Review for Technomancer - The light path

Technomancer - The light path

(#) morriganscrow 2008-05-15

Oh Lordy! A crazy old Harry training his younger Self? The mind boggles!
Narcissa's spittake was excellent, as was Draco mimicking her.
Your freeing of Dobby, and his parting comment, was wonderful.
Will Sirius be a part of this? If so, will he "be with" Remus?
Your style is light and flowing, making for a fun read. You handle the characters deftly, with a secure hold on their individual personalities. Your dialogue is natural and you have a sense of humour.
All of these things mean I will be following the progress of what promises to be a most entertaining fic.

Author's response

Blushes thanks for the amazing review, to answer your question yes Sirius will be a big part of this story as will Remus, but they will only be best friends. The marauders will ride again!.