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The Protector

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Gerard is back in, yay. Frank tries to figure out whats right and wrong. Later he confronts Alyssa... and nearly ruins it all.

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Focus on me there is more to see,
But use discretion this ride isn't free.
I'll prove them wrong,
I'll prove them more wrong.
The more I sit here the more that I think
Every mistake I make from now on I'll turn around
I'll make it, I'll make it right

Make it Right - New Found Glory

I gasped as he grabbed two fistfuls of my t-shirt and pushed me into an open room. Kicking the door shut, he pushed me against the wall, making me gasp out again. We were both already breathing heavily and my heart was racing from lust, need and knowing that for some god forsaken reason, I shouldn't allow him to continue. His green eyes glistened brightly as he smiled seductively, right before crashing his mouth against mine.

Mikey'swords sounded in my head as Gerard placed wet kisses along my neck and jaw. It's a matter of life or death, Frank...

My thoughts were broken by Gerard's slurred words. "I missed you, babe... I hadn't kissed you for- what?"

He continued kissing any bare skin he saw on me. "A day..." I managed, gasping as he pressed against me.

Between kisses he let out a short laugh. "Seems like ages." I agreed with him so fucking much.

You have to stop now...Fucking Mikey and his fucking warnings for reasons he wouldn't even tell me. Isqueezed my eyes shut tight, grabbed Gerard's head with both hands and pressed my lips against his, while pushing him back against another wall. I could feel him smile into my mouth at my sudden take of power. Understand that your relationship with him... Gerard moaned as I softly sucked the side of his neck, and then violently kissed his lips again, with my tongue fighting for entrance once more... /could cause Gerard to lose his life/.

I instantly broke away from him, gasping desperately for air. I took a few steps back, watching as he grinned his lopsided grin, expecting me to come back for more. But I couldn't. For whatever the reason... I couldn't be with him. Deep inside, I knew Mikey wasn't lying. And I couldn't risk Gerard's life.

I turned and walked to the other side of the room with my hands on my head; I took adeep breath of air and slowly let it out, trying to calm down. Gerard realized I wasn't going to run back over to him and press him against the wall, with my tongue lost in his mouth and my hands lost in his hair, even though it was what I wanted more than anything in the world in that moment.

"What's wrong?" he asked, moving towards me, knowing that something indeed was wrong.

I closed my eyes, trying not to look at him. It was so fucking hard to know he was in the same room, that we were alone, and yet I couldn't even touch him. I couldn't kiss his soft lips, nip at his smooth skin, or tug his raven hair because his life depended on it. But why? How on earth could his life depend on us being together and happy? I rubbed my face, trying to erase the confusion that filled my head, but only succeeded in making my face red. A hand on my shoulder made me jump back and face the person. Gerard looked surprised and confused, also, as he held his hand in midair, where my shoulder had been. I sighed in frustration.

"Wha-?" he began, but I didn't let him finish.

"This can't go on," I heard myself say, and then imitated his brother's words, "I have to stop this now."

A clump of hair fell onto his face as he shook his head, trying to understand me. I had to use all the strength in the world to not reach out and push it back away from his gorgeous face. "Stop what, Frankie? This is what you wanted; this is what we both wanted-"

I shook ahand at him, waving him off, while closing my eyes and trying to maintain concentration. "This can't go on, okay? It just can't. Try to understand it."

He started to look angry. Frustrated with how things were going, he hastily brushed the hair away from his face; I found myself thinking how much more delicately Iwouldn't done it. "Understand what? What are you saying, Frank, that you don't want us to be together anymore? That all of asudden, you've decided you don't love me?" I felt a pang in my heart as if Ihad been stabbed. I loved him more than anything, I couldn't say otherwise. Luckily - or unluckily - he knew it. Shaking his head, he said, "I know you do. I can see it in your eyes when you look at me. I can feel it when I kiss you, when I touch you." He grabbed my hands and backed me up to the wall, and pinning my hands against it above my head with both of his hands. I could barely breathe from the effort of not gazing into his eyes. "I can even see it now, when you try not to look at me. Tell me you don't love me, Frank. Say it and I'll let you go." He stared at me intensely, daring me to say it, but knowing I couldn't.

"I..." I started, trying to say the words, but not wanting or being able to.

He smirked, and then narrowed his eyes at me suspiciously. "For some odd reason... you think we can't be together." Upon this realization, he let go of me, allowing my arms to drop by my sides. "Tell me what it is, we can get through it together," he pleaded.

I shook my head and slipped away from him and the wall. "Just stop, Gerard. This can't continue and that's it! It's too dangerous..."

Rushing over to me again, he asked urgently, needing an answer, "But why?"

I was covering my face when it happened: the pressure got to me. My bubble burst, the steam came out, the teacup overflowed, however you want to call it; I exploded. "Because I don't want to lose you!" I said frantically, throwing my hands out towards him.

He gaped at me, not knowing what to say. Knowing I had said too much, I left the room in ahurry before I could say spill else.

I had to find Alyssa and settle things with her for once and for all. This whole situation was going to drive me crazy, and without her, I'd take a huge weight off my shoulders. Or so I thought.

I rushed around the stone building looking for her but not finding even the slightest hint of where she was. I looked in her room (Gerard's room, actually), outside, in the training room, in random rooms I found along the way, and nothing. Ifound everyone except her, and nobody had seen her all day.

I didn't run into Gerard again, which I was thankful for. I didn't think I could stand seeing him upset because of me. I groaned loudly, tired of looking for the witch, when suddenly, it hit me. She's after the stone... who's to say she not going after it right now?

