Review for Technomancer - The light path

Technomancer - The light path

(#) Cateagle 2008-05-14

Definitely a unique and interesting approach to the TT genere. I loved the bit with freeing Dobby and the rest of the Malfoy Elves (how did he reach into Gringotts and burn those contracts?). It will be interesting to watch the effects of the advice the portrait gives as well as what the freed elves decide to do for Harry. I can see we're in for an interesting ride here.

Author's response

Thanks for the positive review =). Now the burning of the contracts? simply put young Harry activated a replacement contract which destroyed the old one by fire and since they were all together in one file.... An interesting thing to point out is the painting was imprinted by a senile old man so it's advice should be very interesting.