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I don't want to miss it

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Jack meets his roomate and Amy visit's him

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Jack’s POV

We pulled up to a white building with high fences and wires. It read Jersey Juvenile Facility. I walked out in hand cuffs and the officer ushered me in. Officer Wilkes decided to take me. We went through a lot of heavy looking doors then through security. I walked into a small room where a guy dressed in blue asked me to unload my pockets. I did as he asked. I only had a wallet and a cell phone.

"Change into this" He said and handed me this white shirt and pants. I walked into a small room and changed then headed back out.

"Jack I will be back in the morning to take you to your bail hearing" He said.

"Okay" was all I said. I have to be honest I am nervous. I watched him leave and another man told me to follow him. He lead me to a white cell.

"This is where you will stay tonight and maybe longer. Depends on your hearing. You have a roommate. He is out playing cards. There is an activity hall where you can read, play cards etc.... You get to go outside twice a day for an hour. There are basket ball courts and some other recreational things to do. Everyone is back in there cells at 7 and lights out at 8:30. The bells ring to tell you when it is time to eat, so listen out for those. The guys are in the activity hall if you want to go there" He said with a smile. Well at least he was nice.

"Thanks but I think I will stay in here" I said and headed to the bed that he said was mine.

"Okay, I will leave you to it" he said then exited the cell. This was un real. If I just would had been rational yesterday. I wanted to talk to Amy, I wanted to hear her voice. A tall black guy walked into the room. I tried not to make eye contact.

"What you in for" the guy asked and took a seat on his bed.

"Pre meditated assault and battery." I said with a shrug.

"You beat the shit out of someone. You almost kill him" He asked.

"I think so" I answered. The guy smiled.

"You seem like the type that had a very good reason for beaten the shit out of someone" He said and sat back.

"Yeah I had a good reason" I said feeling a little more comfortable.

"I’m Robert, friends call me Rob" He said and shook my hand.

"I’m Jack" I said and sat back down.

"So what did he do to make you commit a crime."He asked.

"Raped my girlfriend" I said, I hated to hear it out loud.

"Damn, I would have finished him off" He said shaking his head.

"I am in here because of drugs. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time" Rob said looking angry.

"I was going to head off to college soon and everything. Now I am in here for two years. I should have listened to my mom when she said not to hang out with the wrong crowd" he said looking deep in thought. We both didn’t speak for a while.

"So your girlfriend going to press charges" He asked.

"I am not sure. I want her to but she doesn’t think anyone would believe her. He slipped her something and raped her when she was out of it. She woke up there and didn’t know what to think" I said getting angry again.

"Damn man" He said.

"Yeah. He taped it and emailed it to me" I added in.

"Dude I am not a violent person, but to be honest I would have killed him" He said.

"I wanted to. She is having my baby too" I said.

"Your going to be a dad? Congratulations!".

"Thanks, she is three months. She is due in July" I said smiling thinking about my baby.

"Man you have to get out of here" He said sadly.

"Yeah I know, I don’t want to miss it".

Amy’s POV
I woke up to a quiet and dark room. I had cried myself to sleep and could barely see, my eyes were swollen. I turned over onto my back and looked at the ceiling. I wanted to see him. He had only been gone for three hours and I missed him. I heard the door open and saw Emily peak in.

"You awake" she asked.

"Yeah" I answered and I felt her sit down next to me.

Grabbed my hand "You okay" she asked.

"No, I miss him. I want to see him" I said trying not to cry again.

"I know honey but you have to stay calm. It isn’t good for the baby for you to get worked up" She said in a motherly tone.

"I know" I said as she pulled me into a hug.

"And this isn’t your fault Amy. He made the choice to beat up Mike. You had no control over that" Emily said and I shook my head in understanding.

"I want to go see him" I said.

"Come on lets ask Gerard" She said and we walked into the living area.

"She wants to see him" Emily said to Gerard.

"I can take her" He said and turned and grabbed his keys.

"Can I come" Emily asked.

"Yeah, we can all go. Lena just called. I didn’t tell her about him being in jail because you now how she gets. We can tell her and Angel together" Gerard said and we headed out to the car. On the way I couldn’t help but rub my stomach and talk to the baby. I felt like she knew I was speaking to her. We pulled up to a white building and went through security.

"What is your relation" A man asked me.

"I am his girlfriend and the mother of his un born baby" I said and the guy nodded and opened the door.

"Let her talk to him first" I heard Gerard say. They lead me through a door into a room with a bunch of tables in it. Jack was the only person in there, sitting alone. I ran to him and he ran towards me.

"I couldn’t stay away" I said and hugged him tighter.

"You okay" He asked and touched my face.

"You’ve been crying" he stated.

"Yeah" I said and kissed him.

"I love you" I said and kissed him again.

"I love you too" he said and pulled back.

"Amy you have to go and report what Mike did to you. Then I need you to get into my email and save the video he sent me to my computer" He explained.

"Okay" I said and kissed him again. I don’t know how long we kissed but I heard someone say to break it up. I pulled back and he brushed his fingers down my face. He placed his hand on my tummy.

"You take care of mommy okay" He said to my stomach then kissed it.

"Love you, remember what I said to do" He said.

"Okay love you" I said then walked towards the door.

"That’s it for visitors. You can come back tomorrow" The guard said. I saw the disappointment in Emily’s face.

"I’m sorry I took so long" I apologized to her and Gerard.

"It is okay" Emily said and hugged me to her side.

"Yeah we will see him tomorrow" Gerard said and we left together.

I turned around to see him once more before we left. He had to get out of here.
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