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I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

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not a story.

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When I watch interviews with My Chemical Romance, or any of their music videos, what do i think when I see Gerard?
Do I think he's fat? No.
Do I think he's a death, cult leader? No.
Do I think he supports any sort of self harm or teen suicide whatsoever? No.

Look, I have nothing against the whole 'emo' thing. But seriously guys, do we really need fucking labels? Do we, as jeffree star says, need our whole lives crammed into one three letter word?
I doubt it.
But do we really need to fucking advertise our selves as self harming, death expecting maniacs who can't even respect ourselves let alone the person trying to save us?
It was the MEDIA that invented the emo. THEY are the ones scared of the kids running around in skinny jeans and band shirts. You know the song Teenagers? The one that most people think they know the meaning of but really have no fucking clue?
The media is just one of the many people Gerard talks about. The media are the ones scared of us teenagers, they're afraid we're the ones who are out to get them because WE'RE different because we like to dress like ourselves instead of mimicking mainstream society. Because they're afraid of CHANGE.

And what's one way of stopping change? You turn everyone against it. And that's exactly what they've done. They've taken black, of course, into mourning and called us depressed.
They've taken bands who mention death in at least one song, and call them triggers to teen suicide. They've taken a whole group of kids, every single one with a different story, every single one with a different name, and labelled them with a single three letter word.
Is that what we're really worth? I don't think so. I think we deserve more than that, and so does Gerard.

See, it was only when emo became the new 'different' and everyone wanted a part of it that the black parade came out. And it was only then that teeniefuckingboppers calling themselves emo took a fucking lyric, didn't listen to the rest of the song and decided that if this singer of this band said it was right to kill yourselves, then by god, we must do it!

If they had just picked up ONE revenge album, ONE bullets album. If they had just listened to the message Gerard basically had pinned up on a fucking bilboard then MAYBE some fucking lives could be saved.

How about, for a moment, we have a look at some lyrics that apparently encourage teen suicide:
You'll never take me alive.
You'll never take me alive.
Do what it takes to survive,
'Cause I'm still here.
You'll never get me alive.
You'll never take me alive.
Do what it takes to survive,
And I'm still here.

or maybe this one?
Stand up fucking tall
Don't let them see your back and
Take my fucking hand
And never be afraid again.

or it COULD be this one?
I am not afraid to keep on living,
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Tell me if you stay I'll be forgiven,
Nothing you can say can stop me going home.

You know, it may be strange but I.. think.. maybe.. those lyrics are somewhat.. encouraging?
to stay alive?
to fight for ourselves?

You have no idea how SICK I am of My Chem getting blamed for teen suicide, self harm, violence.
The media are just scared of people having their own opinions, standing up for themselves and knowing the truth compared to the over egaggerated.
And you can tell me off all you like, but I think that by calling yourself one of those emo kids, you're just encouraging the media even fucking more.

We can't let them win guys, we can't let them take control of us. Don't let My Chem think for one second that we believe jack shit of what the media says, they've saved so many of us and I think it's about time we helped to save them.
If we stick together, we can keep the real MCRmy alive.
So let's do it.
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