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The Lull

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The Lull

A/N: Hello dudes and dudettes! As some of you have already noticed, the last chap was kinda choppy, my explanation to that is because pieces of it written a year ago and I just kinda threw in what I thought up recently along with it. As you guys have read in the last part of the Chapter, Harry got a new ship! I’ll give you info about it later into this chapter. Hopefully I’ll press out the new revised chapters before I hit another hiatus, and to some anonymous flamer: Don’t Like it? Don’t Read. So now onto the Fic! Do remember that this Fic is rated 'M' so shit can only get darker.

Warning, not beta'd, please tell me if you see any discrepancies.

Looking down at the battered form of the unconscious General, Harry was forced to resist the sense of frustration and dread gnawing at the pit of his stomach. Someone had leaked information, to Va Je and caused the near annihilation of an entire legion and forced his hand to reveal his secret weapon. Taking a seat at Lucien’s bedside, he whimsically reveled in the experience to be sitting in Medbay as visitor rather than an unconscious patient remembering his days at Hogwarts.

A small hiss from the door alerted Harry to the arrival his Jedi guests. They were equipped with several pieces of armor under their robes at the insistence of Harry, despite their initial protest and hesitation. Returning their bows with a curt nod of his head, Harry resumed looking blankly down at the wounded general. General Lucien Voorbode, was the only person whom he promoted to Command out of the mass of volunteers that came from the freed prisoners of the Pirates and was Harry’s first real friend and confidant aside from his Clones. He had showed an exemplary skill in warfare and had some military experience prior to his capture by the pirates. How he had been captured however was one tale Lucien refused to tell, merely deflecting the questions with a shrug and a sad smile. The General had led his legion through several victories against the marauders and had always been the first man to engage the enemy and last to leave the battlefield. Securing the numerous planets joining the Clone faction from attacks, as well as raiding Pirate bases all across the sectors. Now, someone had caused Lucien to be ambushed and his Legion all but annihilated, that someone must pay.

Silently watching Harry’s expressions going from detached to silent rage, the two Jedis looked at each other in worry. This was not good at all, they had come here hoping to retrieve a highly powerful but untrained boy and perhaps gain the allegiance of his Clone Army to help augment the Order’s numbers enforcing galactic peace across the Galaxy. But only to find a hidden power slowly rising along the edge of Republic Space, who’s military might will undoubtedly overshadow the republic’s waning power and influence. Already many of the Outer Rim planets, long ignored by the Republic Bureaucracy, had heard of the burgeoning military power and started negotiations in secret to ally with if not outright seceding from the Republic and welcome the Clone Legions with open arms. All the Jedis can do now is to accompany the Leader of this new fraction and keep the Jedi Council updated on the situation. Sooner or later the Republic will have to face this new upstart and this war will undoubtedly scar the galaxy for centuries to come.

Finally a single groan broke the awkward silence. Slowly opening his eyes Lucien surveyed the room noting the two strange looking individuals standing in the cornering the room and finally resting his eyes on the person he least wanted to see. Straining to sit up from his bed, he was stopped by the firm hand of Harry.

“Don’t, you’re still in bad shape mate. Rest, we can talk later.”

Nodding, Lucien rested back down. “I’m sorry sir; we held them back as long as we could. But their number was unending, too many good soldiers fell. All because of my pride, I’m no longer worthy to lead my men.”

“What am I supposed to say to you, Lucien? Give me back my Legion? No, this catastrophe was not your fault. We have a spy in our mist, one that will be hunted down and punished!” Harry slammed his fist against the bulkhead, “But for now you need to rest, I will have the surviving 5th Legion sent back to Kamino to be reconstituted. You will go back with them, I need you to oversee their revival.”

“With all due respect sir, my men and I can’t leave yet. The battle continues, the 5th would like to see it through.”

“You should listen to the Commander, the battle is over but the war still goes on. He will need the Legion whole again to win.” Vos said persuasively “You and your men has done their part, let them rest, mourn their dead.”

Lucien narrowed his eyes at Vos, who met him with a steely look “Ah, Jedi knights? Finally noticed the atrocities out here did you? Don’t place too much trust on these Jedis sir. Many have lost their lives when placing false hopes on the Jedi Order.”

“I assure you general; the order would never abandon the innocents we have always fought for peace and justice” the Knight retorted.

“Enough, We need to handle the issue at hand. Eluthan is ours and the First and Third Legions are landing as we speak along with six Auxilia divisions, the Onslaught will return to high orbit once the Legions have disembarked." Interjected Harry, ignoring the glaring contest "The Fifth... The Fifth will stay on the Onslaught in reserve. We have the cloning facilities partially online, we will reconstitute as much of the Legion as we can onboard. The Pirate fleet in orbit continues to battle ours, without the Onslaught we will be hard pressed to hold them at bay."

"The pirates have place a substantial force on the ground and the City of Sood have provided their gunships and battle-barges to supplement the Pirate fighter squadrons." Lucien supplied, clearly not trusting the Jedis presence "The Soodese gunships are slow, but they are heavily armed, if it wasn't for the city's shield we wouldn't stand a chance."

