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The Unseen ending of the battle!

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AN: Hi guys! Miss me? I have finally begun to write this chapter after months of laziness and disappointment. Here you go! The missing finale of the space battle for Kamino! I was planning to post this as Ch.8 But it didn’t make sense to me, so I just decided to put up the ending of the battle, seeing as how I never actually ‘concluded’ the battle in the first place.
“Greetings Commander, I am Captain Cavik Toth, leader of the Sabaoth Squadron. I have come to you with an offer that you might find ‘most’ beneficial.” spoke the human captain smiling coldly.
Looking into the cold eyes of the Captain with suspicion, Harry eventually nodded “I’m listening.”
----------------- With Harry---------------
“You see, I am inclined to believe that my continued service to my current employer will longer be profitable for my squadron and myself.” The mercenary captain drawled calmly looking at Harry “As such, I am here to offer you my services in battle.”
“Provided that you received some of the spoils after the battle of course,” Harry retorted nodding his head to a smiling Toth as the ship shuddered slightly again from the increasing fire from the Pirate Fleet.
“Of course” answered the slightly jovial captain “but we’ll discuss more into that after the battle.”
“Very well then Captain Toth, I accept your offer. Have your ships ready to attack their rear” replied Harry with slight traces of suspicions in his voice, never once breaking eye contact with the mercenary. “Be prepared to join us in battle when you receive the signal.”
“As you command” the Mercenary Captain slightly nodded his head before cutting off the comm. Link.
As soon as Toth’s face disappeared, Harry shoulder’s instantly sagged in relief. The cold and calculating façade that he held throughout the entire conversation whittled away leaving an emotionally exhausted young man rather the imposing young leader that appeared a few moments ago.
“Are you well sir?” inquired ACC-07 looking at Harry’s fatigued face through her visor “If you wish, I can substitute for you while you get some rest.”
“No, I’m fine. It’s just a minor headache,” the tired young wizard replied before straightening up once again and look up at the current situation of the battle.
Several more Kuat-Style Capital Ships continually appeared to support the struggling Clone Fleet as the Pirates ever slowly pressed forward under heavy fire, crippling several of the Clone’s Capital ships. While Fighters from both sides swarm about like angry bees between the two fleets determined to send the enemy pilots to a fiery grave.
As battle raged on at the front of the pirate fleet, the Sabaoth Squadron under the command of Captain Cavik Toth silently maneuvered itself in the rear of the pirates while their fighters circled around the center of the pirate forces under the guise of defending the Capital Ships.
“Order all captured enemy ships to set a collision course towards the Pirate’s Capital Ships.” Harry commanded after looking at the battlefield as both forces closed in for the highly anticipated climax of the battle sending volleys after volleys of concentrated fire at each other “Have the marines abandon those ships after they finished setting the ship’s course.”
“Yes sir, shall I signal Captain Toth?” asked one of the clones manning the Comm. Link.
“No, but order our reinforcements from Kamino to strengthen the Flanks and hold their positions” He replied smirking at the Pirate fleet before as he remembered a simple tactic used on earth by the ancient civilizations “Have the center begin a fighting withdrawal, make it so that our position resemble a crescent.”
The clone wordlessly complied turning back to the control board.
“What are you planning commander?” asked ACC-07 tilting her head towards him “You sure seem confident that it would work.”
Harry merely smiled enigmatically and looks on as his entire fleet shifted its position as per his orders. The multiple captured pirate ships began to sluggishly head toward back to its incoming brethrens as several milky white dots flew off from them and headed to the center of Clone Fleet.
