Review for The Letters of the Law

The Letters of the Law

(#) GundumM 2008-05-22

i like the fic. but the omake makes no sense

Author's response

Someone suggested a Bruce Almighty/HP crossover, so I crosed Ron.

Bruce was a guy with some problems, especially underachieving and insecurity, so it seemed to fit. He then gets contracted by God to replace him - only localy, mind you - while He went on vacation.

So, Bruce gets the Almighty omnipotent powers and immediately starts abusing them to smite the sinners. That is, people who poissed him off. He shoots a meteorite in the middle of town, sets a minor plague and an ass-monkey on some hudlams that trashed his car (which he replaced with a brand-new sports car, by the way,) and makes the guy who won the job he was vying for make a fool of himself on live, national TV. Eventually, though, it al comes back to bite him, as God returns and punishes him as well.

Well, something like that.

So, Ron gets the power of God, the power to smite down the sinners, and overdoes it of course, so God smites him down right back.

Also, this is a refference to an old joke I heard some twenty years ago. It went something along the lines of:

"A rabbi and a priest were playing one-on-one basketball. Each time the priest would aim, shoot, and score, and he would follow that by a small thanks-giving gesture or prayer. The rabbim however, would aim, rather badly, apparently, as when he threw the ball, it never got in. So he would then curse: "Damn! I missed!"

"Damn, I missed!"

"Damn! I missed!"

At some point, the priest finally had enough, and told the rabbi, "You are a man of God, you shouldn't cuss so much. Appart from setting an example to your congragation, God himself is listening!"

So the rabbi tells him, "What will he do, strike me down with lightning?" and goes back to play - and miss, and cuss.

That goes on for some more time, untill, all of a suidden, out of the bright sky, a lightning strikes down and hits... the priest.

Then a solemn voice comes out of a cloud: