretly took the liberty to contact Kamino to send more ships to aid their beleaguered forces. The Commander may not admit it but with the current number of ships, it would be impossible to defeat the Armada.

“Commander, I suggest we withdraw from this engagement sir.” ACC-07 calmly advised masking her uneasiness of the current situation “We should pull back into a safer area to await reinforcements.”

“Do not be troubled, I have a feeling the tide will turn soon.” He encourage waving off her advice smiling at the current situation as the ‘Ares’ gave several jolts as several turbo laser beams smashed into its shield. The Pirate ships slowly pushed through the hail of Laser fire from the Kuat-Style Capital Ships inching forward in an effort to overrun the Fleet with sheer number and firepower.

“Commander Potter, the boarding parties have captured the pirate ships!” reported a clone within the bridge “They await your further orders sir.”

“Excellent! Have the ships target the incoming enemy at once; we’ll turn their own weapons against them!” He ordered, allowing the force to flow through him, calming his mind and pushing away the distractions of the battle from his mind, like how Master Qalsneek had taught him. He was a bit skeptical at beginning but decided to attempt it for the first time in combat situation.

Soon the turrets of the damaged pirate ships turned on their comrades and began firing their Laser Batteries as the ships slowly limped towards the frontlines.

“I want the captured ships to set a course towards the armada.” He ordered looking onward as the armada continues to move forward as the smaller pirate ships move to shield the large capital ships from the laser fire with their own body “Target their capital ships, they must be disabled before we are in range of their weapons!”

“Commander, We have been contacted by a Captain Cavik Toth.” reported a clone in his right.

“Put him on screen,” Harry waved looking coldly as a scarred him face popped up on screen.

“Greetings Commander, I am Captain Cavik Toth, leader of the Sabaoth Squadron. I have come to you with an offer that you might fine ‘most’ beneficial.” spoke the human captain smiling coldly.

Looking into the cold eyes of the Captain with suspicion, Harry eventually nodded “I’m listening.”


“Master, it’s been months now! I don’t understand why we are sent here by the Council?” asked a disgruntled blue female Twi’lek sitting in a cockpit of a ship. She had hazel eyes with two shapely prehensile tentacles flowing down behind her head and wore tight fitting leather shirt and pants that accentuate her assets, and carried an aura of defiance around her.

“I’ve told you before my young padawan, we are to retrieve a very important person for the Council.” replied the tanned human calmly meditated behind the twi’lek youth as the autopilot took him into another region of the Outer Rim. He had a tattoo of a single yellow bar across his face and had many battered ornaments adorning his body.

The pair had been traveling for 6 months looking for signs of the mysterious child and the army he command that The Council so vehemently sought after. Their efforts were only met with marauding pirates and hostile life-forms that inhabited several of the planets they visited. By the end of the 6 months, they were about to give up the search when they overheard in a bar that a great number of pirates and mercenaries were gathering in an isolated system called Kamino within Wild Space. Purportedly they were hired by a figure by the name of Va Je against an army of clones led by a young unnamed human.

The two Jedis immediately set of to Kamino in hopes of finding the young human before the pirates can attack his forces. With any luck they can arrive to warn and aid the young man defeat this Va Je’s assault.

Master Vos, I don’t understand why the Council ordered us to find this human. Why is he so important?” inquired the young Twi’lek huffing impatiently as her master continues to meditate behind her.

“The council wishes to ensure that the boy does not fall to the Dark Side. He has the potential to be a great Jedi” answered Vos as he continued to meditate trying to sense any disturbance within the force that might help locate the boy more quickly. What he didn’t tell his young Padawan was that the Council also secretly feared the clone army the boy processed. An army of powerful force-sensitive falling to the Dark Side will surely spell doom for the Jedi and the Republic.

“Master look at this! It’s a battlefield!” exclaimed the Padawan, pointing on the screen before the cockpit. Vos quickly got up and moved towards the cockpit looking outside.

It was a scene of total carnage; large pieces of metal littered the area as the ship silently moved past the battlefield. Bodies of nearly every species silently floated across space. Many of them were burnt beyond recognition while some where simply torn apart. Within the wreckages of the battlefield, Vos recognized the symbols of several notable pirate organizations. From the Burning Claws to the Blue Star Pirates, their ships wreckage confirmed that this was the vaunted Pirate fleets that were hired by Va Je.

“We contact Coruscant immediately; they must be informed of the situation.” He spoke morbidly as a head Gamorrean slowly floated across the ship.

But before they transmit their message, several pirate ships hiding within the wreckage of the battlefield materialized and began firing at the ship. They quickly move in concert with one another circling the ship pummeling it with laser volley.

“Take evasive maneuvers immediately, lock onto those ships.” Vos ordered his padawan, as he sat besides her activating the ship’s laser cannons.

Before a shot could be fired from his ship, several of the pirate ships burst in a fiery explosion. A large triangular battleship emerged, breaking apart any wreckage that stood in its way at it continue to fire volleys of turbo-laser into the pirate ships. Within moments the remnants quickly retreated, jumping into hyperspace.

“This is the ‘Onslaught’ please state your conditions and purpose of your visit to this system.” a monotonous voice hailed from the large battleship ‘Onslaught’. A helmet covered face of a clone popped into the screen of the Jedi Ship “This is a restricted space zone for all non-combatants.”

