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Dreadnought's Rising

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Battle, Relationship and a Government's Decay...

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Dreadnought’s Rising

AN: What’s up guys and gal, Well I know the Interlude was not my greatest chapter in this story. But it was just a little warm up for me to get the ideas flowing again to write this chap. Enjoy! R&R (And Yes, I know I took forever. I was is a funk for a long while, the story was fighting inside me. So many good ideas, yet no ways to twist it into the story.) UN-BETAed!! If any of you guys/gals who are reading this are from the US Navy, want to help a shipmate out and edit it for me? xD

“How do you do Commander,” QuinlanVos replied as both he and his apprentice rose and bow before the Leader of the Clones “I am Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos and this is my apprentice Aalya Secura.”

“Please master jedi, there is no need to bow to me,” Harry stated rubbing the back off his head embarrassingly, not expecting two revered members of the order he had heard so much from the Kaminoans and Master Qalsneek to show him such honor and courtesy “it is I who should bow before you.”

“But I am intrigued however, as to the reason that you’re here.” Harry inquired as he sat on a seat next to Amirah, his embarrassed gaze at the Jedi turned to one of curiosity “As you have already experienced, this system and its neighbors has turned into a war zone.”

“Yes Commander, we have been receiving reports of pirate activity within this system. In fact, it is one the reason why we came to this system.” The Jedi Knight answered as his apprentice shot him an incredulous look. “Had one of your patrol ships not found us, my apprentice and I would have been captured by the pirate raiders. We are indebted to you Commander and as such offer our aid against the pirate band.”

Harry’s face split into a joyous expression, the Jedi Knights were offering to help him against Va Je! “I would be honored to accept your aid Master Jedi! You must be exhausted from your journey. Please take my quarters until we prepare living arrangements for you and your apprentice.”

Vos shook his head as he stood up, “No need commander, as grateful as we are my apprentice and I will retire to our ship. The Jedi Council in Coruscant will be informed of the current situation on this world and I assure you that more aid will come to assist you against the pirates. ”

“This is Wild Space Master Jedi, it will take them mo-”

Suddenly a Hologram flickered to life in the center of the room revealing a human figure.
He wore a scarred helmet much like the other clones of Kamino except with a clear but slightly cracked visor made of orange tinge duraglass revealing his hawklike eyes squinting away droplets of sweat. Strapped to his chest were a flexible, overlapping Durasteel plates rather than the single heavy plate of a regular clone, complete with form fitting gloves and shoulder, elbow and knee padding. Two golden stars were painted on the top corners of his armored chest.

“Commander! You have no idea how glad I am to see your face! To make things sort, we need back up, NOW!” the man exclaimed as the sound of blasters and explosions filled the room from the Comm. System.

“General Voor, what the bloody hell happened!?” A surprised Harry said “Aren’t you in Acherin right now? I thought you said it was secured from the pirates.”

“It was an ambush, they knew we were coming. The moment our fleet dropped out of hyperspace, they were there already and opened fire on us! Out of the twenty ships, only ten made it into orbit and we lost them soon after too.” The general explained as the rumbles of explosion died down slightly “I lost half of my Auxilia before we could fight back, not to mention a full quarter of the 5th Legion. Luckily we got everyone off the remaining ships before those pirate bastards got to them. Currently our surviving forces are held up in the City of Eluthan with many refugees from the surrounding countryside when the Pirates came down and we just recently got a Comm. System working. The situation is dire sir, the 5th already lost much of its men and only a quarter of the original legion is still alive. I don’t think we can even hold off for another month.”

“Don’t worry General, I’m coming with the 1st and 3rd legions to help.” Harry replied, his fists clenching tightly in anger over the news of his troop’s demise.

“And sir, make sure you bring the Onslaught. These bastards knew our non-upgraded ship’s weak points. Its how they got the first ten ships, should have listened to Commander Amirah about that.” The General warned bowing his head in shame before looking back at the commander “Well, I’ve wasted enough time, as you once told me, God speed sir.”

And with a single salute, the hologram dissipated with a soft hum.

Immediately, Harry burst into action and began issuing out orders as the Jedi Knights stood in silence and watched in amazement as the previously polite young man had morph into a steel faced commander that exuded a palpable aura that demanded the attention of all beings within the room.

“I want our legions prepped and ready to go in six hours!” Harry ordered as CC-265, who was standing in the shadows the entire time, quickly came into the light and with a silent salute left just as quickly to carry out her orders “and get me Commander Firenze in here now!”
---------------------------------Acherin, City of Eluthan---------------------------

As the hologram projector died out, Lucien Voor gave an exasperated sigh, as he looked around him. The large rectangular room was filled with rubble and scavenged equipments from the wreckages of his former fleet task force. Instead of only clones manning the equipments many different sentient species work beside them, his Auxilia.

