Review for This Riddle Of Revenge. |Frerard|

This Riddle Of Revenge. |Frerard|

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-06-29

I just discovered your story and i've fell in love with it :)

I love how you have Bert in it 'cause I just love Bert full stop. ^^

From reading your previous reviews, I don't think many people think the same way..paha.

Oh well, that's not the only reason I like it, I also like it because I think it's pretty funny and it has potential.

Soooo it would be great if you updated. Like, soon. (:

-Emily xox

Author's response

Aww, thanks.
My best review so far!

I love Bert as well :]

I shall update soon for you XD