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Do you miss the Sex?

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Jack gets visitors and Emily recieves and un expected kiss

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Jack’s POV
Three weeks had past since they brought me back to this place. I looked over at Rob who has become a very good friend of mine. He had me outside playing basket ball again. "Your getting better" he said and threw me the ball.

"I don’t think so, but whatever you say" I said and shot the ball. I missed the hoop of course.

"So Amy coming by today" He asked.

"Yeah, I can’t wait to see her" I said smiling. She was only allowed to come twice a week. My mom always brought her. My dad came two other days a week and my aunts and uncles, and grandparents came off and on throughout the week. So I always had visitors.

"I can’t wait for your Nana to come back and bring some more cookies" Robert said and dunked the ball.

"Jack, you have a guest" I heard one of the guards say.

"Thanks Gary, is it Amy" I asked him.

He just smiled and I followed him. I walked into the meeting room that was filled with a lot of people. I spotted her from across the room. I hadn’t seen her since last Thursday and today was Tuesday. She was wearing a blue sweater and dark washed jeans, she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and she was beginning to show a tiny bit. I walked over to her quickly and she jumped up into my arms and our lips met immediately.

"You look great" I said and kissed her forehead.

"Thanks so do you" She said and pushed a piece of hair behind my ear. My hair had grown down to my shoulders and I knew she hated it.

"I am getting a trim soon don’t worry" I said smiling.

"Anything going on with your case" I asked her as we took a seat. She had filed a report with officer Wilkes about Mike.

"They said it was hard to prove. They want to see the footage but I can’t show them Jack. It is to humiliating" She said and looked down. I pulled her chin up and kissed her lightly.

"We will prove it without the tape. So he’s home now" I asked about Mike.

"Yeah, he will be back at school soon. At least that is what Deek has been saying. Sam still says hi to me whenever she see’s me. I think she knows her brother is a horrible person" Amy said and grabbed my hands and placed them on her stomach.

"But lets talk about better things, like our baby. I can feel her fluttering around in there" She said smiling. I rubbed both of my hands over her little pudge.

"You still think it’s a girl" I asked.

"Yeah I do" Amy said. "Oh your mom brought Lena today so be prepared" Amy warned. Lena has cried every time she has came to visit.

"Thanks for the warning" I said and looked over at Lena heading our way. Of course she had tears streaming.

"I hate seeing you in that horrible white out fit" She said and hugged me.

"It is fine, I am used to it by now. How’s your boyfriend" I asked.

"He isn’t my boyfriend Jack, hwe are just working on school work together" She said and slapped my arm.

"Well that’s how mom and dad got together. I better meet him soon" I said sternly.

"You will" She said and rolled her eyes. We talked for a little while longer then my mom came in as Amy and Lena left.

"Hey you, how you doing today" She asked and touched my face.

"Good, How’s dad" I asked.

"He’s good, and yes he is still at the hotel" She said sadly. Dad was still giving her space. It made me angry. They needed each other right now.

"I got a raise though" She said with a smile.

"I hate talking about your job and you know it" I said and turned my head away from her.

"I’m sorry" She said sadly.

"How is Angel" I asked.

"Good she is coming with dad Friday. She drew you this" she said and handed me a picture. It was of she and I holding hands, or that’s what I thought it was.

"Tell her thanks. I need to go back. I will see you later this week"I said and gave her a quick hug.

"Bye" she said and kissed my cheek. I watched her leave then headed back out side with Robert.

"How was it" He asked as we both took a seat on the bench.

"Good, Amy looked amazing. She is showing a little bit" I said smiling.

"You miss the sex at all" he asked, I almost choked on the water I had just drank.

"Um... I guess... yes" I said awkwardly.

"I do, that’s about all I miss of my girl" he said shaking his head.

"Wow you must really love her" I said sarcastically.

"Well we are not together anymore. She waited all of two weeks after I got in this place to get with someone else" He said then took a swig of water.

