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Technomancer - The light path

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A 5 year old Harry receives help from an alternate self.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the storyline J.K.Rowling owns the rest

Harry receives a gift from an alternate self that will change his future forever.

Relationships: Harry/Luna maybe Harry/Luna/Other

Faq: H.J will be Harry from the books, just 120 years after Deathly Hallows and slightly batty in his old age. The

painting looks like his younger 20ish self.

Chapter 1

A five year old Harry lay on his bed in the cupboard under the stairs, he was trying in futility to read his tattered old copy of 'the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe' under the dim bulb illuminating his tiny bed space. The reason for such raging emotions was a major turning point in his life, his hair had grown. Well yes, hair growing isn't such an earth shattering thing, but in this case it had grown over night, his 'loving' aunt Petunia had shaved his head the night before and thought it funny to leave tufts of hair sticking out in random patches making him look mentally deficient. Harry had gone to bed that night in righteous anger and fear not wanting to start the new school year as a laughing stock. That night Harry had wished and wished until he fell asleep, the next morning the first hint of something unusual had happened had been his aunts shriek as he had stepped out of his cupboard. His thick unruly locks were back, and the Dursleys had stared at him in terror and started to call him a Freak, well Harry could live with that as long as he didn't look stupid and being thrown in the cupboard after school without any food was a sacrifice harry could bare again, at least he had his school bag and some books to read. Harry hated his constant life of punishment at the Dursleys and wished something would happen to change it.

POP - thud

The sudden explosion of pain across Harry's forehead made him curl into a ball groaning rubbing it, something quite solid had popped into existence right above his head, something largish and very heavy.

"Hello Harry!" a familiar sounding voice piped up.

Harry looked up startled, it was a painting of, well he would guess that it was him, an older him sure, but it was him, wearing those familiar glasses, messy hair and lightning bolt scar.

"Nothing to say eh?" painting Harry asked "worry not younger me, I am here to help you!"

Younger Harry not believing his eyes picked up the one foot square picture, looked behind it the gave it a shake causing painting Harry to yelp in surprise.

"PLEASE!" the older Harry yelped "do you mind not doing that, it's rather disturbing thankyouverymuch".

"Your me? but, but how?" the baffled younger boy asked.

"Simple, Magic!, you see Harry, you, are a Wizard" older Harry exclaimed "as a matter of fact you will be one of the most powerful Wizards in the known world since, well, since Merlin"

"Who are you really? you look like me but older and that's impossible, are you from the future?" Harry asked as he sat cross legged watching the painting warily.

"Well, to answer your questions in order, I'm you, you can call me H.J to save confusion, and no I'm not from the future, as a matter of fact I'm from another similar dimension so close it may as well be the future, but for some reason my time stream is lagging by around 120 years” the older H.J replied.

Harry sat pondering this new information before he asked “Why are you here?”

“Well, in a nutshell, I'm here to train you, you see, I, like you had a horrid childhood and have taken it upon myself to make sure all the other Harrys that I can find have a better life rather than the struggle I had. Let me tell you our life story so you will better understand. It all began before we were born with a prophecy-”

1 Hour later

- so on my death bed I activated my magic for the last time for the great spell and sent my portraits to the selected dimensions, and this is my legacy” H.J said ending his story.

Harry was stunned “wow, I mean, wow”.

“Yes, amazing isn't it” H.J said with a smile “now, on with the show as the Muggles would say. If you feel behind my frame you will find a training wand and a shrunken trunk, both invisible until you take them off” H.J continued as Harry fumbled behind the picture in his search “once you find them both simply place the trunk on a stable surface and tap it twice with the training wand”.

Harry placed the miniature trunk on his bed then tapped it twice with the old looking mahogany wand. He jerked back as it expanded into a brass bound rich red sea chest roughly the same size as a microwave oven, with a small hole where the key should be.

“Simply place the tip of the wand in the hole and turn to the right till you hear a click” commanded H.J in an exited voice “inside you will find everything you will need”.

Following the instructions, Harry inserted the wand into the hole and turned it until he heard a definite mechanical click, with care he opened the lid. A pair of fold away shelves opened up and out like a pair of wings containing various vials, the lid itself seemed to contain four wide drawers, the main compartment contained a roll of £20 notes, a bulging pouch of gold coins, two leather bound books, a jar of crème and a ring of keys.

“OK Harry” said H.J “first you take the out the first potion on the left shelf, it's the blue one and drink it”.

“What does it do?” Harry asked in a nervous voice.

“Well Harry, when a magical child is born in Britain the ministry places a binding charm on them to cut down on accidental magic, it gradually wears off after around nine years but that potion removes the charm prematurely”.

Shrugging, Harry drank the potion and besides the cold feeling that seemed to fill his stomach nothing else spectacular seemed to happen.

“Now, in the bottom drawer you will find various papers and a small vial of glowing silvery liquid, take the top sheet out, its the one with the small hand print on it, it's time to introduce you to an old friend”.


Lucius Malfoy stepped out of the flu, fresh from another full day of greasing palms to advance the pure blood ideals, “Dobby!” he shouted.

POP “Yes Master, Dobby is here” he said nervously.

“I can see that, fool elf, where is Narcissa?”.

“M-mistress is in the p-parlour with young master sir” Dobby replied in a trembling voice.

“Out of my way you useless creature!” Lucius commanded, sending Dobby flying with a squeak into the wall with a vicious kick.

Narcissa calmly sipped her tea while young Draco sat beside her emulating her every move as Lucius strutted into the room.

“Now Draco” she said “remember etiquette is vitally important for pure bloods of our standing, just learn by copying mummy”

“Dobby!” Lucius commanded the small house elf that had staggered after him into the parlour “fetch me a fire whiskey”

Dobby's eye's flashed silvery a moment unnoticed by everyone as he looked around in confusion.

“Didn't you hear me you stupid bloody elf!” Lucius roared spinning around “get me my bloody drink!”

Dobby stared up at Lucius and scowled “yous can kiss my elven arse” he said before vanishing with a pop

Draco looked at his father whose eyes seemed to be bulging out in an amusing way then copied his mothers actions by spitting out a mouth full of tea before throwing the cup on the floor, honestly grown up customs were just strange sometimes.


Meanwhile at gringotts the pile of smoking ash that was the Malfoy file of house elf contracts was being stared at in confusion by the Malfoy estate goblin who had been alerted by the fire alarm spells in his wards vault.

“Oh dear” he thought “this can't be good”


None of the Malfoys noticed as every abused elf fled to work in happier homes.


In the cupboard under the stairs a small boy watched in confusion at the small creature capering and giggling around the small space.
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