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Faking it

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Gerard's POV

I looked around the hotel living room at the kids. Angel was coloring, Lena was watching tv, and Amy was doing homework at the table. I walked over to Amy and sat across from her. "How was Jack today" I asked.

"Good, he was a little cold to Emily" Amy said.

"He usually is" I said and sat back.

"You doing okay" I asked. She sat her pencil down and looked up at me.

"I wont be okay until Jack is home" She said sadly.

"I understand" I said.

"Emily look okay" I asked, I missed Emily so much. I tried to hide it from the kids though.

"She looked fine, she got a hair cut" Amy said and looked back down at her work.

"How short" I asked.

"To her shoulders and she got some new highlights. It looks nice" Amy said still not looking up. I got up and went over and kissed Angel and Lena. I had to take them all back in a few.

"Get your stuff together girls" I said and they all begin to pack up. All but Amy, she stayed here where Jack slept most of the time. I didn't mind her, it was nice having a girl around.

"We all ready" I asked.

"Yes daddy" Angel said and grabbed my hand.

"I'm ready" Lena said sadly. She liked staying here.

"We will be back" I said to Amy and we all headed out. I pulled up to my house and got out. We headed inside and I spotted Emily in the kitchen. She looked up and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Her hair was shorter and highlighted just like Amy said. She looked amazing.

"Hey" I said and walked towards her.

"Hey" she said as she watched the girls run up stairs.

"How was Jack" I asked.

"Good, he enjoyed everyone's company but mine" She said looking sad. I hadn't touched her since that day in the kitchen three weeks ago. That was too long. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

"Gerard" She said and pushed away.

"No" I said and pulled her back to me. I kissed her hard and wouldn't let her go. She struggled against me then I felt her grab the front of my shirt and pull me closer. I ran my hands up and down her back and she pulled me even closer to her. We broke apart a few minutes later, both breathless. She put her hand to her head and shook it.

"What" I asked and stepped closer to her.

"I just don't know what to do"She said and I saw a few tears fall. I pulled her to me and brushed my hands through her hair.

"I want to come home" I said quietly.

"I don't know if I can do that right now" She said and stepped away from me again.

"When are you going to be able to do that? I miss my house, I miss you, I miss my family" I said trying to keep myself calm.

"I miss making love to you, waking up with you...." I said running my hands through my black hair that had grown out down past my ears. She turned around and was quiet.

"I know I miss it too, but I just need to be me without you for a while longer. Can you please understand that" She said and stayed facing away from me.

"I guess, but right now we should be leaning on each other for support. Our son is facing real hard time in prison. I need you with me to face this" I said and took a step closer to her.

"Please Gerard" She whispered.

"Okay Emily I will leave. You can have your space" I said angrily, then turned and slammed out of the front door. She wants space, she can have it! I will send Amy to bring the girls to and from my place. Emily wont even have to see my face. I lit a cigarette and headed back to the hotel.

I walked in and slammed the door. "You okay" Amy asked. I forgot that she was here.

"No" I said and kicked the wall. She looked surprised.

"I am sorry" I said realizing that I was scaring her. I was scaring myself.

"I have to get out of this place Amy" I said and sat down next to her.

"Get an apartment" She suggested.

"I don't think I can" I said sadly.

"If you want her back you need to make her think your okay with being apart, you need to go on with your life like you usually would. If she see's you doing that she will want you back" she said so matter of fact.

"How will that get her back" I asked not understanding.

"Okay right now she knows your sad and you have stopped your life. This makes her feel like you need her to function. Well if you get your own place, start the cd again, and act like your fine without her...She won't be able to stand the fact that your okay without her. She will take you back in a heart beat" Amy said with a smile.

"You sure" I asked. Was I really going to take advise from a 16 year old?

"Yeah I know how us women work" She said a with a smile. We sat in silence for a few moments.

"What will I do if they put him away for 20 years Gerard" She asked sadly. I saw her hand go to her belly.

"That would mean our daughter would be 20 when he got out. Oh God" She said as she began to cry. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. Over these months of her being around she had become like family to me and Emily. We loved her very much. I hated that I couldn't give her an answer.

Amy's POV
I couldn't tell you how many times I have cried against Gerard's chest in the last 3 weeks. He was always there for me unlike my own father. My dad has called once since they found out I was pregnant, and just to tell me how much of a disappointment I was. I like staying with Gerard, he looked a lot like Jack, he smelled a lot like Jack, and he and Jack had very similar personalities. It made me feel better to be around him because of his similarities to his son.

"It will all work out. I won't let him go to jail" He said seriously.

"How could you get him out of it" I asked as I looked up at him.

"Pay Mike off... I don't want to do it but it would probably make him not press charges" Gerard said looking stressed. I felt so bad for him.

"Really" I asked.

"Yeah really. I could never let him go to jail. Now it is only a matter of Mike accepting the money" he said and stood up.

"I am going to go lay down and think. You finish up your English homework and I will check it tomorrow" He said and shut the door.

I walked over to the table and glanced down at my homework. I looked up at my Jacket then slipped it on. I would make sure Mike took the money. It was Jack's only chance at getting out. I drove to Deeks house and knocked on the door. His dad answered then ushered me up to his room.

"Hey Amy" Deek said and walked over to hug me. I looked over and saw that Sam was sitting on his bed. Good, I had hoped she would be here.

"You okay" Deek asked. He called me a few times a week to check up on me. He sometimes went to visit Jack with me to.

"No. Hi Sam" I said and then I turned back to Deek.

"Did you see Jack today" he asked.

"Yeah, his hair keeps getting longer" I said and saw Sam's face. She still cared for Jack, Good.

"They wont cut it" Deek asked as he offered me a seat next to Sam.

"No, they won't let them do a lot of things. I hate it because he tries to act so strong in front of me and his family but I know what a hard time he is having" I said and rubbed my belly.

"Are they treating him badly" Sam asked. I paused for a few seconds then answered.

"I can't say for sure, but I think so" I said sadly.

"But anyways, I just wanted to come by and say hi. I have been lonely" I said and looked at Sam.

"We should grab lunch sometime" Sam suggested, though I could tell it slightly pained her to do so. She was a nice person and I know she felt bad about what her brother did.

"That would be nice" I said wiping a fake tear.

"I will call you soon okay" she said and patted my leg.

"Okay, I will look forward to it" I said and stood up.

"Well I need to get back and finish some homework. See you Deek, and see you soon Sam" I said and exited the room. If I could get Sam to feel sorry for Jack, when Gerard offered Mike the money, Sam can maybe convince him to take the deal. I hated lying and faking all of this but it was for Jack, and I would do anything for him.

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