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Chapter 6

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Sorry for the wait and for the shortness of the chapter

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Okay, a note before we start. I didn't know my American geography and thought Julliard was quite a way from New York, when that's where it's actually set. So instead, we're pretending Julliard is in Chicago. Sorry for the idocy of me!

Is it just me, or are all the hot emo boys slowly going off the market and becoming husbands? First it was Mikey, then Gerard. Earlier this year it was Frank, and now last week, Pete Wentz became unavailable. But don't get me wrong, Pete and Ashlee Wentz, as she's oficially telling people her name will be, do look amazingly cute together. Ashlee is now under the performing name of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and for home life she's Ashlee Wentz. She looked becutiful in her floor length white gown, showing off her baby bump. She looks to be about four months along, although that is this authors personal guess. The wedding looked beautiful, with Hemmy the ring bearer and FOB as groomsmen. The cake was probably my favourite thing, being a "Alice in Wonderland" themes cake, being a teapot, flower pot and clock. The weirdest thing will be seeing Pete's ring in interviews, and the thought that by the end of this year, he's going to be a daddy. But from interviews alone, and knowing how he is, we all know he's going to be a perfect Dad for the baby punk-rocker to come, assuming he/she follows in Daddy's footsteps rather than Mommy's, although either way, it won't be bad. I'm happy for the happy couple, as they are one of the industries cutest couples in a long while. Good luck guys, and I hope you all feel the same.

ficfriction: If you steal me, you'll have Gabe with you too. He's my muse, and to be able to write, I need a muse. Thanks for liking the story, and you are the Queen of Comment Virginity!

Also, thank you for being so patient during the move. Unfortunately, there is still no news on when I'll be in my own house yet, but the one I'm in is pretty good, other than the fact that I've had no sleep since I've been here. In other news, exams have started, and I have to say, I feel I am doing pretty well in them. I've sat four, and I have another three. English, Psychology, Mathematical Methods paper 1 and Chemistry were all pretty easy, considering how much I was stressing. I still have another math's paper, my Theatre Studies exam and what we Australian's in the state of Victoria called the GAT - a general admissions test. Basically two and a half hours of general knowledge questions that count towards our University credits if by some chance we don't complete our end of Year 12 (Senior Year) Finals.

But enough about my boring life at school. One more thing to say before I sign off for the chapter: It's my Sweet Sixteen on Sunday (8th June). Although I suppose if you invoulantarily lost your virginity when you were 11 it's not technically a 'Sweet Sixteen', more of a birthday where you turn 16. Makes one wonder really.

On with chapter 6:

"Ali... Ali sugar, wake up." I rolled over and my head hit the side of the car, sending a jolt of pain through my head. I groaned from the ferocity of the discomfort and slowly opened my eyes to see Andy and Alex, the former holding the van door open, the latter with his hands still resting on my shoulders.

"Why - why did you wake me?" I whispered.

"We're at one of our rest stops, just outside of Richmond, and we thought -"

"Well, Spencer told us to -"

"Wake you up so you could stretch your legs and whatnot, then we were planning on swapping vehicle arrangements before the final leg of the drive today," Andy explained.

"Oh, okay. Let me out then," I said, and they let me pass. I headed straight for the gas station stop, craving coffee and potato chips. I quickly found what I was after, paid for them, and headed to the seating on the nearby grass where Pete was sitting all alone.

"Peter Panda, why are you alone?" I asked, sitting to the left of him on the picnic bench, finishing the last of my coffee, breaking open the bag of chips and began munching away.

"It was too oud with the others. Plus I wanted to think."

"Do you know how dangerous that is for you?"

"Ha-ha Miss 'I was hungover at my earlier graduation ceremony'." My eyes were downcast to the grass at the harshness of his words. I felt him lace his fingers with mine, making my heart melt. I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Can... can we stay like this for a while? You and me, alone in our own quiet little bubble," I asked, closing my eyes and swinging my legs over his, so that I was now sitting in his lap. He disengaged our hands and wrapped his arms around my small frame. He rested his cheek against my forehead as I wrapped my arms around his waist, savouring the moment.

"Pete! Alexiz! Time to head off!" Joe shouted. Pete and I graciously untangled ourselves before heading back to the group.

"So how's the new arrangements looking?" I asked, leaning against the van.

"Well, we're swapping drivers, as they've been going for a few hours now. So Gabe, Andy, Alex and Patrick are now passengers," Jon explained.

'I want to take a break from that van - it's pretty cramped in there," Gabe said.

"I'll stick with it," I announced. I didn't want to leave my valuables able to be routed through by any of these guys.

"I'll drive it then," Pete added.

"Okay. Kristin, Brendon, Alex and Vicky again in the one car, this time Kristin drives," Patrick suggested.

"Thats cool," Kristin replied as the four of them clambered into the car and drove off.

"I'll stick with Ryan, Ryland and Patrick, but Ryan'll drive," Jon continued, and Ryan nodded his approval. He and Ryland headed off to their car as Jon and patrick continues to sort everyone out.

"So Spencer, Andy, Nate and Gabe in the final car then."

"I'll drive," announced Spencer, and we all went off to our separate vehicles and climbed in. Before we left, I shouted to the others.

"You guys go ahead. I just need to do something quickly." They left, and soon it was only Pete, myself, and the red van.

'I'll be just a minute. I need to -" I couldn't finish my sentence as I felt really dizzy.

"Alexiz, you okay? You're looking rather pale." Pete asked, rushing to my side. I shook my head and ran for the nearest partially covered area before throwing up. Pete was hot at me heels and followed me, picking up my slumped form once I was done; carrying me back to the van and placing me inside. I started shivering and Pete found a blanket in the back, draping it over my body.

"You're burning up," he stated after running a hand over my face.

"I'll be right back." He ran into the service station, returning quickly with a few bottles of water and some painkillers, which he made me take.

"Now if you feel sick at all along the way, just say and we can pull over." I nodded and placed a CD in the stereo system, adjusting the volume to low. It turned out to be "Whisper War". Within the next half hour, I felt myself getting a little better, and had stopped shivering. The fever was still there, and every now and then it was spiking. Pete stopped at the lights which glared red and turned to me.

"You had me worried for a minute there."

"I'm sorry."
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