Review for One Man Army

One Man Army

(#) cj_cold 2008-04-26

Nice chapter.

I would have expected the Pirate forces to run or at least reconsider when confronted by warships. As you noted they have no experience with battling real warships because that is too dangerous and non profitable for a pirate. MOst likely the pirates were promised this would be easy pickings, they should have cut and run sooner unless teh villain had threatened them.

Like the new fleet. Thought it was a little Deus Ex Machina to have the clone reinforcements arrive unexpectedly. They were keeping another twelve ships secret from Harry who is the commander. Maybe they were being held in reserve.

Also as exciting as it can be to unveil new equipment at the last minute as commander Harry should have some input in teh selection of what equipment his units are issued.

Don't think the female force idea is good for this story. It would be amusing in a more comic or crack fic story but from all indications this is supposed to be a serious story.

Has Harry learned of any connection between the Force and Magic. Did learning about the Force help his magic, what did the holocron Master think of Harry's magic.

Thanks for the clone guide, the really confusing ones are the clone captains though, so many CC-### interacting is confusing.

More soon please.

Author's response

Well here some things to help answer your comments. True, Pirates are cowards in face of a professional force. But remember that the Pirates outnumber Harry's fleet so they got overconfident. They assumed that their numbers were more than a match for the heavily-armed warships. Also, Harry's army is constantly growing thus need constant shipments of weapons and war machines to be bought. In the begining of the chap, it was said that there was a 'small' fleet of pirates approaching Kamino. So Harry just brought a small detachment of ships with him. That's why reinforcements was sent to help him. Trust me, those ships in combat right now are just a small fraction of Harry's Naval Force. Harry discovered that Magic and the Force is one in the same. Just different names and was used differently by Jedis/Siths and Wizards.