Vos pulled out a small holopad frowning at the data "It is curious as to why Sood would aid the pirates, from the Republic's archives that they have fought staunchly against them since the city's founding. Even as far as to execute the families of the pirates they captured."

"It doesn't matter now, Sood is a fortress. They might not have high walls or strong shield like Eluthan but they have a lot more firepower. Fortified gun emplacements, heavy AA batteries, not to mention it is the industrial center of Acherin. Only Eluthan can rival them in manufacturing, but whatever factories this city had are now rubble." Lucien staring blankly at the ceiling "whatever losses the pirates sustain, the city have more than enough resources and manpower to replace. Not including reinforcements from nearby systems if we cannot establish space supremacy. Taking this planet will cripple our overall strength in the long term, from what you have told me we have committed over a hundred thousand clones with another sixty thousand in auxillaries. I suggest we pull out and execute scorched earth protocols. We evacuate who we can, and purge this planet."

Harry looked at Lucien in shock, "You would destroy your own home?! Your own people?"

The general met his superior's gaze calmly "better they die at our hands then suffer under pirates', Va Je's pirates knows no mercy. If we leave this planet the civilians will subjected to far worse atrocities. You've seen what these pirates can do, at least this way their deaths would be far cleaner than anything the pirates will have in store for them."

"Then how are we any different from the foes we are fighting?" Harry rebuked his eyes glaringly defiantly at Lucien "if I destroy this planet, I would not only be wiping out your home. I would be slaughtering the families of the men serving in the Auxilia. Men that I swore to liberate their home planet from the pirates. No, we will use this to our advantage, we will use Acherin as a lure for the pirate's elite troops. Once they find out that we are committing 2 legions on this planet, it will force them to withdraw assets from the other fronts giving us the edge in this war."

"Only if we can pin them here for several months and not be annihilated by the massive retaliation that is bound to follow." Aalya supplied slightly perturbed by Harry blatant disregard or outright ignorance of the repercussions to the morale of his Legions if he was to fall here. "I would like to know how you would intend to bog down several hundred thousand pirates that would no doubt come barreling toward this system as we speak."

Harry gave her a roguish grin.

"Why magic of course."
Eluthan, 3rd Legion Clone Command

Captain Sorin of the 23rd Pantoran Artillery Company has seen many disturbing things over the past few months serving in this army. His predecessor's head disintegrating before him covering the newly minted captain with his brain matter, a whole legion of identical beautiful women fawning over and occasionally fought over their 'father'. The same women not two hours later that day ripped two divisions worth of pirates to bloody shreds with nothing but the force. But the scene before him now definitely was on the top of his list.

The entire command center was utterly silent, with its occupants floating 3 feet off the floor along with everything not bolted to the ground. Though it was not the fact that these clones were floating that disturbed him so. No, it was their expressions, each mouth was agape, their eyes glowing a bright blue hue, each clone's expressions were contorted in pain, sadness or both. The air in this room sent chills down his spine and he felt an invisible aura that exuded from them, wave after wave crashing against his face like the blizzards of Ordo Plutonia. With much apprehension, the captain addressed his superiors, his voice cracking from nervousness.

"W-we just received new o-orders, Comm-mander Firenze. Third Leg-gion is to -"

"March against a former Eluthan listening post codenamed 'Basilisk' occupied by Sood" Senior Commander Firenze completed, breaking from his trance as the clones slowly descended on their feet with everything else float back into their rightful places "We have foreseen it, and we will move out at once. Captain's you all know your places."

"But shouldn't we draw up battle plans first? It would be foolish to strike without at least send out scouting parties ahead."

Senior Commander Firenze smiled at the captain, he was a giant of a man compared to many other clones thanks to the extra physical regimen that he subject himself to during his time in Kamino. His initiative caught the attention of his Kaminoan handlers who kept him under watch, deeming him to be worthy of command as he matured, bigger and stronger than any his contemporaries. But it was the Force training he received from the Jedi Holocron of Master Qalsneek that raised him above all other male clones that was created with him. His mastery of the force quickly outstrips many others, even rivaling the clones of the First Legion. It was discovered that he was remarkably adept at using the Force to perceive pieces of the future, easily anticipating his opponent's moves.

"Do not worry Captain Sorin, we've been planning since we first took off from Kamino. Have faith my good captain, together we shall route the enemy. Now gather the Auxilia I will tell you how we shall engage this pirates."

With a quick salute, the captain rushed out to muster his colleagues.

Firenze turned his gaze back to his fellow clones, "Brothers, here is our chance for glory! Do our Father proud, and remember we are Third Legion, The Raven's Claw."

The clones quickly unclipped their weapons from their holster, raising them above their heads chorusing "Knowledge is Power."

Dozens of lightsabers ignited, bathing the room with its glow.

"Guard it Well!"

