Review for Dear.. Gerard..?

Dear.. Gerard..?

(#) FakkerScout 2008-05-25

I am pretty sure that I read something like this on Quizilla, although I cant remember the tags for it. But the name Dorothy was something different, obviously to try change the fact that some words were practically the same as this. Not to mention that the piece I read was posted around last year, according to the author. I suggest you change your summary, as there is another one like this out there, and it isn’t very 'original'.

Author's response

I'm not sure if your implying that I have read the original and changed it, but I have not, and I have not heard of Quizilla. I'm gonna keep the summary how it is because my story is original to me, and I don't read or write fanfics anywhere other then here, and then I post a select few to Mibba.