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The Ruins are Coming!

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Prepare for war!

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Tonight we save the world,
Today we have to save ourselves.
We have to save ourselves from losing on what we pride ourselves on choosing.
It's all that's left that we can depend on,
But it gets too hard to have an opinion
on the loyalties unspoken and the thoughts that can't be broken.

Maniac (R.O.D) - Four Year Strong

Alyssa immediately plastered an expression of terror on her face as she pointed at me with one shaky finger and cried out, "Hurry Gerard! He's trying to steal the Stone!"

I shook my head, amazed at how far she was willing to go to get the Stone.

"Alyssa, cut the crap. I heard you. I don't know what's happened to you... what the Ruins have done to you. We're going to take you up to see the others, so we can discuss what we'll do about this," he said, a bit sadly.

Alyssa groaned loudly at the ceiling. "Here we go again, good old Gerard always doing the right thing."

Gerard grabbed her arm, and started pulling her towards the entrance. "Lets go, Frank."

I followed them both without saying a word. Alyssa spit angry words at Gerard the whole way, but he, too, remained in silence, still holding her arm. Gerard told me to go first, since I was the only one that knew the way out.

At one point, Gerard asked, "How did you find it, Frank?"

His question caught me off guard. "Find what?"

"The Stone. How did you find it without running into any dead ends or anything?"

"I... I'd been there before."

He stopped in his tracks, and I imitated him. "When?"

Alyssa was laughing madly. Trying to concentrate on Gerard I said, "I think it was two or three days after you brought me down here for the first time. Alyssa showed me this place in a dream. But even so, I don't know how I managed to find it after having only been there once before..." I felt like I had done something wrong and Gerard was my father, about to punish me.

He frowned."Why would she do that?" he said, more to himself than to anyone else.

"You... you didn't know where it was?"

He shook his head. "I followed you. Just like Alyssa." Said person was smiling wickedly. "I can turn invisible, remember?" he continued.

I felt like an idiot. I had led Alyssa to the Stone by accident, and almost ended up in a huge mess. If it weren't for Gerard, I don't know what I would've done. Alyssa would've tried to blackmail me if he hadn't shown up and seen the truth for himself.

The both of us continued forward in silence, while Alyssa jerked around, trying to escape Gerard's firm grasp. We made it outside where we found Ray and Kat chatting about something at the table. There faces adopted an expression of total confusion seeing how crazy Alyssa had really gone.

Kat got up from her chair and walked over to us cautiously. "What the hell is wrong with her?"she asked Gerard, as Alyssa went from laughing crazily to yelling and bitching about.

"Little pretty kitty cat," Alyssa sing-songed at her. Suddenly, turning angry, she yelled,"Fucking whore! Thinks she's hot stuff when she's really just a slut!"

Kat's mouth dropped open. "Excuse me? What the fuck do you-"

"Don't, Kat. She's gone insane. She's not who she used to be. She's been hiding it since she's been back," Gerard explained, while Alyssa made faces at him.

Kat's expression softened. "What can we do to make her better?"

Ray got up and stood next to Gerard and Kat, as they all began discussing what they would do. I saw Gerard let go of Alyssa, and how she looked at Kat insanely.

Just as Istarted to say "Gerard, you should hold on to Alyssa...", Alyssa poked Kat in the side, making her scream out; she was extremely ticklish. As a result of her scream, more than 20 Kats shot out of her. Madness began once again. The copy Kats began running around, yelling, fighting with each other, while the real Kat fell to the floor from the overuse of her power.

"Where's Alyssa?" Gerard asked me desperately.

I looked around, alarmed. She was gone. I shook my head and hunched up my shoulders, looking around for her, just as I saw a tiny fly zoom away from us. "She's turned into a fly!"

Gerard and Ray could barely hear me over the shouts and cries of the Kats. Ray began shouting at Kat to control her clones, to which she cried out, "You think I'm not fucking trying?" She covered her ears and closed her eyes, still on the floor, as she tried to concentrate on making the other Kats go back in her. Gerard asked, "Where the fuck are Bob and Alyssa?" to which nobody answered. I looked back around the ceiling and found no trace of the fly; she was long gone. I ran down the lane, avoiding the Kats while trying to search for Alyssa. Still, no sign of her. Frustrated, I ran back to the others.

Out of breath, I said, "I don't see her, but she can't escape. She can't go out the tunnel being a fly, and she can't open the door, right? Well, she could, if she turned human again, she knows how to open it..."

"If she's really gone evil, even if it is through madness, she won't be able to open the tunnel door; it automatically blocks all access to people with evil souls or none at all," Ray explained right before running into the building to find the others.

"There are other ways for her to escape though..."


