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Just Keep Breathing

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Jack's trial to see if he can get out on bail

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Jack’s POV

I woke up and ate breakfast. Rob was a good guy and he let me eat and hang with him. They were coming at 9am to take me to trial. I sat in the recreation room and just stared at the clock. "It is not going to go any faster of your staring at it" Rob said.

"I know, I need to distract myself" I said and shook my head out of the fog it was in.

"Let’s play some cards, it will keep you occupied" He said and began to pass out the cards. He was right about the time flying by. Before I knew it the guard came for me, cuffed me, and took me to Officer Wilkes.

"How was your night" he asked as he put me into his car.

"Fine" I said not feeling up for a conversation. The car ride over was quiet and it seemed like no time before I was in the court house. I saw my mom and dad and my uncle Mikey and Ray there and so were my grandparents.

"Hey hon" my mom said and hugged me. As mad as I was at her it felt good to have her there.

"You doing okay" dad asked and patted me on the back.

"Yeah, it really wasn’t that bad" I said seeing that my Nanna was crying. She grabbed me and just about smothered me.

"I am okay Nanna" I said and kissed her cheek. Gran wasn’t the best with words so he hugged me too.

"Where is Amy" I asked.

"We sent her to school because they called and said she had missed to much" My mom said. I hated that she wasn’t here but I also wanted her to do good in school.

"Okay" I said and turned to Grace, our lawyer.

"How are you" She asked and touched my arm.

"I’m good. Thanks for coming.

"Frank wanted to come, but Fender had a doctors appointment" Ray said and hugged me.

"It’s fine. Hey uncle Mikey" I said and he hugged me for quite some time and didn’t talk. He didn’t do well with high stress situations. I walked over and sat down next to Grace. We had to rise while the judge entered. It was the same judge that I had for my DUI hearing. Great.

"I see your back again. I thought I would be right about you and now you have proved me wrong" He said, he looked mad.

"You are here to get bail, and I am denying it. You need some time the juvenile facility. I will see you back in March for your trial. Your dismissed" The judge said and left quickly. I heard my mother and Nanna crying already.

"No Jack" I heard my mom say and run up to me.

"It’s okay" I said as she clung to me. They were fastening my cuffs to take me back. I looked at my dad, he looked shocked. He hugged me as well.

"We have to go" the officer said. And everyone got in a hug quickly. My Nanna couldn’t even talk. Ray looked pissed as did Mikey. I exited the room without looking back. I couldn’t see their faces again. I had let them down, I had hurt them. Officer Wilkes escorted me back to the juvenile center.

"Sorry man, I was routing for you" he said as I walked back through the big white door. I walked quietly to my room and laid down. I wanted to give in to tears, but I refused.

"I am guessing it didn’t go well" I heard Rob ask.

"No, I got to see the disappointment and sadness in my family’s face. My Nana was even there" I said turning over to face him.

"Your Nana was there? Oh that sucks. She was probably crying all over the place" He said and sat down on his bed.

"Yeah she was. Amy didn’t come though. They sent her to school because she missed to many days. I wanted to see her" I said and sat up.

"You are stuck with me for two more months" I said.

"It’s cool. Your better than the last guy I had. He was a clepto. He would still my tooth brush and other stupid stuff" Rob said, it made me laugh.

"Yeah I am not a clepto".

"You play basket ball" he asked.

"No" I said.

"I will have you playing by the time you leave" he said shooting a fake hoop.

"If I leave. The trial is in two months but they could rule for me to stay in here for a long time" I said hoping that it wasn’t the case.

"You will get out, you’re a good guy Jack. They will see it. Now come on lets go play some Uno" He said and I followed him out of our cell.

I guess I would have to make the best of my stay.

Amy’s POV
I sat in Math, and looked over at Sam. She kept looking at me, I didn’t like it. I could barely stay still, I was so nervous about Jack. The bell rang and I jumped up. I walked out of the room and saw Deek.

"Hey" I said and hugged him.

"How are you" he asked.

"Terrible" I said and saw Sam walk up. She was the last person I wanted to see right now.

"Hey Deek" She said and kissed his cheek. So she and Deek were together.

