Review for Welcome to my Life

Welcome to my Life

(#) PanicFOBAcademy26 2008-05-12


i missed Dirty!!! his baby, Dilyn, is ADORABLE!!! he has a myspace, and he put pics on there, it's so cute!! find out a way to unblock it!!!

i sooooooo thought that it was Pete behind you!! haha!

and you and Gabe got a little naughty!! you've been under the influence of Joe and Holly, haven't you?? tsk tsk tsk. those two will get you into trouble! tee hee! so waht if joe and i aren't seeing each other? when we get high, instead of the munchies, we get sue us! lol!

and btw, the divorce between Gabe and I is in the works, it'll be official within a few weeks....sorry bout that again, HOLLY WAS DRUNK!!

i looooooooooooooove you Emmi/Alexiz/Liana/Ava!!