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Chapter 4

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Special thanks to ficfriction for help with this chapter

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Okay guys, sorry for the long wait but I've been busy at school with the musical (Wizard of Oz), my theatre studies production (Medea), I've just quit my job at a crappily paid pharmacy, and I was on camp over the weekend, and got sick. I've only just had the time to sit down and write a new chapter for my amazing friends!

Ficfriction: I needed Dirty to make a grand entrance, and I have to have a bong-buddy somewhere, whether it be Joe or some random I pull in. And I'm kind of happy I confused you with Pete/Gabe.
PanicFOBAcademy26: I'm glad you have a homeboy! And I will see his little baby once I figure out the unblocking secret. Enough about you and Gabe being together, I forgive you already! And as for getting down and dirty with him, it is my choice as to what we get up to.
kristinluvspete: You in all your blonde glory will make a big part in the story to come, just let me regain my confidence in writing FOB oriented fics. And sorry for the delay in updating.
fob2adelaide: I'm so glad I caught some people out on that cliffhanger! And I can't wait for the real tour of Australia, even if FOB aren't there!
HelenaMacabre: Okay, I give. Lyn-Z's a man, and what is ur problem with Pete? Like, I don't mean to sound unhappy, but you don't seem to like him that much. But anyway, thanks for reading Amber.

Just a quick thank you to Ficfriction for the questions used later in the chapter - being sick and watching music videos/Grey's Anatomy only gives a girl so many ideas.

On with Chapter 4:

Coming down from the high of my excitement after hearing of my summer plans, I managed to drag the guys, the guys being Kristin, Pete, Gabe, Joe and Brendon (everyone else said that had to go home to sleep, it was only 10pm, so god knows what they're planning) back to my dormitory, where I had to convince the RA that I would be sensible with four guys in my room.

"But Lyssy, you know I'm not like that, and I'm graduating tomorrow, so that's the last thing on my mind. They are here literally to help me pack," I pleaded with her. Being in a all girls dorm block sucked sometimes.

"But Alexiz, remember last time you had a guy over and you said nothing would happen? You kept the whole floor up all night with your screams," she replied. I was getting nowhere, and I couldn't stop blushing either, considering that was only last week, and my crush/boyfriend and my possible crush and a couple of my friends were with me.

"Lyssy, I promise, nothing will happen. You can sit outside my room all night to check that I'm being sensible and mature." I was losing my patience with her. She was just trying to seem more powerful because her cruch, one very taken Brendon, was before her. She didn't seem to get that Kristins rock hard grip on his arm - rock hard cause she seriously gets scared in these dorms as they truly are haunted - meant that he was taken.

"Okay, I'll let you go. But if I catch smoke coming out from under the door again, I will have to report you to the dean. I don't like to do things like that, but if it means -"

"Thanks Lyssy," I said, cutting her off and hearding the guys up to my room, where everyone sat on the floor and I pulled out my stash of vodka and OJ.

"Some things never change, do they?" Kristin asked. I simply shook my head and hunted for the cups, which I found I had already packed away, pouring generous amounts of vodka into each, topping of with a little, and in my case, a lot of OJ. After handing all the cups out, I sat myself between Kristin and Joe, opposite from Gabe, who was making the cutest little faces at me, causing me to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" Brendon asked, confused and apparently tired with the way he had his head resting on Kristin's shoulder.

"Umm... just remembering the last time we did this. Any of us as a group. With drinks... and truth or dare."

"Oh god, when was the last time we played that?" Kristin exclaimed, making Brendon's head shoot up from her shoulder.

"How about we play a round now? We have drinks, and I'm sure Alexiz has nothing better to do with her evening, seeing as she is totally packed," Pete commented, and we all enthusiastically nodded.

"Sure, why not? And since you suggested it Pete, you can go first," Joe lisped.

"Okay, Froman, hit me with a truth," Pete agreed, smiling widely once more. Joe and I simultaneously took a sip of our drinks whilst a question was being thought of.