"Have you heard anything" He asked.

"No, not yet. I am giving Emily a call in a minute" I said un able to look at Sam.

"Well I will let you know" I said and turned.

"Amy" I heard Sam say. I stopped and let her catch up with me.

"Hey" She said and I looked up at her.

"Hi" I said wanting to just walk away.

"Did he really rape you" I heard her ask quietly. I shook my head yes.

"Are you sure" She asked.

"He sent Jack the video footage Sam. I came over that night and woke up in his bed. He drugged me, I assume" I said. I saw the doubt in her eyes.

"I know you might not believe me, but it is true. I never thought Mike was capable of something like that... I guess he was" I said crossing my arms.

"Is that why Jack beat Mike up" she asked.

"Yes" I answered.

"Mike is capable of something like that. I don’t know how we are related" she said shaking her head.

"I need to call Emily" I said and turned. I pushed on Emily’s name but Gerard answered the phone.

"Hey" He said, he sounded upset.

"What happened" I asked.

"Amy.... they wouldn’t let him out on bail. He is in there for two moths until his trial" I dropped the phone and slid down the wall.

"No" I said and felt the tears stream down my face.

"Amy" I heard Sam say.

"They won’t let him out" I cried. I felt Sam’s arm go around me and I heard Deek asking what was wrong.

"Get the nurse Deek" I heard Sam say. I felt like I couldn’t breath.

"Breath Amy" I heard Sam say. The next thing I knew I was laying down in the nurses office.

"You okay Amy" I heard the nurse ask.

"No" I said trying not to cry.

"I called your mom" She said.

"No, you should have called the Way’s! My mom will only make it worse" I cried.

"Amy" I heard Emily’s voice say. I was relieved to see her. I held out my arms to her and she pulled me into a hug.

"Honey are you okay" She asked, I felt Gerard’s hand on my head and looked over at him. They both looked worried.

"I want to see Jack" I said and put my head against Emily’s Chest.

"We are going to take her" I heard Emily say.

"No you are not. She is my daughter" I heard my mother say. No, this was about to get worse. I saw Emily turn slowly.

"I am sorry but you have been missing for the last month or so. You can’t just march in a take her" Emily said, defending me.

"They called me to get her" My mom said walking over to me.

"Hey didn’t know to call us" Gerard said. I felt my moms hand touch my arm.

"Come on Amy" I heard her say.

"No, I want to go with the Way’s. They shouldn’t have called you" I said and slipped off of the bed. The poor nurse looked so uncomfortable.

"You are coming with me" She said sternly.

"No she isn’t. Please she is stressed out enough" Emily said and grabbed my hand.

"You are my daughter" I heard her say from behind us.

"You disowned me and kicked me out. You wanted me to kill my child. No I will not go with you. Not now, or ever" I said and walked out with Gerard and Emily.

"I didn’t know they would call her" I said apologetically.

"It is okay. We are taking you to the doctor right now to check on the you and the baby" She said and I got into the car. Gerard was quiet. I could tell he was still letting it all sink in. I let a few more tears slip down my cheek.

"What am I going to do without him" I asked and put my hand to my mouth. No one spoke the rest of the way to the doctors. An hour later we left the doctors office. She said the baby was fine but that I should take it easy.

"I think we should home school you for the rest of the pregnancy Amy" Emily said when we got into the car.

"Who would home school me? You both work" I asked.

Gerard looked at me. "I am no professor but I can try" He said trying to smile.

"What about the album" I asked.

"It is on pause for a while, if not forever" He said sadly.

"I couldn’t ask you to do that" I said shaking my head.

"It is okay Amy. You can’t miss anymore school and I think it would be better for you anyways" He said. I thought for a few minutes. What did I do to deserve this family?

"Okay" I answered.

"We will give you a few days off and start on Monday, how does that sound" Gerard asked.

"Good, thanks so much you guys. I don’t know what I would do without you and your family" I said and turned to look out the window.

"We will get through this as a family Amy" Emily said. I nodded and looked back out the window. I wasn’t scared about the two months, it was what happened after that, that scares me.

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