Review for Technomancer - The light path

Technomancer - The light path

(#) motor 2008-05-14

Good so far, I think that the age of A.R. Harry is a little on the young side. You say the worlds are about 120 years apart and that harry did the spell on his death bed. Seem a bit young since he is a very powerful wizard and they are shown in cannon as living longer then normal IE (Dumbles is 150-160 in the books)

Author's response

I made Harry 5 because I'm not a big believer of the stories where he becomes a master of magic or oclumency over a summer break, in my story he will learn the physical and internal skills over the next 6 years along with some magic(not saying what but the title says a lot), Hogwarts will still have a lot to offer him. Dumbledore was around 117 when he was killed, he was born in 1881 making him 100 at the time of the potters death according to JKR.
Thanks for the review =) every one helps push me to do a new chapter.