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Chapter 3

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So I left the last chapter on a mini-cliffhanger, although you guys probably didn't realise it yet! Also, I know that it's TAI, Cobra and Panic on the tour mentioned later, but for dynamics of the fic, I'm swapping TAI and FOB.

HelenaMacrabre: Aww, I effin love you too Amber! Thanks for liking the story, and yeah, you can have Gee. I wouldn't have it any other way! But wtf r u on about with the whole him being married to a man? Is that a stab at Lyn-Z???
PanicFOBAcademy26: Holly may have been drunk, but she was bad. I will however leave her to cower behind Chizzy. I watched the vid yesterday and was cracking up. It was amazing! I do have myspace, but my idiot brother has blocked my access to it from home, so I can't actually go on. Love you Kait/Riley/Ember/Holly - By the way, it's Emmi/Alexiz/Liana/Ava for me! Remember that!
QuitLollygaggin: Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to like it.
fob2adelaide: It's okay, I haven't made it public yet. And yeah, Pete is fine for you to take. I hope this chapter makes things a little less confusing - it was hella confusing to write!
ficfriction: Thanks for the confidence booster honey! Love you, and hope you like this chapter!

One more note before we start - for all those who have added me on msn, you need to change it to - I got a new one especially for my FicWad friends so I don't get you guys confused with all my other friends!
On with chapter 3:

I pulled away, staring into his beautiful brown eyes.

"What...what were you doing?" I breathlessly whispered.

"I had to. I needed to. Please, don't be mad at me bec-" I cut him short by pressing my mouth to his. Breaking away moments later, I straightened my glasses.

"I am nowhere near mad Gabe. I...I've been wanting to kiss you for a long time," I admitted, blushing profusely, before I shakily leaned in, pulling his lips to mine. He deepened the kiss, drawing my bottom lip into his mouth while I shifted so I was now straddling him. I deepened the kiss further, running my hands through his hair, letting one rest on the nape of his neck, the other on his shoulder, holding him in place. His hands slowly shuffled down my back, so that they were resting on my lower back, mere centimetres above my ass. I shifted slightly on his lap, rocking my hips against his, and I could feel that he was enjoying our kissing session. Soon, however, I heard a cough from behind us, just as Gabe slipped his hand under my shirt.

"Now Alexiz, you should be inside with everyone...with me!" I broke away to see my best friend in the whole world, besides Pete, behind me. I hopped off Gabe's lap and ran up to her.

"Kristin, you came!" I screamed, throwing my arms around her neck. Kristin Hurley, sister to Andy, was girlfriend to one incredibly lucky Brendon Urie, and was my friend from Juilliard who graduated last year. She was like a little sister to me (she's only 22), just like Panic were like little brothers to me and FOB were older brothers. We were closer than close, if thats even possible, and I was so happy to see her in all her blonde glory!

"Of course I came! I wouldn't have missed today for the world! The rest of the guys are inside too, with a few other friends waiting to see you again, and to proposition you," she replied, taking my hand and leading me back into the main building. Gabe caught up with me and took hold of my other hand, which made me inwardly beam. As soon as I set foot inside the main building, I was tackled by three giant brown blurs, sending me to the floor with quite a loud crash.

"I'm glad that you guys are happy to see my sister, but please, try not to kill her," Vicky moaned from the side. The three people, who I still hadn't identified, stood and helped me up. It turned out to be Andy, Brendon and Joe, whose hair had grown even more.

"Jeez guys, you could warn a girl!" I yelled out, laughing all the while as I hugged them, Patrick and the rest of Panic. When I got to Joe, I paused briefly.

"Gotten high lately?" I asked.

"You know I'd ever do that without you," he replied, causing Vicky, Pete, Gabe and Kristin to throw me dirty looks - they've never liked that I'm Joe's bong buddy. Speaking of Dirty though...

"Hey, where's Dirty?" Suddenly I could hear someone screaming out my name a few corridors away.

"Alexiz, they don't believe I'm with you!" He continued, and I noticed a couple of teachers chasing him. I mean, he was wearing only a pair of board shorts and a black waistcoat and his hair was unbrushed and mangled, so really, who could blame them?

"Mr Fullham, he is with me, believe it or not." I said as both he and Dirty arrived at our party.

"Okay then. I'll let you take it from here then Alexiz," he replied, waving and walking off. He was one of the cool, younger teachers who you could talk to about anything and he wouldn't judge you.

"Dirty, I did warn you outside that that would happen," Kristin said, shaking her head.

"And you expected me to listen?" He shot back before enveloping me in a bone crushing hug, which I had to pound his back to be released from.

"Well, now that everyone is here, we want to give you your graduation present. A little proposition. And it's from all of us. You know that next month we, as in Cobra Starship, Panic At the Disco and Fall Out Boy, are doing a tour of Asia, Australia and New Zealand; well, we'd love for you to join us, as a technician, one of us," Spencer started, and I squealed so loud, you could have heard me in the next state.
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