Review for One Man Army

One Man Army

(#) CG172375 2008-06-18

Hey wait, whatever happened to Va Je? I can assume that he was dealt with or chased off somehow. But I'm slightly disappointed that we weren't able to see the look on his face when Sabaoth squadron broke off.

Good call about the clone names, by the way. It means you'll have to think up situations in which they'll earn their names... but that's cool. Reminds me of the mandalorians somehow.

As for the Coruscant thing... No idea. If this was a story about Harry finding out he was being manipulated, then it would be fun to see his reaction on realizing he's being manipulated by the Jedi Council. But since we're dealing with Kickass Harry... He'll probably just deal with them in a professional manner- heh, I wouldn't be surprised if he offers to pay the Jedi for training him.

Just thinking ahead: But what the hell happens when Harry returns to Hogwarts? Jeez, does he bring ACC-07 along, Cavik, Bella? I'm betting either the Jedi come (for a limited time: Aayla DOES need to die in Episode 3 :( ) or they go off with a "fare-thee-well" and some obscure Jedi wisdom. Not to mention dealing with Voldemort... or Dumbledore. In any case, I'm hoping you'll get less writer's block and continue the story. You've got quite a lot of fans, haha!

Whoops, just read what pooyan wrote:

Grey Jedi ftw! Someone ala Jolee Bindo or Kyle Katarn... but more on Jolee Bindo. :p

Speaking of Sith Lords: I wonder if Harry's going to encounter Darth Sidious. Haha, might be fun to duel with Darth Maul (assuming he's the right age).

Eagerly awaiting your next update.

--ChaosGhost, The Ghost of Chaos :D