“I am Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos and my apprentice Aayla Secura. We are here to investigate the recent pirate activities within this system. My apprentice and I would very much like to meet with your leader and perhaps aid you to combat these pirates.” the Jedi Knight explained bowing towards the armored figure as Aayla looked at her master inquisitively before she mimicked him, bowing to the figure.

“Jedi you say? I never expected to see one in these parts of space!” exclaimed the clone sensing truth in Vos’ words, nodding towards the pair “please follow us; we will inform the Supreme Commander of your arrival.”

The Comm. link shut off and the battleship turned and moved towards the center of the system with the Jedi Ship in towed.

“Master I thought we were sent to retrieve the child?” asked Aayla as the ship was flanked by two more battleships escort the jedis to a distant blue planet.

“We are, but we must aid them to deal with the pirate fleets first.” responded Quinlan Vos calmly sitting down, meditating once again. “That way it will help us gain the trust of the child and compliance to come with us to Coruscant. You cannot simply force someone to comply.”

‘Especially when the person commands an army of force sensitive clones and a heavily armed navy.’ he thought silently as the ships slowly halted before a large aquatic world. Numerous ships encircled the words while squadrons of fighters can be seen speeding past the ships patrolling the area for any signs of pirate ships.

“Master we have arrived,” spoke the young Twi’lek as ships moved into the turbulent atmosphere of the blue planet and landing down to a large platform “We will be landing in a few minutes.”

“Notify the Council that we have located the child once we have met with him.” stated the Jedi Knight as he towards entrance forum of the ship putting on his Jedi robe, Aayla followed behind him “Try not to hold your tongue my young Padawan. we wouldn’t want to be chased off of another planet again.”

“Humph! It was not my fault, that Hutt can’t keep his hands for himself.” She grumbled silently putting on her own robe as the bay doors opened up.
Waiting below the ramp was a small contingent of clone troopers standing at attention. As the Jedis came down from the ramp, they were greeted by female Clone Trooper with red stripes adorning her white armor, unique from the clone the pair saw in space.

“Greetings I am CC-265, welcome to Kamino” the clone captain introduced herself nodding towards the Jedis as the clung to their robes against the tempestuous winds “please follow me, our superior anxiously awaits you.”

The group quickly strolled in the Kaminoan, finally escaping the harsh weather of Kamino. They silent walked passed many corridors encounter numerous clone troopers attending to different duties from patrols to couriering important documents to other superiors. The group finally arrived at a large white circular office, containing two Kaminoans and a clone trooper wearing armor similar to CC-265 sitting together conversing silently.

“Sir, may I introduce Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos and his Padawan Aayla Secura.” CC-265 declared saluting to the three figures, parting to allow the Jedis to enter.

“Ah, welcome to Tipoca City Jedi Masters, I am Lama Su; this is my personal aide Taun We and ACC-07, Senior Commander of the 1st Legion. Please sit” Introduced Lama Su greeting the two Jedis as two chairs floated down “The Supreme Commander is preoccupied at the moment and will be joining us shortly.”

As soon as the Jedi sat in the chairs, the room door opened to reveal a slightly disheveled young human walking into the room trying to calm his Raven-black hair. He was dressed in full clone Trooper armor similar to that of the two female clones. He had twin piercing emerald orbs that adorn his pale aristocratic face.

“Sorry I’m late, I had to deal with some important issues” he explained rubbing the back of his head as ACC-07 narrowed her eyes when she saw a small red mark in the side of his neck.

“You must the two Jedis, My name is Harry Potter. It is a pleasure to meet such famed beings such as yourselves.” Harry spoke respectfully, bowing towards the pair “I hope your business in Kamino will be a prosperous venture.”

AN: Done! I hope you guys enjoy this one, I had a major writers block and it took me two weeks to complete. As you can see, the Jedis have arrived. I thank you Wesley for his inspiring review. This leads to my next announcement, I will be not updating for quite some time. Thanks to Wesley, I will review and try to improve the next chapter and work on its plot. At the moment, I’m still uncertain whether I should allow Harry to join the Jedi back to Coruscant or leave him here with the clones. For the Aayla fans out there, rejoice! They have finally met! I have also left some hints as well, for the Harem pairing. For the guys who know pirates, you’ll pick up my hints pretty easily.

Here are the names of the clones/war machines that were in this chapter:

ACC-07: Senior Clone Commander of the 1st Legion, one of the first clones of Harry created by Kaminoan Cloners. Born to be a Commander, she was taught by Montross along with other 1st Legion Officers about strategies and how to employ them to dispose of those Harry considered enemies. Though outwardly calm and calculating to many, she only relaxes when alone with Harry (which is already rare enough).

CC-265: A Captain of the 1st Legion, stoic and never seem to lose her cool. She is known her unwavering and fanatical loyalty to her Supreme Commander that made her stands out from the other ‘loyal’ Clone Troopers. It is unknown why she is so fanatically loyal to her superior, anyone who speaks ill of him within an earshot of her was brutally battered to the point of death. Clones or otherwise.

Kuat-Style Capital Ship: This ‘small’ Kuat-style capital ship was a pre-Clone Wars design following the aesthetics of Kuat Drive Yards’ designs. They had the arrow-shaped command tower characteristic for smaller Kuati warship-designs, and a large "tail-fin" similar to the casing for a hyper drive generator.

The armament included two large cannons mounted on top of the fuselage, with exposed engine parts underneath them. There were also smaller twin-barreled cannon in between these large guns and scores of turreted guns in the trench areas and on either side of the vessel.
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