Review for This is Frank... This is Frank on Drugs...

This is Frank... This is Frank on Drugs...

(#) RyanRossLuver 2008-04-21

That was so cute and fucking amazing.

Glad to notice someone else gets high when writing! high five

You made Frank such an cutie, and Mikey so...almost innocent!
Your one-shots are amazing, and so are your chaptered fics...but this was the best so far I think!

xox Emmi
I call this Frikey, not Wayro...which is right?

Author's response

lols how can you not get high when writing sometimes? Sometimes it gives you the best ideas ever ^^. I'm glad you like it and Mikey is innocent. An innocent little boy toy XD. And I'm glad you liked it so much! ^^

Um, in all honesty, I didn't hear the term Frikey until after I thought up Wayro since I never knew any term for this pairing lol. I heard Frikey from several places earlier today so I guess it's the right one, but I like my Wayro better lol