The Auxilia, a military branch made up of former slaves and prisoners of the Pirates that were rescued by the young human leader. A concept Harry introduced when some of the freed prisoners begged him to let them fight against their former captors. Harry picked him to lead this motley force because out of the thousands that volunteered he was the only one who had prior military experience in war.

‘This is way out of my league,’ the general grumbled walking out towards the balcony of the overlooking the massive city. Built on top a great plateau, Eluthan once shimmered in the sunlight from the gray, blue and bronze stones that created the walled-metropolis centuries ago. Now, the once majestic city was on the brink of ruin. Its walls slowly crumbling from artillery fire, cries of soldiers and shrill shrieks of blasters permeate the air. Its enemies, like a living shadow just yards away from the wall, ready to engulf the thin ring of white that stood on top the battlements of city at any moment.

“Sir, we have established contact with the Premier of Sood, shall I patch them through to you?” one of the soldiers reported breaking the general’s nostalgia.

“No, I rather not deal with him, less political garbage and rambling that way.” Voor replied not bothering look away from the scene of carnage before him. “If I still know the little bastard he will just gloat for half the conversation and list off demands for the latter in return for his support, and that’s if the pirates haven’t already besieging his city as well.”

“That’s a pretty cynical view of things brother.” A haughty reply greeted the general “but then again, one must be a pessimist after being in captivity for 3 years only to escape and be captured by pirates.”

Looking back into the room, Voor was met by a hologram of a tall thin man dressed in a flowing robe filled with intricate designs. A cheeky, arrogant smirk edged in his face, and a simple band wrapping around his forehead.

“I’m sorry sir! He ju-” the soldier tried to apologized only to be cut off by a dismissive wave from the general.

“Hello Wilheim, glad to see that your premiership truly humbled your appearance. Tell me, was selling the original crown of Sood enough to raise the army needed to end that civil war? Or did you have to sell the scepter that I notice was missing from your hand to as well.”

The Premier lost his smirk for a moment before forming a sneer, “and I see you still bring war and misfortune wherever you go. So are you just going to stand there or are you going to take a knee and beg for help?”

The General gave a small chuckle “I have no time or patience for your games Wilheim, are you going to help or not. Tell me what you want in return for reinforcements.”

The Premier raised a singular eyebrow “To business already? Clearly you are desperate, but unfortunately you see, I have no interest in siding with a lost cause. In fact you will find that the fine gentlemen outside your city have paid handsomely for the armaments we supplied. So sorry Lucien, just the price of doing business you see.”

“I thought your response as much,” the general shrugged before signaling the soldier to cut the comm. link “I would spend your credits quickly Wilheim, it won’t stop me from burning your city, not this time.”

As the sneering face of the premier disappeared and a feline head of a figure appeared in its place. It wore a modified milky clone helmet; much of the face of the helmet was cut out to allow its snout to protrude out leaving a horizontal line of duraglass visor to protect its predatory eyes and two piece of armor to run down protecting its furry cheeks.

“General! This is Sergeant Vesu, they’ve broken into the Commerce District! Lost 5 squads, we can’t hold the breach for much longer!”

“Pull out from the breach, retreat to secondary position, reinforcements are on the way.” As the Sergeant’s face disappeared, the General sagged down onto one of the chairs in front of the projector, his face tiredly pressing against the humming machine.

“Sir, reports are coming in from the other district, the pirates are breaching the defenses,” one of the clone soldiers in the room reported, “they suffering heavy losses and are requesting reinforcements.”

“Have all remaining forces at the wall retreat to secondary positions. Contact Squadron Pi and Rho, tell them to barricade the Generator Room and set the charges, then report to Commerce District immediately. All remaining reserves are to rendezvous with our retreating forces on the secondary positions. Commander Potter better get here soon, or else there wouldn’t be any of our bodies remaining to find and bury.”

The soldiers in the room silently looked on for a few more second, before carrying out their orders, each steeling themselves for the final orders to come.
----------------------------------------The Onslaught, Pantora System -------------------------------

“For such a… Young Human…. You’re not… bad..” Aalya forced out as she laid splayed out, sweat dripping off her heaving chest “Such… stamina…”

“Thanks… usually it takes most of the… 1st to wear me down….” Harry wheezed out, lying next to the young Twi’lek padawan “I guess I still have a lot to learn after all Nyx.”

Nyx (CC-296), merely raised an eyebrow at her exhausted progenitor, “Oh I don’t know Harry, you certain have more experience than most young men your age.”

