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What I've Done

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Jack's POV

I felt Amy's arms go around me. She didn't talk, she didn't need to. I had calmed down and now realized what I had done. I was being looked for by the cops and Mike was in the hospital. I told the judge in October that I wouldn't be getting in any more trouble. My anger just took over and all I saw was red. I heard my mom talking in the living room. Then heard the door to my room open.

"Jack what did you do" She said in tears.

"The cops came to my work" She said and rushed over to me.

"Are you hurt" she asked as she assessed my body.

"It isn't his blood" I heard my dad say.

"He put Mike in the hospital" Dad said and walked into the room.

"That is what the police said but I didn't believe them. Jack what were you thinking" she asked then looked over at Amy.

"When did you two make up" She asked.

"Yesterday" Amy said quietly.

"He raped her mom! I had to do something" I said loudly.

"What" she said and looked at Amy.

"Is that true" She asked. Amy just shook her head yes and my mom hugged her.

"You didn't kill him did you" She asked still hugging Amy.

"I don't think so" I said.

"He was trying to" I heard Derek say from the door.

"You saw it Deek" She asked.

"Yes" He answered. Surprisingly my mom didn't seem as upset as my dad did.

"I am calling and seeing if Frank and Jamia can get the girls and let them stay with them. We all need to talk" She said and stood up. I looked over at my dad who's face I couldn't read.

"Thanks for lying" I said.

"Did you think I would turn you in" He asked.

"No" I said and hugged Amy to me.

"You should shower and burn those clothes" He said and exited the room.

I got up and headed towards the shower. I got in and just let the hot water run down over my back. I saw that the water was turning pink under my feet. What have I done?

Gerard's POV
I walked into the living room and left Amy and Deek in the room with Jack. Emily had just hung up the phone with Jamia and turned to me. "What are we going to do" I asked.

"Keep him safe" she said, I could tell her brain was running around with ideas.

"We can't hide him forever Em" I said and she stopped and looked at me.

"He could get into big trouble with this Gerard. He already has the drunk driving against him. The judge will not be so lenient this time” She said looking stressed then her eyes changed and she looked up.

"I've got it. We pay them off! Make them not press charges" She had to be kidding, I thought.

"Don't give me that look Gerard. It kept you out of jail" She said crossing her arms. We had paid her ex boyfriend off when I had beat the mess out of him six years ago. I didn't like the idea then and I didn't like it now.

"You knew how I felt about that" I said and her face grew angry.

"I will not let him go to some juvenile center! He has a baby on the way! We have to do something" She pleaded.

"What if they don't want the money" I asked.

"Everyone wants money and I can tell you Jack is not going to go for it either" I said knowing that he would turn the idea down just like I had.

"I will not let him go to juvi" she said and walked into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and sighed.

"What do you guys eat, the fridge is empty" She asked.

"Take out" I said and watched her look through the cabinets. In all the chaos of the situation all I wanted to do was grab her and kiss her.

"What" she turned and asked. When she did a little piece of hair fell in her face and she tucked it behind her ear. I walked quickly towards her, grabbed her, and kissed her. She fought me for a moment then she slipped her hands around my neck. I pushed her back up against the wall in the kitchen and deepened the kiss. I felt her hands run up and down my back. If the kids weren't here I would take her right now in the kitchen.

"Oh sorry" I heard Amy say. It shook me back into reality and I pulled back from Emily.

"It's okay you two" I said looking at her and Deek.

"You guys hungry" I asked.

"I am starving" Amy said like a hungry animal.

"I will order pizza" I said and walked towards my cell. I didn't even look at Emily. I ordered the pizza and asked Deek some questions about the fight.

"Well Mike never got the chance to fight back. I have never seen Jack like that before. He just attacked him and didn't stop" Deek said.

"Is there any way for you to find out how Mike is" I asked.

"Yeah I could ask Sam. If she talks to me" He said and got up to call. I looked over at Amy who was biting her nails.

"You going to be okay" I asked.

"It is my fault if he goes to jail" She said not looking at me.

"It was his choice Amy" I heard Emily say. She finally decided to join us.

"Maybe I shouldn't have told him" She said and looked over at Me and Emily.

"If you didn't tell him he would have thought you had betrayed him" Emily said and grabbed Amy's hand.

"I'm more worried about what might happen to Jack more than I am worried about what has happened to Mike. Is that bad" She asked.

"No" Emily and I both answered. Just then Jack entered the room looking clean.

"I ordered pizza" I told him as he sat next to Amy. She grabbed his hand and smiled.

"I'm sorry" he said and looked at all three of us.

"Don't apologize Jack. I have done the same thing. It is hard not to react when someone hurts the love of your life" I said and looked at Emily. She could barely look at me.

Jack's POV
"I get it. I just wish we didn't have to deal with the consequences. People like Mike and Ryan need to be taken care of" Dad said sounding angry. I could tell he was thinking about Ryan. He almost dies because of that situation all for my mom. Now she kicked him out of the house and needs time apart from him? It made no since to me.

"I am going to call our lawyer later, but you need to lay low for a while" He said to me.

"Jack I think we should just pay Mike off" my mom said. Was she serious?

"No" I answered quickly.

"If we don't settle out of court you might go to jail Jack" She said pleading with me.

"It isn't even your money to give so stop" I yelled. She looked like I had just slapped her.

"I just can't bare the consequences you might have to face" She said sadly.

"I just got off the phone with Sam. Man you did a number on him. He has a concussion, almost all of his ribs are broken. You broke his jaw and his nose, and busted his lip. Sam said her parents are pissed and want to press charges. They have already contacted their lawyer" Deek said looking defeated.

Gerard's POV

Jack sighed "I will just turn myself in. There is no use to run". "No" Emily said and stood up.

"Yes, I did it and I have to deal with the consequences" Jack said and sat up on the couch.

"What do you think Gerard" She asked me.

"I agree with him. It will make it worse for him if he is running. God he didn't commit murder or anything" I said feeling stressed.

"Can you take me" Jack asked.

"Yeah, let me grab my coat" I said and walked to my room. Somehow I knew Emily would follow me. She shut the door behind her.

"Why are you doing this" She asked.

"Because it is the right thing to do. He doesn't deserve for me to hand money to him" I said and slipped on my jacket.

"What has gotten into Em" I asked her. She was different.

"Nothing. I just can't believe you are going to take him" She said shaking her head.

"They are going to find him at some point Emily" I said and walked past her and left her alone in the room.

*Okay right now with this story I have so many thoughts and idea's running around in my head that I can barely think, let alone write them down. So I wanted to know what you guys thought and maybe hear some idea's of what ya'll think should happen next in the story :). It would mean alot to me!
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