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Chapter 8

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Ooh, a double update! What a nice present from me to you guys! And I've gone straight to work on Chapter 9, which will be up either tomorrow or later today!

Chapter 8:

I hate Monday's, especially if they mean you have to get up at 4am to catch a 7am flight to Brisbane, Australia, for a show with your boyfriend, his band, your sister, your best friend and his band, and your other best friend and her boyfriends band. Yes, Gabe Saporta and I are officially together! But that doesn't stop Pete and I sharing the occasional kiss and cuddle, and another round of sex when we were so trashed, it was lucky we were able to work out what went where. And to top my whole Monday-itis off, I had come down with a major case of the flu, and had been on bedrest for the past week and a half, it was so extreme. However, it had almost passed - it was reduced down to sniffles now.

But right now we're on the plane, somewhere bewteen the States and the United Kingdom, where we were having a brief stopover, and all around me, people were chatting and having a good time, all except me, Gabe and Vicky. Vicky was laying across three seats with her head in Alex's lap, fast asleep, the occasional light snore eminating from her body. Gabe was both IMing William and helping them with their new album, whilst listening to his iPod and singing along to all the songs he had on there, despite people's groans of pain. And me? I was sitting between Ryan and Pete at this point, attempting to get some sleep, but everytime I closed my eyes, I'd be struck down with a horrific nightmare. I'd been getting them for the past month or so, and I even went to doctors about it, but they could help - though they did mention seeing a psychologist, to which my answer was 'Hell No', as I knew what they would talk about and didn't want to delve back into my childhood. Don't ask.

Slightly later in the flight, I pulled up the armrests either side of me and stretched out over the two guys sitting either side of me; my head on Ryan's leg, my legs over Pete's, with Ryan gently stroking my hair. That alone sent me to sleep, but it didn't mean sleep was a good thing.

"I love you Gabe."

"That's not enough Alexiz, not after what you did."

"I'm sorry. It happened before we... before we reealised what we had, but it means nothing to me."

"If getting pregnant with his child means nothing to you, then why don't you get rid of it, huh?"

"I-it's not that simple. We're talking about ending an innocent life here. That's something that I cannot do."

"Well then you've just ended this relationship. To think I was going to marry you."

"No Gabe! Don't go, please!"

I was shaken awake by Ryan, and had nearly everyone on the private jet staring at me. Gabe was crouched down in front of me, worry plastered over his face. Bringing a hand up to my face, I noticed that I had been crying.

"Honey, I'm here. I'm not going to leave you." Thats when more tears came running down my cheeks and I let out a choked sob, before getting up and running to the pokey plane bathrooms, locking myself in one and crying my heart out, intermittent with my throwing up from the sheer horror of the dream I just had.


I woke woth a throbbing pain in my head, curled up in Gabe's sleeping body, his arms wound tightly around me, tear tracks distinguishable on his olive skin. I shifted slightly, wincing at the pain that shot through my head, waking Gabe up, who smothered every bare spot on my face with a kiss.

"I was so worried about you," he continued, catching my lips in a passionate kiss. We broke apart and I buried my head in the crook of his neck.

"What happened?"

"You ran into the bathroom, and we could hear you puking from the other end of the plane. And then suddenly we heard a thump and no noise coming from the stall you were in, and we couldn't get into it from the outside for a while. Once we got in, I pulled you out here and onto my lap, secretly praying you'd wake before we stopped in England, to which we are descending now." Tears were slowly building behind my eyes.

"How long was I unconcious for?"

"Well, it took us approximately an hour to knock the door down, plus you were down a good half-hour before that, and we've been out here hoping you'd wake for an hour and a half."

"I am so sorry Gabe." And thats when the fresh batch of tears rolled their way down my cheeks and onto Gabe's purple hoodie.

"Hey, hey, no need to cry honey. Just knowing you're safe and back in my arms is enough," he replied, drying my tears with his thumbs and kissing the tracks they made. I couldn't help but smile at how cute he was being, and soon I was laughing for no reason whatsoever.

"It's so good to hear you laugh again. It's been so long since you have let yourself loose," Vicky said from the row behind us. It was true, I hadn't laughed since the road trip from Julliard a month ago.

"It feels so much better to laugh. Like a piece of me is finally back in place." I admitted, rubbing my eyes dry. Vicky and Gabe nodded along, agreeing wholeheartedly with my idea.

"Musicians and technicians, we have landed at London Gatwick Airport. We'll be here for about two hours refueling, so if you would please disembark the plane, taking with you any must have belongings, and meet us back at Terminal 8 ten minutes before take off. Thanks guys," the Pilot announced over the loud speaker, and we all clambered to get our stuff together and make our way off the plane into the terminal.

"Before we go anywhere, I want to get you checked over to make sure nothing is wrong. There's a first aid room near here, so we'll pop in there quickly," Gabe said, taking my left hand in his right, as Kristin took my right hand. By the time we reached the first aid room, FOB, PATD and Cobra were all in one long, hand-holding chain. The 'music chain' as Joe had absentmindedly named it. No doubt he was high.


Gabe and I left the pokey room, dicovering I had a minor concussion, and that I'd be fine after a bit of sleep and a less strenuous day. What can be less strenuous whilst on a major tour than sitting for another 21 hours in a plane, stopping once in some Indian country briefly for another re-fuel before landing in a country I've only ever dreamed of visiting, and where I still to this day, despite what fans say, think Kangaroo's are family pets running around the backyard, and Koala's live in every tree? Nothing. So we met up with the group at the coffee shop outside the small store they had in the airport, Tesco's it was called. We all discovered the coffee was absolutely disgusting, before heading into the store, picking up sugar, Red Bull, Capri Sun and some magazines, whilst scaring the living daylights out of unsuspecting fans. It was so much fun.

But all to soon we had to get back on the plane to head to Brisbane, and we climbed aboard. This time I was between Gabe and Andy, and we all ended up falling asleep on each other - my head resting on Gabe's shoulder, Andy's head resting on my shoulder, and Gabe's head pressed on top of mine. Oh, and Andy's arms were wrapped around my waist, Gabe's around my shoulders, and mine were curled up between me and Gabe. We ended up sleeping the entire flight until twenty minutes before we landed in the merry old land of Oz - Australia you idiots, not the Emerald City Oz!
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