"Pete, who was the last person you thought of whilst jerking off?" Pete instantly blushed and looked into his cup, trying to avoid answering the question.

"I-I can't say," Pete shakily answered.

"Come on Wentz, spit it out!" I said, wanting to know what was so bad about his answer.

"I-it was... Alexiz," Pete answered, never lifting his head. I took in breath quickly and looked at Gabe, who was oddly smiling. What is he up to?

"OKay then, umm... Kristin, your go," Pete said, regaining his compsure and continuing the game.

"Truth. I am nowhere near drunk enough for a dare," she excalimed.

"Shh, keep it down K. We're not supposed to drink in the dorms!" I whisper-shouted.

"Sorry, but I'll still have that truth," she responded.

"Kristin, if you could be with anyone in the world, who would you choose?" Pete asked. A pretty easy truth if you ask me, but Pete's never been good at thinking of truths.

"Umm, other than my gorgeous Brenny-Boo... I quite like Cillian Murphy. I don't really know. I've had my sights set on Brendon for so long, I've never had time to think of anyone else," Kristin admitted, and Brendon pulled her into a kiss to that her for the response. They tried going further, but Gabe coughing broke them apart.

"Okay then Gabe, since you interrupted my fun, you're up next."

"Dare. I'll be the first of the night."

"Just nothing to loud or disrupting. I don't want to give Lyssy any reason to hate me more," I replied, finishing off my drink and pouring another.

"Fine. Gabe, strip down to something a little more... comfortable, then give Joe a lapdance," Kristin supplied, barely holding in her laughter. By the time Gabe had stripped to his boxers and t-shirt, and was giving Joe his "guilty pleasure" as Brendon had oh-so-maturely put it, I was on the verge of tears, I was laughing so hard. Poor Pete was pissing his pants from laughter, and Kristin had buried her head in Brendon's shoulder to keep from laughing too loudly.

"Okay, okay. Thats enough. I don't want to die from laughter thank you," I said, and Gabe promptly removed hiself from a blushing Joe's lap.

"Since you spoke up first Z, you're up next," Gabe informed me, sitting down without putting any clothes back on.

"Fine," I replied, draining the last of my second drink as everyone else finished their first. I poured more all round, and started feeling the buzz from the first two. I was ready to get this party started.

"Dare my dear Gabanti," I said after pondering for a few minutes.

"Alexiz, if you would please strip down to what I hope are lacey knickers and a sexy black bra, and remain like that for the rest of the night." I nodded and slowly removed my hi-tops. I shakily pulled my black v-neck over my head, revealing to Gabe's pleasure, a lacey black bra, complete with rhinestones set into the clasp at the front. I then proceeded to unbutton and unzip my skinny jeans, throwing the to one side, careful not to pull on my navel ring. I pulled my black boyshorts up, so as they weren't giving me a wedgie and showing my ass off to the whole world, before sitting back down. As I crossed my legs, I noticed Pete doing the same, trying to hide 'little Pete' springing to life. Gabe was also doing his best to contain his excitement, and Joe was shaking his head at his friends.

"If you even think about getting hard, you'll go without sex for the next week," Kristin whispered in Brendon's ear.

"Okay, okay, chill Sweetie," he replied, taking a swig of his newly freshened drink.

We continued playing for a while, but but midnight, Gabe had fallen asleep, Brendon was half asleep with a knocked out Kristin on top of him, and Joe had gone back to the hotel to fill the guys in on where we all were and what we were doing. I was still in only my underwear, and decided I'd make use of my soft, warm bed, and got up so I could sleep. As I slid under the covers, I felt the weight of the bed shift from the other side. I looked over to see Pete sliding in beside me.

"Is it true what you said earlier, about you... thinking of me?" I asked.

"You're the only thing I ever think about anymore," he replied. I don't know whether it was me being tired, or the alcohol still buzzing around my system, but next thing I knew, we were in a passionate embrace, hands, chests and lips melded together, with all our friends asleep on the floor.

What can I say? Welcome to my Life.
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