Review for The Letters of the Law

The Letters of the Law

(#) GryffindorDragon 2008-05-22

Humorous. A cute little piece. One thing -- Does the law state beds are supposed to have windows? or the bedrooms (which would be dormitories for the Brits)? So if the 5th year Gryffindor boy's dormitory has its windows closed, why would Ron be in violation because his bed doesn't have windows?

Author's response

I have figured - they live in a fortress, they don't have windows.

At most, they probably got portholes, and I doubt they have those in the bedrooms themselves, and even if they do, than portholes don't have window pans on them, so they can't be secured anyway.

The law doesn't require having windows, naturally, having a three-feet thick stone wall would have even better success in quieting the sound of the snores than an inch-thick sheet of glass, but that's the entire idea here - the law is dumb, the pople upholding it are even dumber. If the law requires you to secure the windows, then, by hook or by crook, secure windows you shell! And if you don't have any? Well, that's not our fault, now, is it?

That is to say, it is the letter of the law, not its spoirit, which is upheld and enforced.

Which is why, one letter wrong, 'e' instead of 'o', turns the table upside down.