Review for One Man Army

One Man Army

(#) Vanir 2008-04-26

Quoting LordBlack79, of course, and pushing on. A Broadside? Cool, and strategically sound as well. Lets see, a starship needs no aerodynamics, so there's no need to have the smallest cross-section from the front so why not have the main batteries on the sides? Clever. Project a large front and manouver to a smaller profile, opening massive fire and losing enemy target locks. It's a good visual, that. In the movies, the ships manouver from side to side, only occasionally diving or climbing but it's still space. Most weapon turrets also move sideways but are limited in up/down movements. If Harry moves more in the vertical than the horizontal, a traditional opponent wouldn't adjust in time. Wrath of Khan, anyone? 3D?
If Harry uses a couple of other Gods of War to name ships, he'd confuse the hell out of his clones. Fun, heh? Mars, Tyr, Wotan, there's a lot of them. Keep at it. I'm right here waiting.