"She seemed very committed" I said with a smile.

"Oh yeah real committed" He laughed.

"I miss her in general though" I said then stood up.

"Let’s go hit the showers, troubles heading this way" I said and looked at the group of guys coming our way. These were the people in the place that you didn’t want to mess with and Robert and I always successfully avoided them.

"Your right lets go" he said and we walked quickly inside. Neither of us wanted to have a fight on our records.

That night I laid in my bed and felt alone like I usually so at this time. I tried to keep on a brave face for my family but it was so hard to be in here. It made me appreciate my family and friends a lot more. I missed my moms cooking, I missed holding Amy at night, I even missed Lena's chattiness. I could stand another five weeks but I don't think I can stand any longer than that. I tried not to think about the trial or what will happen if they sentence me to real jail time.

"Let your mind rest Jack. I know your over there thinking when you need to be getting some sleep" I heard Rob say.

"Okay okay, I will shut my brain down" I said and tried my best to shut it all out.

Emily's POV
I tried to keep my composure with Amy and Lena in the car but it was hard. Jack has shut me out, he is still angry with me. He didn't understand what was going on with me and Gerard.

"Mom can we get lunch" Lena asked. I had kept her out of school today so she could see Jack. Amy grabbed my hand next to me and squeezed it. She knew it was hard for me to see Jack. I smiled at her and squeezed back. I got them some lunch at a fast food place then dropped them off with Gerard. I had to head back to work.

"Hey Em how did it go" Tyler asked as soon as I walked back into the office. He had been very supportive throughout this whole thing.

"He still isn't really talking to me" I said with a shrug. Tyler handed me a cup of coffee and sat on my desk.

"He will come around" Tyler said with a smile.

"Good job on selling the Plymouth house. Keep it up and you just might get another raise" He winked.

"Why thank you" I said happily and looked down at the stack of papers in front of me.

"Look you are having a hard time. Why don't we split out of here early and grab an early dinner. It will be on me" He said with that flawless smile. I thought for a moment. All the kids would be with Gerard until 8pm so I had some time, and I was starving. I chose not to eat with the girls.

"Okay, let me get my coat" I said and walked over and slipped my coat on. We headed off to a spot we had went to a few times and took a seat.

"So how are things with Gerard" He asked as we ate our salads.

"We have both been so caught up with Jack and his case that we have yet to have time to discuss us" I said and ate a bite of salad.

"Yeah how is Jack's case coming along" He asked.

"Well he could actually get about 20years for what he did. That is unless Mike doesn't press charges" I said not wanting to think of Jack in jail for that long.

"Why not pay off the guy" He asked.

"Gerard wont do it, he doesn't want to hand over his money to someone like Mike, or so he says" I said getting irritated at Gerard all over again.

"You have your own money now" Tyler said.

"I know, but I don't have enough to pay someone off" I said and sat my fork down.

"Well lets not talk about it anymore, it is upsetting you and you need to relax" Tyler said.

"Good idea. So how's it going with Sara" I asked, Sara was a girl he had taken on a few dates. He shook his head.

"Oh no does that mean she is gone" I laughed.

"Yeah she was just not what I am looking for. You know I don't really want to settle down until I find someone worth settling down with. Sara just wasn't it. She was to young and to... how do I say this nicely? Stupid" He said with a chuckle.

"Oh no, really" I said.

"Yeah, but it is fine. I like being single and free to do what I want" He said and looked straight at me. I looked down and grabbed my drink.

"Well enjoy it while you can" I said with an awkward laugh. The rest of dinner we just talked about work and new clients.

He walked me to my car. "Well as usual I enjoyed dinner" He said with a smile.

"Me too, thanks I needed it" I said and looked up at him. He leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Goodnight" he said and quickly walked off.

I just stood there shocked. He just kissed me. No one but Gerard has kissed me for years. I turned and got into my car. I couldn't believe he did that... I couldn't believe that I liked it.

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