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So this is what REVENGE feels like

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Jack goes after Mike

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Jack's POV
I woke up the next morning to Amy who's entire body was covering mine. How was I going to move without waking her up? I slowly maneuvered myself out from under her, dressed, and walked into the living room. I saw dad asleep on the couch, I assumed Lena was in his bed. I slipped out of the hotel room and headed for school.

I walked in and Deek spotted me immediately. "Dude where have you been" He asked looking concerned.

"Things have happened. Have you seen Mike" I asked.

"Why" he asked.

"I need to find him" I answered while keeping an eye out for him.

"What are you up to Jack" he asked.

"He hurt Amy, now tell me if you know where he is" I said losing my patience.

"I haven't seen him" He said, but I didn't believe him.

"Look I know he is your girlfriends brother but I need to settle something with him" I said coolly.

"What do you mean my girlfriend" He asked surprised.

"I saw you Kiss Sam earlier this week" I said not really wanting to have this conversation at the moment. I just wanted Mike.

"Jack I have been meaning...." I put my hand up.

"I don't care Deek, she is all yours" I said and spotted Mike. He was leaning against his locker talking to some girl. I stared at him and began to walk over towards him. I had to keep my cool, at least for now.

"I need to talk to you outside" I said calmly.

"Oh you need to" He said mockingly. The stupid girl at his locker laughed.

"Mike, outside, now" I said and turned towards the door. I heard him follow and was preparing myself for some sort of blow. He shoved me, I stumbled and kept heading out the door.

"What ? To chicken to fight back" he asked as we walked out the doors.

The second my feet touched the ground I turned and punched him as hard as I could. It surprised him and knocked him off of his feet. I didn't even let him react, I grabbed the front of his shirt and punched him again and again and again.

"Fight" I heard someone scream. Finally Mike got a little strength and came at me but I moved out of the way and shoved him back onto the ground. I kicked him in the stomach a few timed then grabbed the front of his shirt.

"I am going to kill you, you mother fucker! I am going to rip you to shreds for what you did to her. You can fuck with me all you want but to hurt her...." I shook my head trying to hold back all the emotions I felt.

"You never should have done it... You are going to regret it. I will make you pay" I said and punched him again.

"Stop it Jack" I heard Sam yell. I couldn't, I was a man possessed. I couldn't stop hitting him. He couldn't even fight back. My knuckles were sore and bleeding but I didn't care.

"Jack stop, your going to kill him" I heard her yell. Then I felt her on my back pulling me off of Mike, then I heard a teacher and someone else yell for someone to call the police. I just laid there on the ground and listened to all the chaos going on around me. The yelling, the crying, the sirens. I didn't care, I had just beat the shit out of Mike, I may of even killed him. It felt quite wonderful, this is what revenge felt like. I smiled and looked up at Deek who was hovering over me.

"They are going to arrest you Jack. You should run" he said quickly. He held out his hand to me and I took it. I looked around and saw Mike being put onto a stretcher. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You are a sick fuck" I heard Sam yell.

"Come on Jack" I heard Deek say and I turned and followed him.

We jumped in his car and fled. He looked scared, I lit a cigarette. "Are you crazy" he asked. I looked at the reflection if myself in the rear view mirror. I had Mike's blood on my face and shirt. I did look a little crazy. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off and I flicked my cigarette out the window.

"You know they are going to be looking for you" He said.

"Yes, just take me to Amy" I said wanting to be near her.

"What did he do to her" He asked.

"Raped her" I answered and it was silent the rest of the way to the hotel.

Deek took the elevator with me and followed me into the hotel room. Amy spotted me immediately.

"Jack" She gasped and ran towards me. She flung her arms around my neck. I looked up and saw my dads face.

"What did you do" he asked looking scared.

"Who's blood is that" He asked and walked towards me.

"Mike's" Derek answered for me.

"Jack no" Amy said and pulled back.

"I had to" I said and walked over to the couch.

"They are going to be after him. Mike was taken to the hospital" Derek added as he followed me.

"What" my dad turned to me and asked.

"He deserved it" I yelled.

"That doesn't matter, you could go to jail" he screamed back. Amy turned and put her head in her hands.

"Did you kill him" She asked through her hands.

"I don't know" I said seriously. There was a knock at the door and my dad turned to look at me.

"All of you be quiet" He said and opened the door.

"Hello my name is officer Wilkes. Is there a Jack Way here" the cop asked. I held my breath, I didn't know what my dad would say.

"No" he answered.

"You are his father am I correct" he asked. There looked to be another guy with him trying to look in.

"Yes he is, but I haven't seen him since he left school. Is he okay" my dad said asked acting concerned.

"Well there was a bad beating at his high school today and numerous witnesses said your son was the one who did it" the officer said.

"Wow, well I can call his mother and I will try to find him" my dad said.

"Well when you do let us know. We need to talk to him" The officer said and left my dad his card. Dad walked back into the room and tossed the card in the trash.

"I will call our lawyer. Jack... you don't even know what you have started" He said and turned towards the kitchen area. I looked at Amy who had calmed down and over at Deek who looked shocked still.

"I hope I fucking killed him" I said and slammed the door to my room.
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