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I thought I knew you

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Amy get's a call from Jack

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Amy's POV

My cell rang and I knew it was the number from the prison. Jack got to call me from time to time. I smiled and answered.

"Hey" I said.

"Mike is in jail with me. The bastard walked in tonight and I wanted to kill him again" I heard the anger in Jack's voice.

"I can't believe they put him there with you. Jack avoid him, you cannot afford to get into a fight with him" I said hoping he would do as I said.

"I know" he said and then it grew silent.

"I don't want to be here with him. I don't want to see him" she heard his frustration.

"Just keep your distance babe. Hopefully you will be out of there soon" I said hoping this was true.

"Well my minutes are up, I will see you later this week" He said and hung up the phone. I sighed and looked around the hotel room. We would be vacating it this weekend and I was glad. Gerard needed to get to Emily, let her know he wasn't going to die without her. She would hate it. Speaking of Gerard he walked into the front door.

"Where is Sam" he asked and sat down some KFC.

"She went home, her dad was a little upset that they arrested Mike" I said and grabbed some food.

"Jack called. Mike is in the same jail as he is" I said and looked up at Gerard.

"Your kidding" he said with surprise on his face.

"No. He was pretty angry" I said and took a seat.

"Does Emily know" he asked.

"I don't think so" I said getting an idea.

"You should go tell her" I suggested.

"I told her I wouldn't come over anymore" He said shaking his head.

"Gerard, put on a nice shirt and go tell her. Don't give up" I said hoping he would go.

"Maybe I will go" He said hesitantly.

"You should" I said and began to eat.

Over the next hour I watched him eat then put on a nice shirt. "Okay I am going to tell her. Wish me luck" He said and headed out the door.

I smiled at myself. I hoped things worked out for them. I wanted things to be normal for Jack when he got out.

Emily's POV
I looked over at Tyler. We had taken the elevator together. I still was un sure about dinner at his place. "Hey Tyler why don't you come over to my place and you can cook for me there" I said, I hoped he agreed because this would put him on my turf and on my terms.

"Sure I will be over in 30. What about your kids" he asked.

"I called my mother in law and asked if they could stay over there. See you in 30 minutes" I said and walked over to my car.

I hurried home and hurried up to my closet. I didn't know what to wear. Well it wasn't like I was trying to impress him. Was I? Well I could still look nice. This was so exciting. I hadn't felt this rush in a long time. I grabbed my red dress, then a black one. I didn't want to look revealing. I glanced in the mirror and saw a picture of Gerard and I on my night table. I looked down at the dress I was holding up, then back up at my reflection.

"What are you doing Emily" I asked myself. I still loved my husband, but there wasn't any harm in having dinner with another man. I mean it was innocent. I shrugged away my doubt and chose my black dress. I heard the bell ring and invited Tyler in.

"Nice place" he said and looked me over.

"You look nice" He said with a smile.

"So do you. The kitchen is this way" I said and walked towards the kitchen.

"I brought all the supplies. You are going to love this Em" He said and began to get the chicken out.

"It is nice having someone cook for me" I said with a smile.

"Well relax and enjoy every second. I brought some cider since you don't drink so pour us a glass and we will talk" He said with a wink. I smiled and did as he said. We chatted while he fixed dinner. He was so easy to talk to. He made me feel like a different person and I liked that.

"I really think you are going to keep climbing up to the top in our company" he said as he sat the food out for us.

"Really. I hope so. I really love it" I said and took a seat. Just then I heard the front door open. My eyes got wide and I stood up and turned around.

"Who is it" I heard Tyler ask. My blue eyes met my husbands hazel eyes and I thought I would die.

"I am sorry to interrupt" he said calmly. I saw his fists clinching at his sides. I heard Tyler stand up and walk up next to me.

"I am assuming you are Gerard" Tyler said.

"Yes her husband" Gerard said. I saw the hurt in his eyes and I thought I would cry.

"We were just having dinner Gerard. It is not what it looks like" I said knowing how cliché it sounded.

"I think it is exactly what it looks like. I thought I knew you. I thought we had been through enough together that nothing could ever separate us. I guess I was wrong" he said and turned to leave.

"Excuse me" I said to Tyler and followed Gerard to the front yard.

"I am sorry" I said and he turned to face me.

"I am sorry Emily. I am sorry that after all of these years you want to throw what we have away. I am sorry that I couldn't be enough for you" He paused and I saw the anguish in his face.

"It is innocent Gerard I promise" I said with tears streaming down my face.

"It didn't look innocent. You have changed Emily. I don't know who you are. My wife would never ever invite another man to our house where we raised our kids, were we have been through so much... You are not my wife. You are some other person who is selfishly abandoning her family" He yelled and I saw a few tears stream down his face.

"Gerard" was all I could say.

"You saved my life once... You saved it just to take it away from me in the end" he turned and walked towards his car.

"You can do what you want. If he is the type of guy you want now then have at him" He said and slammed the door to his car. My knees began to shake and I felt them hit the growned. I watched him drive away and I felt apart of myself leave with him.

"Emily" I heard Tyler say from behind me.

"Are you okay" He asked and helped me up.

"I am sorry, I have to cut dinner short" I said and walked into the house.

"Are you sure" he asked.

"Yes. I will see you tomorrow" I said and ran to my room. I shut the door behind me and slid down it. I looked around my room and realized how empty it was. I realized how empty my house was.

"What have I done" I cried. For the first time in a long time I saw things clearly. I saw myself and what I had done. I realized that I might have just ran the only man I ever loved out of my life.

*Sorry it took so long, let me know what you guys are thinking. I always love feedback!

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