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The Letters of the Law

(#) Pointer 2008-05-23

"But there aren't any windows here!"

And thus I would argue for either defendant; that all windows present are closed and secured. Further, that neither prosecutor can demonstrate otherwise.

Nuf said.

Funny as hell, though.

Author's response

This only goes to show how daft Draco is to interpret the law that way, and how daft are the rest of the people on the scene, and the wizarding world in general, for buying in and not seeing the obvious hole in the logic.

And, of course, how daft are the people who wrote the law in the first place.

Actually, of all the dumb laws from Ma on the site I mentioned, that one is rather reasonable, there should be more laws preventing people from making noise in the moddle of the night.

A couple of years back, they renovated the mall across the street from me, which held some department stores, clothing, shoes, electronics, phones, home appliances, kitchen appliances, stuff like that, a super market and a couple of resturants, into an entertainment center with resturants, coffee shops, and various modes of entertainment, including a bowling pl;ace thingy, which closes well past one in the morning, so each night young people come out of it in the most ungodly hours speaking loudly or shouting drunkedly over their heads - and into my window.

And only recently, some guy from amn appartment from across of my bedroom window took to leaving his TV open and on full volume for the night on occasion, on some music channel, and so I tend to find myself waking up at four in the morning to the most annoying songs they could find (which is why they play them at four a.a. and not at prime time...) and can't get back to sleep.
Then of course there are all the burgler alarms on houses, cars, and worse of all, shops, as their owners aren
t even there to shut them off even if they were so inclined, they all go off and on for hours!!!!

There really should be laws against that, but there aren't much, and the few that are, are not enforced. (Like the law stating an alarm shouldn't sound more than fifteen minutes, yeah, sure...)

But other laws are plane stupid, outright weird, or completely unenforcable.

Like the one that goes in story #2 of "The Letters of the Law".

Here's a teaser for you:

"Here, read this!" and Seamus shoved the Daily Prophet under Dean's nose. He read it.

'In a move that surprised many, Cornelius Fudge ratified Lucius Malfoy's suggested bill of copying several laws from the colony of Massachusetts in North America. Most notably, one that decrees that "A woman can not be on top in sexual activities." Fudge has been criticised by some, who have been wondering how come Malfoy, who was incarcerated in a ministry holding cell until he turned up in the Minister's office to present him the bill, was free to do so in the first place. On the other hand, the "Pure-Bloods for Tradition League" announced its support of the new decree. Perkee Witertomp, their spokesman, had that to say: "It is nigh time that women should know thier place in society. Huh! Take that, Umbridge. Undersecretary, my ass!" This reporter, however, has come upon evidence the "Pure-Bloods for Tradition League" is actually a social organization for cross-dressing pedophiles.' Dean turned a page to see a picture of Dolores Umbridge in her usual pinks. According to the caption, the man in the picture was high up in the League, and had a fetish for dressing like a nine year old girl. "Oh Lord!" Dean rubbed his eyes.

"My eyes, they burn!" I have to wipe that image from my mind and go back to writing.