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What we do for who we love...

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Police Station

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Jack’s POV

I looked over at my dad as we drove to the police station. We decided it was best for just the two of us to go. "Dad I am really sorry. I don’t think sometimes, especially when I get angry" I said looking over at my dad.

"Jack I understand. I had a quick temper when I was your age. Obviously it happened again when I beat Ryan" He said not making eye contact.

"Do you regret what you did to Ryan" I asked, he thought for a moment.

"No I don’t. He deserved what he got" He said and looked at me.

"I can’t let myself be mad because I know the anger you feel when someone hurts the women you love". We drove in silence the rest of the way. We pulled up at the police station and walked in.

"Officer Brown" I heard my dad say. Another cop he knew from the whole Ryan situation.

"Hey man, what are you doing back here" Officer Brown asked.

"My son got himself in a little trouble, maybe a lot of trouble" Dad said and shoved his hands in his paint pockets. I just sat there and watched.

"What officer are you looking for" Officer Brown asked.

"Officer Wilkes. He swung by my place last night" Dad said.

"I can get him for you. Hey is that Jack" the officer said and pointed at me.

"Yeah, he looks a lot different now doesn’t he" Dad said with a smile as Officer Brown looked over at me.

"Well anyways I will go get Wilkes for you man" Officer Brown said and walked off into the back. Dad walked back over towards me and took a seat.

"He’s a nice guy" Dad said and sat back.

"Mr. Way" We heard a man say. We looked over and saw who I guess was Officer Wilkes.

"Yes, we spoke yesterday" My dad said and shook the mans hand.

"This is my son. He wanted to come here and tell you about what happened" Dad said and motioned to me. I walked over and shook the mans hand to.

"Well Jack were glad you came in" Officer Wilkes said.

"Follow me" He said and my dad and I walked with him. I felt nervous, and my palms were sweating. He lead us into a white room.

"Have a seat. Your dad can stay since you are a minor". I couldn’t read this guys, he had no expression on his face. He pushed a button on a tape recorder

"Why did you beat Mike" The officer asked.

"I had been informed the day before that he had raped my girlfriend" I said and saw Officers Wilkes eyebrow raise.

"He raped your girlfriend" He asked.

"Yes, after he and my girlfriend broke up he called her over to talk then drugged and raped her" I said hating to repeat the words.

"So in turn you hunted him down at school and attempted to beat him to death" The officer asked.

"Yes" I simply answered.

"Tell me how all of it went down that day Jack" He asked and I told him the events of the entire situation. Afterwards he asked me a few more questions then turned the tape recorder off.

"Okay Jack. Did your girlfriend report the rape" He asked me.

"No she didn’t realize it had happened. He drugged her, she woke up clothed and in his bed the next morning. She thought she had fallen asleep. That was until Mike sent me video footage of them having sex. Then she explained what had happened" I said and saw the doubt on the officer’s face.

"So there is a video" he asked.

"Yes" I answered.

"So Mike taped himself raping this girl" He asked.

"Yes" I answered again.

"You need to get her to come in and report it" The officer said as he sat back in his seat.

"I will ask her to, I don’t know if she will" I said not knowing what Amy would want to do.

"Jack it is hard to prove date rape situations. Are you sure she didn’t cheat and just told you it was rape. Did she look like she was struggling on the video tape" The officer asked me.

"I didn’t watch long enough" I said feeling irritated.

"Okay well Jack Mike’s parents want to press charges and we have to arrest you. Do you understand" The officer asked me.

"Yes I understand" I answered. Wow I was going to jail.

"Can he get out on bail" My dad asked.

"He will have to stay over night, I can see if I can get a trial in the morning to set bail. Until then he has to go stay over at our juvenile facility" The officer explained. I looked over at my dad who had tears in his eyes.

"Okay" My dad barely answered.

"This is serious Jack. You pre mediated this, you could have killed this guy" Officer Wilkes said and stood up.

"I know" I answered and stood up.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back" The officer said and then he began to read me my rights.

"Bye dad. Tell Amy I love her" I said as I headed out of the room. I hoped I could get out on bail.

Gerard’s POV
I headed out of the police station. Officer Brown try to talk but I had to get out of there. My emotions were taking over and I was trying to not break. I sat in my car and put my head against the steering wheel. It felt like six years ago all over again. I wiped away a tear and sucked the rest of them back up. I drove around and smoked a few cigarette’s. I called our lawyer and filled her in on what was going on. She would be at the trial in the morning.

I drove over to Ray’s and knocked. He answered the door in his Pj’s. "Hey man how is Jack" he asked. I am guessing Emily filled them all in on the situation.

"In jail" I said as I walked through his door.

"What" he asked as we took a seat on his sofa.

"Yeah he has to stay the night in the juvenile jail until his bail hearing in the morning" I said and saw Robin walk into the room.

"Oh Gerard how are you" she said and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Jack is in jail" Ray said.

"Oh no" She said and grabbed her mouth.

"How’s Emily" She asked.

"I haven’t spoken with her yet. She doesn’t know" I said and sat back.

"Well I will leave you two alone. I am so sorry Gerard" She said and left the room.

"So they are having a trial about his bail in the morning? Well at least you know he will be home tomorrow night" Ray said with a sigh.

"I hope so. Man this is so hard. The kid deserved it" I said leaning back onto the couch.

"What happened, I mean I know Mike’s a jerk but..." Ray asked.

"Amy informed Jack that Mike drugged and raped her" I answered.

"Wow, yeah I think Mike got what he deserved" Ray said. We talked for a good hour before I headed back to the hotel. I opened the door and Emily immediately jumped up from the couch.

"Where is he" She asked with Amy trailing behind her, it would seem that Deek had left.

"They arrested him and took him to stay the night in the juvenile prison. He has a bail hearing in the morning" I said and watched as Emily’s face fell and as Amy grabbed her stomach and began to cry.

"Did he tell them why he did it" Emily asked.

"Yes and they said for Amy to come in and report it" I said and pulled Amy over to me. She looked like she might pass out.

"I told you not to take him" Emily said angrily.

"Emily they were looking for him, they would have found him. He had a warrant out for his arrest" I said and she walked over to the couch.

I leaned down to Amy "I think you should lay down". She shook her head yes and I walked her to where Jack sleeps. I shut the door after she had gotten under the covers and turned to look at Emily. She was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed and tears streaming down her face.

"Emily he will be home tomorrow. Grace is going to be there to represent him in the morning" I said and took a seat next to her.

"I can’t handle the thought of him in jail" She said and turned to me. I wiped away her tears with my hands.

"Me neither. We have gone through this before, we are a strong family. We will make it through it" I said and pulled her to me. We sat in silence for a while before Emily spoke.

"You understand why I need a break" she asked.

"Yes" I answered. "I do love you" She whispered.

"I love you too. You know I always will" I said and kissed her head.

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