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Chapter 7

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Noreview responses this time, cause I seriously cannot be bothered. Sorry!

Quick update on what's happening here in the merry old land of Oz. Exams are over, and I have one result - my Theatre Studies exam, to which I got 81%, the third highest in the class (considering the class is only 8 people). Umm, this coming Friday I have my final Mid Year exam, the GAT, which is apparently really easy. Thursday night I'm going to see 'The Chaser's War on Terror Variety Hour' - it's a group of six or so comedians who take the piss out of everything in the news, on Australian TV, and of course, G.W. Bush. In a less impressive tone, you guys are lucky to have me updating - I almost OD'd, unintentionally of course, on Saturday. Pain medication. But lil Emmi's all better now. It's not the worst case I've had, but it threw me off.

My birthday was yesterday/Sunday, depending on where you live when I post (8th June). I got loads of awesome prezzies, like my tix for Panic/Cobra/TAI in August, my navel piercing, The Cab's "Whisper War" CD, a grey turtleneck sweater, new slippers, "P.S. I Love You", some socks (how original!), some money for when I see the comedy show on Thursday (If nothing is there, I'm getting a new belly bar - there's an awesome gothic heart with a purple stone set into, or one with a dragon hanging from the bottom stone, which is a light shade of pink) and $110AU ($100US) to spend at the Panic concert. And that's from my family alone! Friends haven't given me stuff yet cause it's a long weekend here in Australia.

Chapter 7 guys:

Learning that I had Pete worried while I was sick made me feel some kind of selfish. I couldn't explain how or why, I just did. I ended up falling asleep halfway through the CD, and was woken later graciously, for once, by Kristin.

"Alexiz, come on. We need to get you into the hotel and sleep in a proper bed. Only then will your fever break." I nodded and let her help me out of the van and up to my room, which I was conveniently sharing with Gabe. As soon as I stepped inside the room and Kristin left, I completely forgot I had a fever and launched myself upon Gabe, throwing my jacket off in the process.


"Words cannot describe just how perfect that was," I breathed out, curling into Gabe under the covers, our sweaty bodies sticking together slightly. He slowly ran his hand over my face, beaming at me and pulling me in, wrapping his strong arms around my waist.

"Your fever's gone baby," he said, and I smiled, burying my head in his chest.

"I knew that moment was magical, but that was beyond reasoning!"

"Shhh baby, time to get some sleep. We need to rise fairly early in the morning, and you're driving sometime too, so you need some rest."

"Stay with me all night and all tomorrow?" I asked, lifting my head and batting my eyelashes. Gabe caught my lips in a lusty kiss, before beginning to stroke my hair.

"Of course I will. I lo- really care for you Alexiz." He almost said I love you!

"I... I love you Gabe," I yawned out sleepily, falling asleep to the rhythmic beating of Gabe's heart, perfectly in tune with his breathing.


"Come on sleepy-head, time to wake up!" I groaned and rolled over, burying my head deeper into the feathery pillow. Whoever was trying to wake me persisted by jumping on the bed, and on me. I growled , sinking further into the squishy mattress, not wanting to move an inch, as the bed was comfortable and it held a wonderful memory from last night. The individual trying to wake me gave up, walking away from the bed towards the door, creaking it open slowly. I pulled myself up and out of the comforters, when the one waking me - Vicky to be exact - came barreling towards the bed, throwing herself onto me in a giant Vicky-hug. I embraced her back before she broke away, sniffing the air.

"Umm, Vicky, what are you doing?" I asked, removing myself from the confines of the warm comforter, keeping the sheet around my body and heading to the bathroom, picking up underwear and a sundress on my way.

"You so got some last night! And the sheet around the body now just proves it," she exclaimed. I blushed the deepest shade of crimson possible, before nodding, running into the bathroom before she could interrogate me. I dropped the sheet and started running the water in the shower, getting it to just the right temperature before stepping in, and enjoying the five minutes of peace I could have in the tiny box, before the few minutes I had to do my hair and make-up before venturing back intot he real world, where I'd have to face awkwardness from Vicky, Gabe, Pete, Andy, Patrick, Ryland and Joe - the last four because they were in the rooms either side of us last night. Once I had finished washing myself, I stepped out of the shower, drying my body before slipping my clothes on. I brushed my hair and pinned parts back, so I had a few loose strands falling around my face. Today my hair had decided to be kind to me and be wavy and shiny. I applied some eyeliner, red shadow and a little vampiric red lipgloss, before straightening my dress one final time and leaving the bathroom. Vicky had left during my shower (thank god), so I picked up my bag after replacing the final items and headed downstairs, where cat calls from Gabe, Alex and Nate were heard as I approached the van.

"Aww, thank you guys. And you don't look bad yourselves," I replied, and it was true. They were all in their usual stage attire, but because I hadn't seen them in a while, or because I was so happy on the inside, I noticed that they looked different somehow.

"Now you're finally up Alexiz, especially after the night you had, we can get on the road," Ryland said, faking annoyance where he was honestly truly happy that Gabe and I had gotten together.

"Okay then, lets get this show on the road!" I climbed into the drivers side of the van, and Gabe joined me in the passenger side, keeping me company and helping me drive the van, as I hadn't really driven whilst I was at Julliard.


"So you honestly think that I should invade Fall Out Boy's stage during 'Where Is Your Boy' on this tour?" Gabe asked, laughing at my random and incredulous comments.

"Is my hair black? Of course I do! You looked so sexy up there when I skipped school for a bit to see you guys in Pheonix during the HCT, and I want to see you again!"

"You know, it would be even funnier if you got up there!"

"No way! I'm going up with Cobra and Cobra alone. And only for a few songs..."

"How long will that last for?"

"Good point, but you do that raid, I'll raid them with Brendon during '7 Minutes in Heaven' and on my own for 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles'."

"That sounds like a plan," Gabe replied, leaning over and kissing me passionately. Luckily we were at a set of red traffic lights, cause if we weren't, I would have swerved into the other lane by now.


"About what you said last night," Gabe started, and I instantly wanted to jump out the van right then.

"Wh-what part? There was the afterglow issues, or maybe I was sleep talking..." I trailed off at the smile on Gabe's face.

"You told me you loved me, and you definitely weren't sleep talking."

"Yeah, I-I did. And I mean it Gabe, I truly do care that much about you," I reliped, gazing at him from the corner of my eye and from underneath my eyelashes.

"I think it's perfectly safe for me then to say, Alexiz, I love you." All my insides were melting and reforming, before melting all over again. I had been waiting for that proclomation forever, and I finally got it. I pulled over into the gas station before our next swap, pulled Gabe's face into my hands, bringing it closer to mine, and I kissed him. He pulled me over the console in between the driver and passenger seats and onto his lap, where we continued heatedly kissing for the next ten minutes, while we waited for everyone else to turn up. The last car to pass through, the one with Vicky, Alex, Brendon and Kristin in honked us and we shot apart like similar ends of magnets, before climbing out the van and making our way to a spot between all the vehicles for a brief chat.

I've decided that I'm skipping the rest of the trip etc, and taking the next chapter from the start of the tour.
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