--------------- Va Je’s Flagship ------------
“So that worthless whelp finally gave into his fears…” the genetically altered Kaminoan mused, puffing out his muscular chest in triumph as the sight of his foes’ fleet withdrawing away from their position “Signal the commanders, we attack en mass on their center, give no quarters. We’ll salvage any valuables from their ships once we turn them into a bunch of scrap heaps.”
“Commander, do you think this would be wise sir?” the Gamorrean officer beside him snorted out “it looks to be a trap.”
“This is a human child we’re talking about; he knows not what a trap is!” Va snarled out, clearly annoyed by his subordinate’s suggestion that he is falling into a trap created by a naïve child “Now, back to your stations before I thr-”
But before the arrogant Kaminoan can finish his rant, he was thrown off his seat as his entire ship violently shook about.
“Wha-” Va managed to choke out before his ship violently shook once again as a massive explosive filled the bridge’s front screen with blinding light.
Several ships surrounding Va Je’s ship soon met the same fate as they were rammed by the Clone’s captured ships. Soon many of the pirate ships began to fire upon one another in confusion as they swerved about hoping to avoid the fate of the fallen comrade.
To add on the already chaotic scene within the pirate fleet, they were attacked by the Clone fleet that have halted its withdrawal and unleashed concentrated volleys against the pirates as they blindly pressed forward and was now encircled by the Clones.
“Damn that boy!” Va cursed as he watched his grand fleet being obliterated by the unusual tactic he had never anticipated. But before he had the chance to issue out orders, he was interrupted by an emergency com. Link from one his subordinates.
“Commander Je! We’re being attacked by the Sabaoth Squadron sir!” the subordinate growled out in fear. He had a feline face with a large dark blonde mane around his head and dirty blond fur covering his face and body “He’s trying to cut off our escape!”
“TOTH!” Va roared out in rage, smashing his hand onto his chair-arm “order a full retreat! We must not allow them to destroy this fleet!”
“But sir, how can we? They’ve got us surrounded” inquired the feline commander as both of their ships shook from the increased fire from the Clone Fleet.
“Well make an opening! Order the armada to fall back into positions!” Va barked out before pointing towards “Make a push towards their crippled ships, we’ll make our break there.”
Ever slowly, the battered armada began to reform and began to bear some semblance of a cohesive fighting force. The pirates’ barrage became more coordinated and severe as their ships pressed pass the combine Clone and Sabaoth ships.
----------------- With Harry---------------
"Block them off immediately! They're breaking through our ships!" Harry ordered as he angrily watch the chances of ending Va's threat once and for all slip away.
"Commander, We simply don't have the numbers right now to intercept all of them sir," ACC-07 explained as she begins to receive intel from the other ships, her eyes roving over the damage reports from the rest of the fleet “Sir, I suggest we allow them to withdraw, and pick off their stragglers in the rear."
"What?! No! We need to end it now!" he exclaimed disbelievingly at his subordinate "I will not have Va Je slip away again, press forward and intercept them now."
"But Commander! They still outnumbers us, most of our fleets are taking severe damage, at the current rate, even with Toth's forces, we will losses will be enormous." the Clone Commander stated grimly as she watched her superior look out at the battlefield.
As Harry looked on, the reality of the situation dawn on him. Most of the Clone Fleet were battered, nearly every one of his ships in sight received terrible wounds on their hulls as they continue to maneuver to block the massive armada from breaking through their lines. Even if they can manage maneuvered into a position where they can keep them contained, Va’s forces vastly outnumbered his, the Clones would be overrun by sheer numbers alone.

