Review for I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

(#) moonpig 2008-06-01

Fucking hell, this is what i have been waiting for someone to write. You are so right. I am not a teenie fan, i'm the same age as Gerard and i find their music inspiring and thought provoking. No doubt people will take the piss because i'm "older" but i can truly say their music and what they have said have helped me alot. I'm not the person i was 4 years ago. I was really down on myself then and i'm now not afraid to admit that i had depression, i did cut (i'm so ashamed and will have to live with the scars)and i let people bullshit me about, but if someone can take one little bit from what they have done and change their life then fuck give them the credit for making that one bit of difference. It gave me the strength to change my life and i'm a more confident and definately happy person. I will always be grateful.

Don't worry about the Daily shitty Mail - it's an old fashioned, nazi sympathiser, right-wing piece of shit. Needed to get that off my chest :) Also i FUCKING HATE the Emo tag.