“And in no small part from you and Amirah! I nearly die from exhaustion during the first time!” Harry retorted, as he carefully got to his feet, “Surely, you didn’t come all the way down from the bridge to watch a simple sparring match Nyx, is something wrong?”

“Yes commander, Riyo Chuchi have arrived looking for you sir,”
At the name Aalya head peaked off the ground, “The New Pantoran Senator? How do you know her?”

“Her home planet is a moon that orbits around one of the Auxilia recruiting grounds. A few months ago one of my legions encountered her planet and was able to procure rights to establish a base in their protectorate planet, Orto Plutonia, in exchange for protecting Pantora from any possible threat,” Harry explained, taking his wand from his pocket and began repairing many of the broken equipments that laid scattered across the training room “With my consent, the 10th Legion sent a company down onto the planet and met some unexpected resistance.”

Some is a gross understatement, don’t you think?” a voiced interrupted by the doorway, gracefully appearing from the shadow, was a lithe blue skinned woman with long light purple hair elegantly held up by two golden head pieces. She wore matching blue pants and shirt with a bluish-grey mantle over her chest. “What he means is that most of the company was torn apart the first night there and he thought it was an ambush set up by my people. Had it not been some of the Talz Auxiliaries in that came with the company who relayed to us the truth and that the attackers were their fellow kin, Pantora would have been annihilated by the rest of his legion.”

Harry simply smiled as he went to give the short Pantoran a friendly hug that she quickly accepted and just as quickly pushed him away, wiping off Harry’s sweat from her tattooed cheeks.

“Yuck, you need to take a shower” wrinkling her nose as the remaining occupants of the giggled at Harry’s false hurt expression “it still hard to believe that this clueless child could lead the largest army in the Outer Rims.”

“Bloody hell Riyo! You didn’t come all the way out here just to lecture me about courtesies again are you?” Harry grumbled, dragging his hand across his already wild hair.

At that the young Pantoran face turned serious with a determined glint in her golden eyes “I came here to inform you that the remaining battle fleets have been refueled and re-supplied. They are heading out to Acherin as we speak, and to tell you personally that I will be accompanying you for the rest of the journey.”

Harry was stunned, “Wai- what? Why? Don’t you have your senator job to do?” sure they had grown close during the times he spent in Pantora negotiating with their Chairman and she accompanied him down to confront their mysterious foes in Orto Plutonia. Besides, she was just sharing body heat in that cave there was nothing wrong with that! And he wasn’t just going to let her join him into a dangerous warzone, especially with the definite chance of fighting a numerically superior force of ruthless pirates!

Riyo gave a disappointed sniff “Not anymore, Pantora has officially withdrawn from the Galactic Republic as of two weeks ago.”

“What!?” this time it was the young jedi padawan that was shocked, “But why? Won’t that means your planet will no longer be protected by Republic Laws?”

“Protect? The other senators are too busy bickering over trading and colonization rights for their planets, they barely even acknowledged me when I announced Pantora’s withdrawal.” The former senator retorted, glaring at the young Twi’lek “We do not have any major resources or exports that they needed nor do we carry any significant influence in the Senate, all they saw was one less senator to bribe or win over.”

“B-but still, the Republic wouldn’t just-”

“The Republic is a waning power, the chancellor carry little to no power in the Senate, and the Senate itself is too embroiled in intrigue and infighting to even pass the most simplest of laws without major backstage deals and bribes.” The Pantoran explained her eyes softening into a pitying gaze at Aalya “Even the once mighty Republic Military have all but disassembled and reduced to a skeleton Judicial Force that only used to battle pirate bands while relying entirely on the Jedi Order to either defeat or negotiate with other professional militaries. Even if the Republic would help us, my home is light years away from the Core Worlds and by the time they arrive, they would only find our planet in ruins and our attacker long gone. ”

Before Aalya can respond, Quinlan Vos walked into the room signaling his young Padawan to let the topic go, giving a slight bow to Harry and Chiyo “Commander Potter, I am glad to see that my young apprentice have not cause any irreparable harm to you or your training room. A first for the latter,”

Chuckling at Aalya’s pouting face; Harry merely waved his wand “Nothing Magic couldn’t fix Master Jedi,”

“Well then, would you kindly lead me to my new quarters your highness?” Riyo quipped in with a conspiratory glint in her eyes causing Harry blush.

“Come on Riyo! That isn’t funny anymore, even the rest of the Legions are doing it!”

“I don’t know what you are referring to Emperor Harry,” the young Pantoran laughed as she dragged the embarrassed human out of the room under the curious gaze of the two Jedis.

