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One Man Army

(#) zombiewolf 2008-04-20

I dont know if you have alredy know which jedi you are going to send or not but if you are sending a female my favorit is Aayla Secura. though if your going with the time line I think she is youger that harry at this point. of cours my all time favorite jedi is Plo Koon. other than that I just hope you keep up the pace of one a week, not quite as fast as I would like but then again I just want to read the story all at once.

Your Lord and Master
~Zombie Wolf

Author's response

yup! It's Aalya Secura who will be sent to 'retreive' him. trust me she will be hunting for quite some time. i'vew been thinking in on that, so I'll probably have her as a padawan with Quinlan Vos hunting for him.