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Some Time Alone?

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Gerard talks with the guys and Amy goes to tell Jack about the tape!

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Gerard's POV

"I am ready to start the cd again" I said as I looked around at the guys. Bob even flew in for my emergency meeting.

"Are you sure" Ray asked.

"Yes, I need to get out of my pit and I need something to do instead of sulk" I said.

"What about Jack and Emily" Frank asked.

"It will take my mind off of everything going on. I do have some different song idea's though" I said and brought out my notepad.

"Good, I have been writing some stuff too" Mikey said and pulled out a paper towel with writing all over it.

"Nice" Bob laughed.

"I am sorry I had to get creative" Mikey shrugged.

"I think this is a good decision You have to occupy your time or you are going to drive yourself crazy" Ray said and we started to share ideas. A few hours later they were writing and putting music together.

"Man so this cd might be darker than originally planned" Ray said.

"Sorry guys, life sucks right now" I said knowing that they were referring to the stuff I had written.

"No I like it" Ray said.

"Me too, I like it when it gets mean" Franks said while strumming his guitar.

"This song reminds me of Prison" Bob said looking at the music in front of him.

"It can be Part two" Mikey said.

"I like that idea" I said. This was a good idea, I hadn't thought about Jack or Emily as much during these few hours. Amy was right.

"So Mikey do you really want to kill your kids" Bob asked.

"Why" Mikey asked.

"Have you seen the stuff you wrote" Bob laughed.

"Well, it is tough. My kids are little deviants but I love them. I don't want to kill them. They just make me angry" He said with a laugh.

"It looks like Ray is still struggling with the baby thing" Frank said.

"Look this is where we come to be honest. This is where we can do it and it feels okay. This is just me being honest" Ray said looking at his the words he had written.

"Anyways at least I don't want to off myself like Gerard does" Ray said pointing to me.

"I have had some low points recently" I said.

"Frank and Bob seem to have good lives" Mikey said.

"Hey don't hate cause were happy" Frank said snapping his fingers like a girl.

"I am in no way hating. I wish I were happy" I said.

"Everything isn't always peachy" Bob said. "You just haven't read my stuff yet" Bob said then got quiet.

"Okay lets see it" Frank said. They read over Bob's and they all grew quiet.

"If I am interpreting this correctly, Becca has had a few miscarriages" Frank said and looked up at Bob.

"Yeah, we've been trying for another baby for about a year and well her body just isn't having it" Bob said, you could never really read his face.

"Sorry man" I said feeling for him.

"It's okay, we have stopped. We can't take anymore losses. It has taken a toll on us" He said and sat up a little straighter.

"So Frank you have to have something horrible to write about" Ray said.

"Guys I am really happy. I promise" He said with a smile.

"Okay, well you can be the bright shining light on the album" I said.

It was good to this. It was like therapy for us all.

Amy's POV

"This is definitely going to put Mike away for a while. You can clearly see you struggle and at one point I am pretty sure I heard you say no" Officer Wilkes said to me. I looked over at Sam who had tears in her eyes. I had some in mine too.

"Look I know it is humiliating Amy but it will help our case against Mike" The officer said.

"I know I just feel so gross thinking other people are going to watch this" I said as Sam hugged me.

"I will fill out the paper work and I need to you to read and sign this" He said handing me a sheet of paper. "Okay. I will let Gerard read over it first" I said.

"Good idea. Now I will see you as soon as we get this rolling and we can get a court date. We will arrest Mike" He said and stood up. I saw Sam cringe.

"You okay" I asked her.

"Yeah I am. It is what's best" She said as we walked out.

"I want to go see Jack" I said and she shook her head in agreement.

We got to the jail and I ran to Jack the second he walked into the room. Against my will I dissolved into tears. "Shh... It's okay baby I am here" He said and caressed my back.

"They watched it. They watched the footage" I said into his chest.

"Who" He asked.

"Officer Wilkes. They are arresting Mike" I cried and clung to him more.

"Jack" I heard a guard say and we turned.

"Yeah" Jack said.

"You want some time alone? She looks really upset" HE asked.

"Yeah, were can we be alone" he asked.

"Come with me" He said and we followed the guy as Jack held me against him.

"Here" he said and opened the door to the examination room.

"Ten minutes then you gotta go" He said and shut the door behind us.

"I was so embarrassed" I said and wiped my eyes.

"I know but you will get justice for what he did to you" He said and brushed his lips against my hair.

"I know" I said and kissed him. He kissed me back with a intensity that I hadn't felt in a long time. I let my hands travel down the front of his pant. I thought he was going to scream.

"Amy" he said and pulled my hands out.

"We don't have long and I want you. I need you to comfort me Jack" I said. I watched his pupils dilate and his breathing pick up. He pushed me against the examination table and pulled my jacket off. He needed me just like I needed him.

"We only have ten minutes" I said as he hiked up my skirt.

"Honey I haven't had sex in a month. It will not take me that long" He said then pushed himself into me. I screamed and then covered my mouth quickly. He laughed but didn't stop.

"Shhh" He whispered against my ear. Five minutes later I was adjusting my skirt and he was pulling up his pants. I pulled his lips to mine one more time.

"I love you" I said against his lips.

"I love you too" he said and hugged me to him.

"Gotta go Jack" We heard Gary say from outside the door.

"Times up" He said and grabbed my hand. We walked out and back into the visitors room Sam was sitting down waiting for us.

"You did the right thing. I will see you later" He said and kissed me again.

"See you later. Be safe" I said and headed out with Sam.

"You had sex with him didn't you" She said once we sat in the car.

"Why would you say that" I said trying not to grin.

"I can tell" She said with a laugh.

"God it was good. It had been to long" I said. She laughed at me and shook her head.

"Have you and Deek had sex" I asked. She smiled.

"You have you slut" I said and smacked her leg.

"I am not telling" she said with a smile cracking her lips.

"You totally have" I laughed.

"Maybe" she said and we both laughed.

We were becoming friends. This was weird It didn't make since for us to be friends but then again nothing in my life made since right now, so why should this.
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