Review for Being Mini G Way the new Chapters

Being Mini G Way the new Chapters

(#) lacerationgravityxxx 2008-04-30

oh shit i am first!!

i really don't know!! i don't know much about the law?? the fact that jack only did it cos mike raped amy must come into it. maybe if there is proof of the rape then jack will get a small sentence and still get out before the baby comes.

as far as gerard and emily are concerned. emily is finding her feet for the first time in ages or ever really, and earning her own money. i think you need to keep with that for a bit. all marriages go through stuff when people have been together for a long time and dedicated their time to their children. the important thing is that they work it out and talk about what is going on in her mind.

ok you don't need to use any of this. just thinking out loud for you.

great update btw!!

Author's response

Thanks so much for the input! Especially about Gerard and Emily. I have been wondering what everyone has thought about that. I wanted them to seem like a real married coupled you know? I will def consider some of your ideas :)! Thanks so so much!