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Chapter 5

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I know it's weird for an update to be done so quickly in my books, but I hope you all like it.

ficfriction: Once again, thank you for your help. And I'm glad you liked Kristin's speech, thought it was fitting for the characters and the plot. And so happy you like the ending.
HelenaMacrabre: Okay, we'll put Pete aside. And yeah, there have always been more Brendon fans than Ryan fans.
kristinluvspete: That's just creepy that I managed to get things you've said before!
fob2adelaide: Well, that one was thanks to ficfriction, and it needed to come up. You'll see why in a bit!

One last note - the lyrics later in this chapter are completely mine, and I came up with them in the space of two minutes last night.
On with Chapter 5:
I opened my eyes slowly, to find my head pounding away, myself completely naked except from my bra, and the bed messed up bedside me. I could head the shower running from the bathroom, and I hastily looked around, still bleary eyed from waking quickly. I scrambled out of bed, finding my discarded boyshorts and slipping them back on. I wracked my brain, thinking who could possibly still be here, whilst also trying to remember what happened last night. That plus the pounding in my brain from the hangover just beginning to creep upon me was making me feel nauseous. So bad in fact that I burst through the bathroom door, not caring who may have been in there, and hung my head over the toilet, trying to calm my nerves and nausea down. Just as I thought it was all going to pass, the shower turned off and the bile rose in my throat, spilling out of my mouth. After ten minutes straight of throwing my guts up, I found out who had been in the shower.

"I want to die," I groaned out, slipping down so my cheek was resting against the cool porcelain of the toilet.

"I know Al, but it is your own fault. You were the one controlling the drinks."

"I have graduation in," I looked to the clock I kept in the bathroom, "half an hour! Oh jeez, I gotta get ready!" I was beyond panicking.

"Here, get in the shower while I dress, and clean your teeth while you're in there. Once you're out and dressed, I'll help you with your make-up and hair, then we'll run to the ceremony, hopefully in time for all of us to see you graduate."

"Okay, I can manage that. Thanks Kristin, I owe you big time," I replied, shimmying out of my underwear and hopping into the shower.


At 9:56am, we were at the location of the graduation ceremony, with four minutes to spare. I put on my gown and cap and held my still throbbing head in my hands. It was incredibly bright out, which wasn't doing much for my hangover, and the nausea was starting to creep back in.

"Kir, do you have any painkillers?" I asked, just before she left to find her seat.

"Sure, here you go," she replied, handing them to me with her water bottle which she never left the house without. I swallowed them quickly and chased them down with a swig of water.

"Thanks, now go to your seat," I hurried her on. Within a few minutes, the principal of Julliard was starting his long-winded speech on the past of the school and its many successful students yada-yadda.

"And now I'd like to call to the stage our valedictorian for the year. She is remarkably older than most of our graduating students, but she's been working hard in all her classes. Her performance last night, both solo and with her sister's band were commendable, and she is probably the most successful student to leave our doors in almost five years. Please welcome to the stage the valedictorian for 2008, Miss Alexiz Asher!" Oh no, I completely forgot the speech I had to make. I made my way up to the stage while everyone applauded; hoping no-one could tell I was hung over.

"Thank you Principal Dewey." I paused briefly, hoping something would spring to mind as I blatantly left the speech back at the dorm.

"Well, this year has been one of our most productive years. But apart from that, I most definitely won't forget the past six years here at Julliard, with the classes I've attended, extra curricular's I've participated in, performances I've done and the friends I've made. We have all watched friends graduate, like Miss Kristin Hurley and Mrs. Holly Chislett, new wife to Michael Guy Chislett; and others drop out due to the complexity of the courses. We've seen relationships bloom, and I've hoped for one myself." The audience broke out in a short spell of laughter.

"I've welcomed new students, starting Julliard as their first college, and been best friends to new students joining mid year, and those returning, like Ciana Monterro, Khyra Stevens and Christope Rowebottom. Now he is the one I am most proud of this year." I took in a sharp breath, hoping for inspiration. I quickly scanned the crowd, setting my sights upon Andy, Jon and Ryland, who were all beaming at me.

"We have taken from Julliard what they have set out to give us since day one: great education; one of a kind and long lasting friendships; memories that we'll never forget; and chances of a lifetime. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the class of 100 graduating students of Julliard 2008!" Everyone applauded and I wiped away the tears threatening to spill over.

"Thank you Miss Asher. Now we are at the end of our ceremony, where we'll present our graduates with their diplomas and let them be on their way. Congratulations students of 2008." Principal Dewey continued as I went back to my seat in the first row of chairs. The first row of ten students stood, and the principal began reading off names one by one.

"Casei Ardon... Alexiz Asher... Jonah Bevan... Alex Brown..." And the list went on and on, and each of us went up in turn to shake the Dean's hand and receive our diploma. Half an hour later, the ceremony was over, and I was pushing my way back to everyone, everyone being all of Panic, Cobra, Fall Out Boy and Kristin. Even at this moment in time I was trying to remember what happened last night after I convinced Lyssy that we would get up to no mischief. Once I found them, we headed to their cars/van, where we would go back to my dorm room and load them up with all my stuff, before returning to New York, before our overseas trip.

