Review for Love Knows No Age - Continued

Love Knows No Age - Continued

(#) Rimaqasem 2008-06-16

hi i have only recently become a member of ficward. I solely became a member inorder to coment on stories i have come across through thus website. I indeed have keep tabs on your story since mid Decemeber 2007. The way you have incapulsated the character of modern day filial corruption is amazing. I really enjoy reading them and dread the " author's note" which 99% of times means you are going to post a chapter for x amount of day. Your story id amazing and very entertaining and hope that gerard and monica get back together lol. Although im not a fan of my chemical romance ( im more of an Escape the fate, lamb of god, Marlyin Manson type girl) i really enjoy the story line. Keep up ur excellent chapter and cannot wait for tomorows post