Gerard stood up from where he was crouched next to Kat. He sighed. "There are other tunnels that lead to the battlefields, and at the other end of those battlefields is the Ruin world."

"Battlefields... underground?"

"Of course, you don't expect us to have wars in the middle of the street where anyone could see us or get hurt, do you? Besides, they're not really battlefields; more like gigantic caves. It's just what we use them for."

"Then... you know where the Ruin world is."

"Not exactly. We've really never been over there, just as they haven't been over here. No one ever wins any battles. We just try to hold the others off, and they do the same. But this time... it's different. We'll have to end it for once and for all."

I stared at him intensely. "Kill them all?"

Gerard nodded.

"But it's not really they're fault, is it? I mean, they were turned into Ruins. The real bad guy here is that Mauritius, right?"

Gerard said sadly, "They're evil now. It's impossible to convert them back to humans unless you know which Ruin stole their soul; even then its really difficult... after all the things they've done..."

I remembered the time he had told me about his terrible burden; how he had to walk the streets at night searching for people he thought had strong souls, and bring them to the Underworld. I remembered the look on his face; his eyes were shiny, his lip hung slightly. It was obvious he hated it, but more importantly, it saddened him greatly. Lives depended upon his decision to take them to the Underground or not, and then hope they developed powers as they all hoped. The look on his face now was similar; he looked miserable with what he knew he had to do, for the good of the rest of the world.

I took his hand in mine, while brushing the hair from his face with the other. I wanted to say something to make it better, but was at a loss for words. I whispered the only thing I could think of, "I'm sorry, baby." I was sorry for leading Alyssa to the Stone, for letting her escape, for telling him our relationship had to end, but also for the weight he had to carry on his shoulders every day, for the role of leader he was forcefully given, for the way he had to live. He shook his head and forced a small smile for me.

A scream from one of the Kats reminded us we weren't alone. Giving my hand a quick squeeze, Gerard let go and went over to the real Kat. "Try and concentrate Kat; make them go inside you."

"I can't Gerard, I just can't..." She looked terribly upset.

In that moment, Ray appeared in the doorway followed by Aileen and Bob.

"Kat, will you please make your fucking clones go back inside you already!" Ray yelled, exasperated.

Putting a hand on her shoulder while looking at Ray, I said, "Don't be so hard on her, man, she's doing the best she can."

"It's not good enough, Frank! Alyssa ran away because of her poor control over her power!"

"Don't fucking yell at her," Bob growled.

"I'll yell at whoever the fuck I want!" Ray stormed, glaring at Bob, who took a few menacing steps towards him.

"Knock it off!"Gerard yelled, making them stop in their tracks, although they continued to glare at each other.

Suddenly, Mikey ran out the door towards us. He had a desperate expression on his face. "Guys!The Ruins are going to attack! I just had a vision!"

"When?" Ray asked quickly.

"I don't know. I just saw them attacking and you guys standing around..." He was really nervous.

With a loud /whoooosh/, the clones flew back into Kat, forming a single person again. The force of impact made her fall backwards; it's a good think she was already on the floor. Bob and Ray picked up arguing again, while Aileen knelt to see how Kat was.

Gerard demanded, "What were we doing in the vision?

Mikey looked lost. "I don't know... they're going to attack..."

"Mike! Tell me what we were doing!" he said, grabbing Mikey by the shoulders.

He hesitated, and then closed his eyes, trying to picture the vision in his mind. "You and Frank..."

I looked at him alarmed at what he might have seen.

"Frank takes your hand and says, 'I'm sorry, baby'... the attack happens right after that." He looked at me with a disapproving expression. I felt guilty and looked at the floor.

Gerard's eyes were wide open. "That just happened. They're coming now."

Aileen heard him and asked, "But why would they attack us now? What were they waiting for?"

Without hesitating, Gerard stated bluntly, "They were waiting for the moment when we were most vulnerable; when we weren't united."

As my scanned around at everyone present, I knew he was right. Bob and Ray shot angry glances at each other, Kats expression was hurt and fragile, Aileen looked alone in the middle of us all, Mikey continued to look at me disapprovingly, while Gerard inched away from him, and me and Gerard had a sort of tension between us. We weren't united at all. We were all outside together yet really alone. We were an easy target, and we had made ourselves this way. Each one with their own thoughts and worries, while we missed the big picture; the Ruins were coming.

The Ruins are coming! Reminds me of Mulan, where someone yells "The Huns are coming!!"

This chapter is short, compared to the others, but I had to cut it off here. Next chapter will be Hell on Earth... literally. Oh and just so you all know, if someone dies in this story it will NOT be Gerard or Frank, okay? So no more panic attacks about that, please ;) It'll be a secondary character...

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