"Hey Z, beautiful speech. What's up?" Gabe asked as he slung an arm around my shoulders.

"Nothing much. Just last night's a bit hazy."

"Serves you right for drinking so much."

"When did you leave?"

"The same time as the others... about an hour before your ceremony began."

"So you didn't see..."

"See what? Pete trying to stop you falling out of bed whilst he got up? Yeah, sorry, I saw that, and helped the poor guy out."

"Oh, so you saw how ugly I am when I sleep then?" I asked as we reached the vehicles.

"Alexiz, you are never ugly. I don't know where you get these ideas from. Now, who will you be riding with? There's space with Kristin and Brendon, Andy or me."

"I'll stick with you," I said before planting a huge kiss on his lips, which he deepened. He pressed me up against the side of the van, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled his bottom lip into my mouth and sucked on it gently, and Gabe's hands moved down my sides to grasp at my ass. As I moved my hands into his hair, scenes from last night flashed through my mind.

Pete's hands moved down her body as she threaded her fingers through his hair. As he bypassed her bra, he growled into her ear.
"We're leaving the bra on, because it looks so sexy on you." She groaned in response and he kissed down her jaw. She felt his hands slip into her underwear, lightly brushing her core as he pulled them down.

I gasped into the kiss after remembering a part of what happened last night. You never know, it may not have gotten any further. I pulled away from Gabe's plush lips, resting my head against the van, catching my breath. Within a few mere seconds, we had launched ourselves at each other, not caring who could have been watching.

He pushed into her gently, trying to keep her quiet as there were others in the room with them. As he moved in and out of her, she let her fingers move between their joined bodies, seeking out that sweet spot of hers which she knew would help her unravel. Within minutes she had climbed the mountain that she had never managed before and climaxed hard, her quiet gasps giving away to Pete just what she had done. He was soon to join her, spilling his seed into her frail little body. Once they calmed down, she noticed him slipping his undies back on as she curled into the sheets to go back to sleep.

I gasped into Gabe's kiss again as I remembered the rest of the night, and could feel myself getting wetter at the memories and at what Gabe was currently doing to me. I broke away again, putting space between myself and Gabe.

"We need to go now, to get my stuff."

"Yeah, okay."


"Don't leave me to say something that might be regretful, later on in life. Just remember that I know what to do, when the world comes crashing down around us, I simply have to say. That leaving you is the hardest part of life, and I never want to do that more than once."

"That's beautiful Alexiz. Did you write that yourself?" I dropped the box I was carrying down the stairs to Gabe's van, unaware of how loud I was singing.

"Geez Ryan, could you scare me more?"

"Sorry Z, didn't mean to. But it was astounding."

"It so was. I thought only RyRo here could write such inspirational, picturesque lyrics, but it appears I was wrong," Brendon chimed in.

"Well, thanks, I guess."

"What are we discussing?" Pete, Patrick and Vicky enquired.

"Alexiz's new song."

"Aww, let's hear honey," Vicky pleaded. I finished repacking my box and took it to the van, packing it away neatly before slamming the door close.

"So are you going to sing it to us?" Patrick asked.

"Sing what?" Spencer asked as everyone crowded around the cars before we left for New York.

"A song she apparently wrote and was singing that Ryan and Brendon heard," Pete explained.

"No it's... stupid," I admitted, blushing deeply and bowing my head.

"Honey, nothing can be as stupid as my excuse of a graduation song," Kristin said, and we both burst into laughter.

"True, o so true. Okay then, here we go. But don't laugh.
Don't leave me to say something that might be regretful, later on in life
Just remember that I know what to do, when the world comes crashing down around us
I simply have to say
That leaving you is the hardest part of life
And I never want to do it more than once
Never put me through those hard times, never make me realise
That I need to say
I love you

There is more, but I don't have my guitar handy, and I honestly haven't made any more up... hit a bit of a block with it really."

"Who is it about?" Andy asked.

"What makes you think it's about anyone?" I questioned.

"Well, most lovish sounding songs like yours tend to be about someone," Ryland filled me in.

"It's honestly about two people, and that's all I can say," I relished, giving a pointed look to Vicky and Alex who knew what, or in this case who I was on about.

"Can we just head off to New York?" Whined Nate, getting slightly impatient.

"Okay, everyone into the cars and lets go!" Jon said. So Pete, Andy, Spencer and Nate went in one car; Kristin, Brendon, Vicky and Alex in another; Patrick, Ryland, Jon and Ryan in the last car, and Gabe and myself in the van. As soon as I climbed into the vehicle, I plugged my iPod in my ears, selecting my mix playlist of Paramore, The Academy Is... and Boys Like Girls. By the time we hit the interstate, about an hour later, Gabe's hand on my leg had helped send me off to sleep.
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