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Hello my little delinquent

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Frank visits Jack and Amy goes to lunch with Sam

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Jack's POV

I was showering at my usual time, but this time I felt like I was being stared at. I looked over at Rob, but he looked like he was going to fall asleep standing up. I turned and saw this guy looking at me. Was he checking me out? I turned and tried to hurry out of the shower. Rob noticed.

"Is there a fire" he asked.

"No, I just want to hurry up" I said and slipped my towel around my waist and headed back to my cell. That guy had been looking at me a lot the last week or so. God I didn't think there would be creepy guys staring at me until I went to a real prison. I got dressed and Rob walked in.

"Dude that Brad guy wants your nuts" Rob laughed.

"You notice the staring to" I asked as I felt sick to my stomach.

"Yep. Stupid jock heads off to prison and shows his true colors. He likes them little emo boys" Rob laughed.

"I am not a little emo boy. Man I am grossed out" I said and sat on my bed. You know what they do to guys like us in Prison started singing in my head. Man I hoped I got out of here soon and that I didn't have to go to real prison.

"Just keep your distance from him. You know I have your back though. But not literally" He laughed and walked out of our cell. I sat back and started to draw. I looked down at the picture I had started yesterday. It was of Amy again. All of the pictures I had drew since I got here were of Amy.

"What are you drawing" I looked up and saw Brad. Oh God no, I do not want him near me.

"My girlfriend who is having my baby" I said quickly, hoping he got the point.

"I hear you might be in the system for a long time" He said and stepped closer.

"Maybe, were not sure yet but uh... This is my quiet time, could I have some privacy" I said and saw the anger in his face.

"Sure" He said and left quickly. God I refused to become someone's bitch.

The next morning Gary came and told me I had a visitor. "Thanks Gary" I said, he was my favorite guard. I walked into the visiting room and saw Frank. He walked over to me quickly and hugged me tight.

"Hello my little delinquent".

"Hi uncle Frank. How's life" I asked as we took a seat.

"Good, how's prison" He asked.

"Oh it's amazing, I love it"I said sarcastically.

"Well we miss you" He said now sounding more serious.

"I miss you guys too. I am ready to be out of here" I said and lit a cigarette.

"You start smoking again" he asked.

"Yeah, if I didn't I would go crazy" I said and exhaled the smoke.

"I get it" he said and lit one himself.

"How is Jamia and Fender" I asked.

"They are good, we are trying to decide if we want another baby or not" he said with a smile.

"You should have another one" I said thinking about my own un born baby.

"I think we should too. I would love a little girl" He said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"I can't wait for my little girl" I said.

"So you guys are that determined that it is a girl" He said.

"Yeah, Angel said she dreamt it was a girl and Amy says she just knows it's a girl" I said and stubbed out my cigarette.

"You nervous about the baby" he asked.

"A little, I just hope I actually get to see it" I said sadly.

"You will, we will not let you go to jail" he said and squeezed my shoulder. "I hope your right" I said. We talked a little while longer before my time was up. I liked visit's from Frank, he always joked with me and didn't act sad the entire time.

"Frank" Rob asked as I sat across from him.

"Yeah, he always cheers me up" I said and dealt out some cards for us.

"Way, you have another visitor. Aren't you mister popular today" Gary said.

"Okay. Who could it be" I said and headed back towards the visiting area.

"Sam" I said as I came face to face with my ex.

"Hey Jack" she said and looked around the room.

"What are you doing here" I asked.

"Wanted to come and see how you were doing. Man you are really here" she said sadly.

"Yeah I am really here" I answered back. She had on a maroon skirt, black tights, a black long sleeve shirt and a black jacket to match. She looked nice, but I don't see women a lot so.....

"Are you going to ask me how Mike is" She asked. I crossed my arms.

"I don't know if I really care" I answered.

"You nearly killed him" She said.

"Yeah I know... He deserved it" I said getting angry. I didn't want to talk about Mike.

"He probably did deserve it but he is healing and you are in jail. Was it worth it" She asked looking up at me. I thought for a few seconds.

"No it wasn't. I should have went to the police with Amy and filed charges against him. He wins because I am in here and might be here for a long time" I said and took a seat. She sat next to me.

"Amy said you had grown your hair out" She said looking at me.

"You talked to Amy, don't you hate her" I asked.

"I don't hate her. I don't like the way you two snuck around, I don't like that you lied to me, but you two were meant to be I guess. Anyways, Deek is great to me" She smiled.

"You really like him" I asked.

"Yeah, he treats me like a queen, and he isn't in love with someone else" She smiled.