No this battle cannot be won the way he wanted it to be.

With a deep frustrated sigh, Harry gave out the order “Pull our ships out of their way, regroup and begin attacking their rear.” slumping down into his seat.

Understanding her Commander’s frustration, ACC-07 quickly relay his orders to the fleet before trying to comfort him “Don’t worry sir, we’ll get him next time. After this battle, he’ll think twice before engaging us again.”

“That’s what I feared most Amirah. Next time he won’t make the mistake of underestimating me.” Harry replied as ACC-07 looked at him strangely at the name he called out.

“Amirah sir?”

“Well, I can’t call you ACC-07 forever now can I? After all, the name suits you.” Harry explained smiling slightly at his subordinate’s shocked face “it means Leader in one of the languages on my home planet.”

“I-I’m flattered commander,” she stuttered out as her cheeks flushed to a bright red “I don’t know w-what I possibly did to earn such an honor!”

“You’ve earned it Amirah,” Harry looked her softly, before looking back towards the battle “Now lets show these pirates how real battles are fought!”

Amirah stood proudly at attention and saluted him, her emerald eyes shining with pride “As you command sir!”

By this time most of the Pirate Armada had slipped through the gap created by the Clones and jump to hyperspace. The remainder of the Armada was merely small pirate ships that was too damaged to jump with the rest of their comrades in time and was quickly disabled by the victorious Clone Fleet.

“We’re receiving a comm. Link from Captain Toth Commander” one of the clone reports in the bridge “Shall I open a channel sir?”

“Yes please, we need to thank the kind Captain for his efforts” Harry replied as the clone opened a channel and the face of Cavik Toth appeared on screen.

“I would like to extend my congratulations commander!” Toth greeted as he coldly smile at Harry “I must admit I had my doubts about the effectiveness of your forces in the beginning but now I see that my doubts have been misplaced.”

“And I too have my doubts on your willingness to commit to our agreement captain.” Harry replied emotionlessly “but now that we are victorious, let us discuss your payment shall we?”

“To business then” the Captain drawled “For my services in the battle I request half of all valuables or credits found in the captured ships as well as the heads of any pirate leaders found on the ships.”

“Half of all the valuables? I have a much more interesting proposal for you captain.” Harry retorted rubbing his chin “I believe you will find my term much more satisfactory.”

“Oh, will I now?” the Captain replied raising an eye at the human child “ What is your proposal Commander?”

“I offer you the heads of all pirates found in the captured ships, but I will keep the valuables.” Harry stated raising his hands to interrupt the protests of the Mercenary captain “I will also offer you and employment opportunity, to work for me.”

Captain Cavik Toth was stunned; never in his life did he expect to be offered a job from a human child.

‘A child who has an army of well equipped soldiers at his disposal’ He silently added.

“Your offer is most intriguing Commander; I assume you have the wealth and resources to pay for my employment?” Toth questioned still skeptical by the child’s offer.

“Of course Captain, I would not have been able to get this far to battle Va Je without the wealth of an entire world after all.” Harry answered assuring the mercenary that the Kaminoans will be most generous with his salary if he was to work for him.

After much haggling and reassurances from Harry, the mercenary Captain agreed to join Harry, if but for a time.

AN: I'm back guys and gals! sorry for the long wait, but boot camp kept me busy for a while :D. Well I'll be active trying to add more chapter to this along with Mizu. I still know this chap is still not up to par with Warslasher's expectation, So don't be suprised when I rewrite this chap over and over again. :D
Here are the names of the clones,war machines and characters that were in this chapter:
ACC-07 (Newly dubbed Amirah):Senior Clone Commander of the 1st Legion, one of the first clones of Harry created by Kaminoan Cloners. Born to be a Commander, she was taught by Montross along with other 1st Legion Officers about strategies and how to employ them to dispose of those Harry considered enemies. Though outwardly calm and calculating to many, she only relaxes when alone with Harry (which is already rare enough).
Kuat-Style Capital Ship: This ‘small’Kuat-style capital ship was a pre-Clone Wars designfollowing the aesthetics of Kuat Drive Yards’ designs.They had the arrow-shaped command tower characteristic for smaller Kuati warship-designs, and a large "tail-fin" similar to the casing for a hyper drive generator.
The armament included two large cannons mounted on top of the fuselage, with exposed engine parts underneath them. There were also smaller twin-barreled cannon in between these large guns and scores of turreted guns in the trench areas and on either side of the vessel.
Captain Cavik Toth: Toth had spent many years working for various mercenary groups where he learned his tactical and combat skills. Eventually, he founded his own mercenary force, which was known as the Sabaoth Squadron. Now he is employed by Harry Potter and the Kaminoans to combat Va Je's vast armada of pirates and mercenaries, cold, cunning and ruthless, The Captain will use whatever means necessary to get the job done.
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