Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-05-06

I have to review now. Screw the exam tomorrow! I did read this yesterday and rated it but didn't have time to review cause I write huge-ass reviews all the time.

Gaaahhhh! That's all I can say right now. Gerard! Hah, I knew his return was gonna be fantastic but this :O You better not kill him cause he sounded so heroic in those last lines and that is usually never good considering "heroic deaths". Ahhhh, no Gerard killing, no Frank killing pleaseee! I'm partly writing this to manipulate you into letting them survive! But still, if you believe it's necessary... I'll try to keep my eyes from watering :|

And that bitch Alyssa, she better get what she deserves! I can't tell how satisfied I am that Gee finally saw the evil inside her, hah, victory!!

I'm not gonna comment on the first scene. Words won't come to me... But if you'd taken a picture of me reading this yesterday, there probably would have been some drool at the side of my mouth :\ Gee and Frankie together... They're so dreamy xD

Write more soon =)

< 333333

Author's response

Hahaha Hope your exam went well ;)

About the deaths... i probably shouldn't say this but i will def NOT kill Gerard nor Frank. Only I know who will die and how it'll happen... hehehe That is, if i decide to go through with it. We'll see!

Hahaha i loved the first scene too. How Frank puts a stop to it suddenly, and then Gee dares him to say he doesn't love him, and he can't... -sigh- How cute ^^ haha

I wiiiill xD Thanks for reviewing and rating even with exams! You're the best ^^

< 3333333