"I am sorry about that whole situation Sam" I meant it.

"I forgive you, Deek and I are way better suited for each other" She said smiling at the thought.

"Good, look I know Mike is your brother...."

"It is okay, Amy told me what he did and if it is true then he deserved it" She said and patted my hand.

"I am going to lunch with Amy tomorrow" Sam said.

"Really, good she needs a friend" I said.

"Yeah I feel bad for her, she is a nice girl... I guess" Sam said with a shrug.

"Well I hope it goes well" I said.

"Times up Way" Greg said.

"Well I will let you go" She said and hugged me.

"Come see me again okay" I said. She shook her head yes and we headed off in separate directions.

"Who was that" Rob asked as I walked over to him.

"My ex Sam. She is also the sister of the guy I almost killed" I said and took a seat.

"She is hot. She visited you after you nearly killed her brother" He asked.

"Yeah , she knows the kind of person he is. She is a nice girl. She just wasn't the girl for me. She is dating my buddy Deek though" I said, I was glad they were happy.

Amy's POV
I walked into the Mexican restaurant that Sam and I had settled on. She was already there and waved me over. "Hey" I said and took a seat.

"Hey, how are you" She asked and scooted the chips my way.

"I am okay, haven't been feeling to well" I said, it was the honest truth. I felt horrible today.

"Your showing a little" Sam said with a smile.

"Yeah I am glad I finally look a little pregnant" I said touching my belly.

"I saw Jack yesterday" Sam said. I looked at her surprised. Why was she visiting my boyfriend.

"Really" I asked trying to keep my cool.

"Amy don't worry. I just wanted to see how he was. I am perfectly happy with Deek. I love him" She said with a smile. I believed her surprisingly. Maybe she wasn't that bad.

"How did he look" I asked.

"Okay, his hair had gotten long though" She said.

"Yeah. They don't get their hair cut but once a month" I said. We paused our conversation to order our food then we began to talk again.

"How is Mike" I asked. I didn't really care though.

"Okay, he is back at school. He healed up pretty well. No more sports this year though" She said not looking to upset.

"What will he do without his sports" I said rolling my eyes.

"Who knows. How is your case against him going" She asked.

"Not good. I wont show them the only evidence there is which is the video footage Mike sent Jack" I said sadly.

"Why" she asked.

"It is too embarrassing" I said feeling my face turn red.

"Show it to me" She said.

"Are you serious? We barely know each other and you hate me. Why would I let you see it" I snapped. I hadn't meant to sound so mean. She looked down then back up at me.

"I do not hate you. Yes I do not like that you stole my boyfriend. I do not like how the two of you handled that whole situation but I have moved on and I am at peace with it. I am happy with Deek. I have seen my brother hurt a lot of people, he needs a reality check and he needs to know he cannot get away with whatever he wants" She said and touched my hand. Why was she so nice? Is she faking it like I was trying to. I looked into her eyes. She seemed really genuine.

"He is your brother" I said.

"I know, I love him and that is why I want to help you. I love him enough to know he cannot keep going on through life like this. It hurts him in the long run" She said and sat back.

"Okay, I will show you" I said and began to eat my food. It was nice to have someone to talk to besides adults. Maybe we could be friend despite everything going on.

We headed back to the hotel and I started up Gerard's lap top. "Where is Gerard" She asked.

"Don't know" I said and brought up the saved file.

"Okay this is embarrassing, I can't look while you watch" I said and turned around. A few minutes went by and I turned and saw that it was no longer on and that she was just sitting there.

"You are clearly struggling" She said, she sounded surprised.

"You didn't believe me" I calmly asked.

"No I did, but to know it is true 100% now.... Wow. You don't remember it at all" she asked.

"No. That whole night is fussy" I answered and sat next to her.

"You need to show the cops this" She said.

"I can't" I said and sat my head back against the couch.

"I will go with you" She said and grabbed my hand. I looked over at her.

"You need to show them this Amy" She pleaded withe me.

"They will show it as evidence. Other people will see it Sam. I don't want anyone to see it" I started to cry. She hugged me.

"I know but he cannot get away with this Amy" She said. It got quiet then I lifted my head.

"Okay, but you have to go with me" I said, I knew I couldn't do it alone.

"I will go with you" She said.

"Okay. Lets go" she said and stood up.

"Right now" I asked.

"Yeah, or you are going to change your mind" She said and pulled me up.

"Oh okay" I said and walked over to burn the footage.

"You are doing the right thing" Sam said.

"I hope so" I said and tucked the cd in my purse.
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