Review for This Hell Is My Heart

This Hell Is My Heart

(#) AshamedToRiseAndBe 2008-05-06


i wanted TO be the one to break your REViEW virginity.

WELL someone's popular!

You should FEEL incredibly guilty, child.

TSK tsk tsk.

You killed FRANK!!!!!

how could you!!!!

Well,, IMA rate it anywayss (:

WOOOhooo !!!!!!!

A n d r i A ♥

ps aint my WRiTiNG just AmaZiNG!

Author's response

Aw. There’s always next time. Haha, like the concert virginity thing we were talking about on MSN. Good times. (: I do indeed felt guilty for killing of characters. –Lowers head in shame- Rating? Thank you! And thanks for reading and reviewing. And oh yes, your writing is incredible!

This SUiCiDE ! ♥ -