Review for The Dad I Never Knew ('till now)

The Dad I Never Knew ('till now)

(#) mego-lego 2008-06-28

please update!!!!!!!
i really really like this!
update a.s.a.p!

Author's response

I can't believe you actually like it. I have 12 chapters already written. I also have a new one that I just started , but haven't posted up yet. It has 5 1/2 chapters so far on that one. SNEAK PEAK:

My Foster Romance:

Isabella Marie Bucci is a so called 'freak'. She moves from foster home to foster home & ends up with her 13 one. With this be her permanent one? or will it end up like the other? abused, and alone...?

well thanks for the review! and I will update from a day to day bases! especially cause I'm sick and I get to be on the computer all day long! lol.