I panicked. I needed to find the Stone to be able to protect it, but I had no idea where it was. I had been there once, but only in my dreams, and Aileen had led the way. I couldn't ask the others for help, they wouldn't even believe me in the first place. I took another step in the direction I had been going when suddenly, astrong and clear voice in my head said /you're going the wrong way/. Ifroze. My eyes swept all over the walls and everywhere around, making sure that those words had not really been spoken out loud. Confused, I turned around and took a step in the opposite. I was instantly filled with a sensation that I was going in the correct direction. I frowned, but continued walking that way as astrange calm took over me. Reaching a certain point, the voice told me to turn left, which I did without hesitating, knowing I could trust it. How could Iknow the way, after having only been there once and in a dream? I turned and turned and continued deeper into the building where its secrets were kept. It was obvious the place was a maze, built to keep intruders out, but somehow, Ididn't fall in any of the dead ends or any other tricks it had.

After what seemed like hours, I reached a hallway that struck me as familiar. I narrowed my eyes and studied its walls that were identical to all the others but was special, nonetheless. In front of me, I saw a huge arch that was an entrance. /The entrance to the huge white room/. I had made it, after all. I froze in place, staring at the enormous arch, then snapped out of it and ran through. I entered the white room much as I had the first time: amazed at its greatness. I slowed to a walk as I looked at the pillars that stretched up into the darkness. Picking up pace again, I jogged down the lane, where I knew the Stone was kept, while praying it was still there and that Iwas in time to save it.

As Icontinued to jog, I saw the tiny familiar flame. I ran up to the Stone, still resting on its red cushion on the floor, and let out a huge breath in relief. But where was Alyssa? I felt like a complete idiot for running down there, thinking she was stealing it, when it was obvious I was alone. Or so I thought.

An evil laugh echoed around the huge room. I looked up and saw Alyssa walking slowly towards me with a smirk on her face. I clenched my jaw and narrowed my eyes at her.

"Thank you for the tour, dear, it was most inspiring... especially the end. This room is truly spectacular," she said, motioning around the room with her hands.

"What do you mean?"

"What Imean is, thanks for leading me here; I would've never found this room or the Stone without your help. So, thanks. I owe you one," she teased, smirking at my open anger.

"What makes you think I'll let you take it?" I asked, standing in front of it defensively.

She placed a hand on her hip, and shot me a mocking glance that yelled, are you kidding? "Stop kidding yourself, Frank. You'll stand aside if you know what's good for you."

I actually laughed. What could she do to me? I had fucking telekinetic powers, for Christ's sake, and all she could do was shape shift and bounce around like acat. So maybe she could jump out of the way of all of my attacks, but she definitely couldn't harm me. I could throw her across the room without even moving a muscle. "Give me a break, Alyssa. What could you possibly do to me before I sent you crashing against a wall?"

She laughed again. I hated that laugh. It sounded like she knew something I didn't, which pissed me off. "You don't get it, Frankie boy. It's not about what you could do to me or I to you with our powers. There's something here much more powerful than that."

I stared at her blankly. "Like...?"

"What everyone will think. You could kill me right now, and have everyone kill you for it. Everyone is on my side, don't you see?"

I huffed."You're not only blind but incredibly dumb if you believe that. Gerard left you for me, Alyssa, for /me/. So don't give me your bullshit about everyone believing you."

She crossed her arms in front of her and continued to smirk. "Then how is it that Icontinue to share a room with him, and you don't?"

I lowered my eyes to the ground. "Things have gotten more complicated..." I muttered.

Waving her hands in the air, she exclaimed, "The point is, I've been writing a diary, and Gerard knows about it; he's seen me write in it. If you harm me or even kill me, what do you think they'll do? Read it. Then, everyone will know how you're the one that's really after the stone, that you tried to put everyone against me, even though I had known them all way before they even knew you existed, that you were always threatening me whenever you got the chance, that you were jealous of my relationship with Gerard..." She smiled at me evilly as she said that last part.

"That's alie," was all I managed as I felt my face turn red from rage.

"Who cares if it's a lie! Everyone will be against you! And if you kill me now... they'll all think I tried to stop you from stealing the Stone, and you killed me in your last attempt to flee..." She made it all sound so dramatic, prancing around while placing the back of her hand against her forehead.

"This is bullshit. You're crazy if you think this'll work. I'd rather kill you and have them all hate me then let you walk away with the Stone."

She laughed again. It made me cringe. "Frankie dear, don't you see? My plan is perfect. Kill me, and they... will kill you."

I stood staring at her, thinking of something to say or do to turn this situation around, when a voice from down the hall said, "There's just one problem, Alyssa..." I felt my heart do a flip as I saw him taking slow steps over to us. Stopping a few feet away from Alyssa, Gerard finished, "Me."

You can all cheer now. The witch has been finally discovered. Good thing too, huh?Frankie almost blew it all, leading her down there. I love the beginning of this chapter, with Gerard. It makes me insanely happy, for some reason.

Anyways... thanks for the reviews and rates! You guys are the best, seriously.

I have alittle toll for you all... how do you feel about deaths in stories? Okay, okay, quit gasping. Yes, I've been thinking of killing one of the main characters off... would you all send me bombs if I did so? What about if I did it in aheroic "I die so you can live" kind of way? Let me know in your reviews please... oh, and I'm not talking about Alyssa. I know you all want her to die haha

Now, the next chapter will be up as soon as possible, as always. And I only have one thing to say about it... let the battle begin ;)

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