“Emperor Harry?” Aalya repeated looking strangely at the departing pair.

“Well what sounds better? The battlecry ‘For the Emperor!’? or ‘For the Commander!’?” Nyx commented as the two jedis looked at each other, silently agreeing with Nyx, as they filed that little info against Harry for later use.
---------------------------------Acherin, City of Eluthan---------------------------

What was once resemble a city besieged now resembles a large circle filled with ruins and craters with the last semblance of any man-made structure in the city at the epicenter under a hail of blaster fire and artillery shells, the last vestiges of clone resistance.

Blinding flashes lit over the hold-out as the shield over the city continue to hold off relentless bombardments from the pirate fleet in orbit. While on the ground, the clones eked out a defensive line around the surviving clusters of intact buildings, firing blindly into the near-overwhelming mass of pirates of nearly race that persistently beat at their defenses. Each clone not even bothering to aim at the targets anymore as the pirates formations was so deep that it guaranteed every shot would take down one pirate.

At the center of all the fighting, General Lucien Voorbode fought side by side with surviving men, with a blaster rifle in one hand and a vibroblade dagger on the other. Gunning down as many charging pirates as he could and cleaving at any pirates he couldn’t. As he jam his blade the throat of a snarling Gamorrean pirate, an artillery explosion ripped right next to him instantly disintegrating some of the troops beside him and propelling him off the ground.

Wounded, as he lay on the ruined ground, he looked on at some of the last of his troops fighting fiercely to their position. They formed a circle, their backs pressing against each other, the fingers never letting off the trigger as shot down the streams of pirates threatening to overtake them, eventually resorting to their hands and vibroblades when their ammo ran dry.

Waves of shame hit him harder than any blaster ever could, he had led them here. He had allowed the thoughts of an easy victory would follow as this was his former home, he knew all the tactics his enemies would employ, what their strengths and weaknesses were, and the fact that his family would guarantee minimal resistance as he occupy this planet, like a great prince returning from exile. Now, all he had to show for his hubris was the death of his men, the destruction of his birthplace, and the overwhelming guilt that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Taking a deep breathe, he warily pulled out a small detonator from his belt, popping the off the lid to reveal a small red button, he gazed up at the sky to what to be his last view of his home.

‘At least I’ll take all these damn pirates with me!’

But before he could activate the detonator, a strange sight stopped him. The sky began to burn dark red, causing a temporary pause of the battle; soon a large ship began to slowly descend to the earth. Then more ships joined it, every one of the ships’ was badly damaged, pieces of debris began to rain down on the battlefield.

Suddenly great pillars of light ripped into the descending ships, cleaving some of them in half causing them explode, spraying larger deadlier debris down onto the battlefield as both sides took cover.

Lucien was then quickly yanked off the ground by a surviving clone trooper, and was swiftly carried to safety, slowly his losing consciousness he saw it.

A large crystal shaped ship burst out from a group of clouds, sunlight glistening against its white hull. As it descended, the mighty vessel rammed straight into one of the damaged ship, breaking it cleanly in half. Coming out undamaged from the collision, the white hull opened up revealing hundreds of gun ports and releasing what seems to be clouds of fighters zipping down to assist the bedraggled survivors.

‘The Onslaught… Thank the heavens! It seems I can redeem myself after all…”

A/N: R&R There it is!!! Finally I got this chapter through! Woot! Hope this will satisfy you guys for now. I will be writing the next chap, of course, but I am also rewriting the first few chaps. After I read it a few times and also from the reviews you guys gave me, I will make the appropriate changes, like putting in an actual undersea battle rather than having a land battle under the sea :D. Also, I did put up a poll in my author page, feel free to cast your vote. I also will be working on that as well, hopefully this will keep me busy until Dragon Age II comes out! When it does, I’m sorry ladies and gents I will put everything on hold to play it!! Like how I racked up 486 hours of gameplay for the First Dragon Age. Next Chap, Dreadnought’s Carnage!
On a side note, I know some of you guys is surprised that Harry got a girl, don’t worry about it, I will collaborate on that possibly in one of the chap that I will rewrite, or in the next few chapter. What you guys think? Emperor Harry? Lol, I’ve been recently playing Warhammer 40k and found that mixing some of the elements from that make Harry’s faction more Unique in the Star wars Universe. NO! He will not get stuck, in a golden throne with tubes connected to him. But if you think about it, all his clones are force sensitive, so they are also susceptible to the Dark Side, so if any of you are a fan of Warhammer 40k you know where I am thinking in this. I just don’t know should I implement it or not. Well I hope u enjoyed my story, sorry again for the Hiatus!!!!!!!!!
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