Observation Post 'Basilisk'

In the center of a sprawling canyon range, with multiple bridges linking each plateau layed 'Basilisk'. The once small outpost has been transformed into a sprawling complex, housing thousands and stretching out to the surrounding plateau. Dozens of pirate banners danced in the wind above various buildings, but only banner was seen at the center of the base. A great fanged jaw can be seen upon the white flag, with blood dripping down from its chin. Declaring to all that this base was under the command of the Pirate Band 'Blood Purgers'.

Within the building, sat the man who was in charge of it all. An average looking man if not for the synthetic lower jaw grafted onto him, each tooth razor sharp that held a bloody tinge to it as the man attacked the feast before him with vigor. Captain Bruc Weston was not a complex man, and one of the few pirates who never tasted poverty. Born to a wealthy trader family on the planet of Tion, Weston never had a want he couldn't get, be they were rare delicacies, women, or entertainment. The sole reason for his life of piracy was a simple emotion, boredom. One day he bribed a local prison to release their most hardened criminals to be a part of his crew. When several crewmembers tried to mutiny, his response was quick and ruthless. They were strapped onto the side of his ship and the lifted off his planet leaving the mutineers to be exposed to the vacuum of space. To further cement his position he kidnapped the families of the mutineers and before the entire crew, killed the men and raped the women. From that day, Captain Bruc Weston became a pirate to be feared, and the Blood Purgers began their reign of terror beginning with the sacking of Weston's home planet, Tion. But after two years of plundering, once again the sensation of boredom began to creep back into the Captain's life. Until a mysterious offer came to him.

'Excitement indeed' Weston thought morosely 'if only I part of that armada when they attacked Kamino, now there was excitement! Better spending time here fortifying and refortifying the same damn spot!'

Oh if only those fools in Sood would allow him to go on the offensive again. He remembered how close he was to destroying those clones in orbit, if Va Je hadn't pulled out a quarter of his ambush fleet then those clone's couldn't have broken through the ambush. Weston shuddered slightly, looking under the table at the whore servicing him, 'At least some one knows what they're doing, I wonder who even put that fool in charge.'

For the moment though all he could do was wait for more further orders, without sparing the girl another glance Weston grabbed her head and forced it down on his manhood

"Keep up the good work bitch and you might be able to survive the night."

Weston sat back against the chair and begin to doze off, dreaming of future battles to come. Not knowing the next day would bring fire and blood.

The Onslaught: The Brainchild of the Kaminoan High Command, it is the literal culmination of four massive ships combined. Following the clones’ first space engagement, the Kaminoans analysts concluded that the current clone ships, while can outclass the average pirate ships, were sub par to the Pirate’s capitals ships. Thus, using the parts from the damaged clone capital ships and many of the abandoned pirate ships that were left, assisted by two Clone Legions and many of the former pirate captives, Kaminoans designers began to construct what they hoped to be the most destructive weapon in the Outer Rim. To avoid the inherent weaknesses of its size, the engineers gave the Onslaught the ability to split apart into four separate pieces. Each ship is deadly by its own right, but once attached back together via a massive plasteel exoskeleton that would reinforce the spine and junctions of the ship. The 30 kilometers long, rhombic prism shaped ship is boasts an vast assortment of several hundred Turbolaser, Laser, Ion and Proton Torpedo emplacements on each of its sides, all hidden and protected in their gun ports. True to its name the capital ship hold several hundred fighters, bombers and heavy transport within its massive hangar bays. While the Onslaught now would give any opponents pause, it is only partially completed. Each ship were built from the outside in, allowing the visage of an completed ship to deter any would be saboteurs. Once completed, the Onslaught would boast its own cloning facility and manufacturing capabilities allowing it to be the mobile home of the Clones. With the ability to hold legions of troops, even the most steadfast worlds would quake, its people gaze above their heads with morbid fascination and dying hope as the skies darken only to be illuminated by their burning fleets under the shadow of The Onslaught.

P.S: For those who are into the 40k lore, I know it sounds like the fortress monastery of the Space Marines or the Craftworlds of the Eldar. Tell you the truth, I didn't even notice the similarities until I read up on 40k. I had planned for the Onslaught as the first of a new class of battleships. So I decided, 'oh what the hell let's keep it as the home of the Legions'.

Legion Bio:

Third Legion: 'The Raven's Claw', led by ACC-359 (Firenze). While all legions were trained in the Force, few delved into the training as the Third Legion. Second only to the First Legion, The Ravens is the only legion that attempts to use the Force to perceives into the future with the subtle encouragement of its commander Firenze. They are the only Legion that put Harry's memories of Earth down in writing, wishing to preserve as much details as possible hoping that with this knowledge they will be the ones to realize their creator's dream. Finding Earth.

A/N: I am terribly sorry for the wait guys! I had some major writer's block. But now I got the juice back! Now I'm actually gonna see if I can stick to my timeline and release another chapter next week, on saturday or sunday. Next week, Blood and Vengeance!
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