Review for Demolition Lovers Forever

Demolition Lovers Forever

(#) feisty0ne 2008-05-02

that was absolutely beautiful. The whole time i was squeeling and giggling like a little schoolgirl. I luvved wen frankie sed duh, thats so him X) please tell me this isnt a 1shot. Pleases tell me there are more chapters left.

sits down criss cross applesauce and stares at you fascinated, waiting for a response

Author's response

Omg, it’s fun to squeal. I do it all the time!

Haha, yes Frank is The King Of Duh.
‘Cause he’s awesome like that. (:

Sadly, it is a one-shot.
Maybe…Just maybe,
One day, I’ll come back and have an idea to continue.
Till then, it’s stuck like that.

Thank you for reviewing.

This SUiCiDE ! ♥ -