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Your knocked up and your boyfriend is in jail!

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Gerard's POV

I walked into my hotel room, which I would be vacating soon, and I saw Sam in my kitchen. "Sam" I said not believing my eyes.

"Oh hey Gerard" She said and cracked a coke.

"Hey Gerard" Amy said and walked in and grabbed a drink too.

"You don't mind if Sam stays over do you" She asked.

"Um no, but when did you two start hanging out" I asked. I was so confused.

"She needed a friend. We put the past behind us and well I know what kind of person my brother is" Sam said with a shrug.

"Gerard I took the footage to Officer Wilkes today. He is arresting Mike and now we have to wait for a trial" Amy said with a smile.

"Really that's great Amy" I said and gave her a hug.

"I had to push her into it but she gave in, in the end" Sam said.

"Oh well I am glad you did it. Mike deserves to be punished for what he did to you" I said.

"I want to go tell Em, is there anything you want me to tell her for you. Or something you want me to let slip" Amy asked happily.

"Why are you in such a good mood? Your knocked up, your boyfriend is in jail, and your parents abandoned you" I said suspiciously.

"Honestly... They let Jack and I have some alone time when I went up there today" Amy said with a wink.

"Way more than I wanted to know but it explains a lot. Well I just got an apartment today. We move in this weekend by the way" I said and walked into my room.

I laid there in my bed bored. I hadn't seen the girls in a few days and had to wait until tomorrow to see them again. Emily and I had a system down. I know I can go see them whenever I want but I don't want to see Emily right now. I wondered what Jack was doing right then. I get to see him tomorrow so that makes me happy. I missed him a lot. I tried not to think about him being in jail, it got to much to bare sometimes. I grabbed my notebook and started to write. It was the only thing I could do when my thoughts started to get dark. I was in such a deep pit at this point in my life. I thought I would never have to be in one again... I was wrong.

Emily's POV
I was not a stupid women, I knew that Tyler was trying to woo me. He always took me to dinner, he bought me flowers yesterday and he left me candy all the time. He had only kissed me that one time though. Anytime I talked about Gerard his advise was always that I needed to cut lose from him and be my own independent women. I couldn't say that I didn't like being romanced. It had been a long time since I had gotten flowers or candy for no reason...

"Hey Em, you want to grab some lunch" I heard Tyler ask.

"Emily" I heard from the other direction. It was Amy, with Sam?

"Excuse me Tyler" I said and walked towards the girls.

"What are you doing here? Both of you?" I asked.

"I know it's weird but we have kind of made friends but that is not what is important right now. I showed the video to the police. They are arresting Mike" Amy said then took a deep breath.

"That is great hun" I said and hugged her tightly to me. She had become like another daughter to me.

"Sam encouraged me too so I did it. It might help out Jack in the end" Amy said hopefully.

"Maybe. Did you tell Gerard" I asked.

"Yeah, he had just came back from practice and he told me were moving into an apartment" Amy said with a little smile.

"He got a place? Like an apartment" I asked.

"Yep. When are you off" She asked.

"At 6 tonight. The girls are going to Donna's for the evening. You doing okay" I asked.

"Yeah, I got to see Jack today" She said happily.

"Good, I am going to go see him soon" I said sadly.

"Em you want to go to lunch yay or nay" I heard Tyler ask. Both girls turned and looked at him leaning against my desk. Amy looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"No I packed a lunch, but thanks" I said and turned back to the girls.

"Well I need to get back to work. I am so happy you decided to turn in the footage. We might get some justice in all of this. Love you honey" I said and hugged her.

"I am glad I got to see you again Sam" I said and headed back to my desk.

"Who were they" Tyler asked.

"My sons girlfriend and his ex girlfriend" I said and sat down at my desk.

"That is an odd mix" he said and turned to look at me.

"I know" I said and looked down at the papers in front of me.

"Why don't you want to get lunch with me" he asked shooting me that white smile.

"I packed mine I told you" I said with a laugh. He was so charming.

"Toss it out, or give it to someone else" He said.

"I can't Tyler" I said and tucked a hair behind my ear.

"Well why don't you let me cook for you tonight. I make the best Lemon Chicken" he asked. I thought for a few minutes. Should I go? It wouldn't hurt to get a home cooked meal and have good conversation.

"Okay what time" I asked.

"7, if that's okay with you" He said.

"7 is fine" I said.

"See you then" He said and headed back to his office.

Maybe I should have said no. Well it was to late now.

Jack's POV

"Wipe that smirk off of your face" Robert said to me. I shook out of my thoughts and looked at him.

"What" I asked.

"What happened. I have never seen that look on your face before" Rob said. I laughed, I was in a great mood. I got to be with Amy.

"I am just happy" I said and laid down a card.

"Okay you are in jail, why are you happy" He asked.

"Gary let me be alone with Amy and that is all I am saying" I said and sat another card down.

"You dog you, you got some didn't you" He asked.

"I am not telling" I said with a smile.

"You did you little pimp" He said and punched my shoulder.

"She turned the tape in. Mike is going to be arrested then he will have to wait in jail for his trial" I said, this thought also made me happy.

"You're here too" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned and couldn't believe my eyes. It was Mike. I stood up and bald up my fists.

"Get the fuck away from me" I yelled. I saw Gary head over looking confused.

"Your fucking girlfriend got me sent to jail" Mike said and came at me.

"Stop guys" Gary said putting his arm between us.

"You deserve jail you sick fuck" I said. I wanted to beat the shit out of him all over again.

"Jack what is up with you. You are never violent" I heard Gary ask.

"This is the shit that raped my girlfriend" I said. I saw Gary's face change as he looked at Mike.

"This is the guy" he asked.

"Yeah" I said breathing heavy.

"Dude you should let him beat the shit out of him" I heard Robert say.

"I wish I could. Jack you have had great behavior. Don't let this ass screw it up" Gary said. He was right, I had to calm down. I relaxed my fist and stepped back.

"Stay away from me" I said and walked off.

"You okay"I heard Brad ask.

"Leave me alone" I yelled and walked into my cell. I didn't need the freakin sexual harassment right now. I laid back on my bed and heard Rob walk in.

"Dude you want me to hold him while you hit him" He asked.

"No, I can't screw up"I said and kicked the wall.

"I can't believe he is in here with me. This is a nightmare" I said angrily.

"Dude tell Brad that Mike is gay. It will give him someone else to hit on" Rob laughed. I couldn't help but laugh too.

"Just think he is in here for what he did to Amy" Rob said.

"Your right. I just have to avoid him" I said and turned over. I had to keep my temper in check, but it was going to be hard.

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